Get More Seller Feedback & Reviews via Amazon Feedback Software

Automate your requests via NEW Amazon Request a Review button or Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging. Increase your sales by getting more organic Amazon reviews & feedback with Amazon seller feedback software.

  • Grow reviews with 100% Amazon policy compliance

    The use of Amazon-approved messaging formats protects you from undesirable or unintentional policy violations.
  • Monitor Your Sales Performance

    Track your Amazon feedback for Unlimited ASINs in a single app.
    Receive real-time email alerts.
  • Support your customers faster, easier, better

    Integrate all your Amazon Buyer-Seller messages and answer all your customers from a single place.

The best Amazon feedback software that saves time and money for sellers across 19 Amazon marketplaces

Why SageMailer is perfect feedback software for Amazon?

Request a review button automation

Automate "Request a Review" Button with Amazon feedback request software

And get up to 100 reviews/month for free!

SageMailer automates the product review and seller feedback requests using the official Amazon’s "Request a Review" button in Seller Central. Here is what makes it the best feedback software for Amazon:

  • No need to share Seller Central access information as with other Amazon feedback tools
  • 100% Amazon-approved messages
  • Software for Amazon feedback translates requests to the buyer's language
  • Exclude specific ASINs, refunded orders, buyers who left feedback, etc.
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Track Product Reviews
for Unlimited ASINs with
our Amazon Review Software

Monitor your ASINs and Amazon feedback with a single Amazon review request tool, without having to check your Seller Central account. React and remove negative product reviews to maintain a perfect best seller rank for your best-selling products.

Detailed .CSV Reports

Export review reports to analyze the information in a convenient format from your Amazon review platform.

Real-time alerts

Get an email notification every time someone leaves a negative feedback, so you can respond quickly.

Get & Monitor Amazon product reviews
Click to get positive Amazon reviews
Click to request positive review


The Best Deal For Any Business
Take Advantage Of
Unlimited campaigns
16 Amazon marketplaces
No fee for extra marketplaces (Pro+)
Unlimited ASINs
Feedback & Review monitoring (Basic+)
Multilingual templates
Seller Feedback & Product Review Alerts
Professional and experienced support team
Pro Most Popular
Inbox Emails
A/B testing
Shipping Labels
VAT Invoices
Review Monitoring
All Marketplaces
No Credit Card Required
500 messages / month
VAT Invoices
Review Monitoring
1 Marketplace
No Credit Card Required
200 messages / month
1 Marketplace
Free Forever!
*If you are an agency or have more than 1 Amazon account,
you can easily create and link as many SageMailer accounts as you need.
Amazon Buyer-Seller messages autoresponder

Manage Your Buyer Messages

SageMailer makes it astonishingly simple to read and respond to all your customer Amazon messages directly in the dashboard. We give you access to Amazon messages inbox and all the buyer's info you need.

Answer Using Pre-created Templates

Fast customer service = better sales. Our Amazon product review software helps you to provide quality support spending fewer hours to get the job done.

Create the best-converting &
creative letters with the
Amazon feedback tool

Start improving your review conversions and sales by creating different versions of letters to find out which variation maximizes your success. A/B Testing takes the guesswork out of your decision making.

Automated Tests

Just choose the delivery settings for testing and the system of our Amazon review tool will automatically create up to 9 variations.

Powerful Statistics

Check the performance of each variation and make data-driven decisions about what actually works.

Amazon Letter Split & A/B testing tool

Get Immediate Results

No need to wait days or weeks to receive the first review as with other Amazon review tools. SageMailer's "Include past orders" function allows you immediately send requests to orders that were placed up to 30 days before your signing up and receive feedback starting from the first day.

Get Amazon reviews from past orders
Send Emails at Local Time
Amazon customer
Receives at 9:00am
John from Seattle, UTC-8
amazon buyer
Receives at 9:00am
James from Washington, UTC-5
Amazon feedback request tool

Be Timely

How can you get reviews with Amazon feedback request tool? By reaching the right customers at the time when they’re most likely to open an email and leave a feedback. It’s the key to a successful mailing campaign. Customize your timing so that all your buyers receive emails at the same time regardless of their timezone.

Flexible Delivery Settings

Choose who will get your emails and when they’ll get them by setting up specific days of the week, the customer’s local time, order status, specific ASINs, repeat and promo buyers, etc.

Reach Your Past Buyers

Send a product review request and solicit feedback to the customers who ordered from you before you signed up to our Amazon seller tool.

Customized and Branded Emails

In addition to official Amazon's "Request a Review" system, you can also send messages via Buyer-Seller Messaging. Customizing such emails with Amazon seller software allows you to create branded messages with dynamic order-related content for more efficient communication.


Amazon review templates allow you to set up your campaign in seconds. Each template of the best Amazon feedback tool has a unique purpose (e.g., follow-up letter, product review or Amazon feedback request).


Use our Amazon seller feedback tool to send yourself test emails with real order information so you can preview & approve the messages before activating your campaign.

Amazon feedback request email template

Links in email templates send buyers directly to Amazon's product review section or seller feedback page, highly increasing your feedback percentage.


Send different messages via Amazon feedback automation tool depending on which product your customer bought. Create letters for specific ASINs or save your time by listing hundreds of ASINs using a short regular expression.

Get rid of EU VAT invoice routine

No longer need to use expensive and tangled VAT invoicing software. Just fill in a few fields and the invoice generator of our Amazon seller software tool will automatically calculate the VAT rates for orders in the EU. Then you can attach invoices either to all emails or particular ASINs.

Profit and Loss Accounting Soon

Check the detailed information on your Amazon fees (e.g. FBA fee, commissions), PPC spends, return costs, promotion costs, and your fixed costs (e.g. Virtual Assistant, Warehousing). Analyze the data by customizable time period and by product.


Our Customers Love Us

Amazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller rating
Amazon customer
Amazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller rating
Samuel Carlton

SageMailer has significantly improved our relationship with customers. We can now send follow-up emails not only to our buyers but also to European customers, multilanguage templates make it a no-brainer.

Amazon customer
Amazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller rating
Jarod Cotter

I've been using SageMailer for 2 weeks and already see the significant bump in received reviews and feedback. The app is extremely easy to use and has one of the most convenient interfaces I've ever seen, and it's in addition to the brilliant support team. In general, if you're searching for an easy-to-start mass mailer, it's a great price-to-quality option with really powerful opportunities.

Amazon customer
Amazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller rating

SageMailer works great and has a crazy (in a good way) support team! Many flexible settings allow to create really great and high-converting email campaign. In a month the number of our feedback has risen from 43 to 127, we certainly keep using it and waiting for new cool features in the future.

Amazon customer
Amazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller rating
Roland Bird

I'm very happy with SageMailer. The interface is easy to understand and figure out. Pre-made email templates have pretty good conversion rate, anyway, you can even improve it by experimenting with email subjects and tracking open-rates. The support team was very helpful and rapidly answered all my tricky questions. From the first week I noticed increasing in reviews and seller ranks of my products, what more can I ask :)

What More Would You Like to Know?

  • How SageMailer helps to improve my Amazon seller rating?
    Our service helps Amazon sellers monitor, manage, and improve their seller ratings and get more product reviews. SageMailer automatically sends polite requests to your customers asking them to leave feedback and product reviews on your behalf. These requests use Amazon-approved templates and are 100%-compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service. They also give you an opportunity to address potential order issues in advance.
  • Does Amazon permit this type of communication with customers?
    Yes! Amazon encourages sellers to provide customers with high-quality service and asking for their feedback is an important part of becoming a successful merchant.

    SageMailer automates the Amazon Request a Review button for sending feedback and review requests to your orders. These are official Amazon requests that are sent to buyers on your behalf. They are 100% compliant with all of Amazon’s policies. Moreover, they are automatically translated into the buyer’s language.

    You can also send your own customized messages for automated requests, but it is important to note that Amazon policy does not allow sending marketing messages to customers. We recommend reading in detail all of Amazon’s Terms of Service regarding Buyer-Seller Messaging, feedback, and product reviews to be sure your messaging is compliant.
  • What is the difference between browser extensions that automate the Request a Review button and your service?
    Browser extensions that automate Amazon's “Request a Review” button require your Seller Central login and password to access your order data. Granting such access to your seller account is unsafe, it violates Amazon’s policy and can put your account at risk.

    SageMailer triggers Amazon’s requests directly over a secure and authorized connection and doesn’t require your login and password. Using our system also gives you additional automation opportunities which highly increase the efficiency of your campaigns.
  • What are the benefits of SageMailer for automating the new Request a Review button in Seller Central?
    When using any browser extensions for the “Request a Review” button, you’ll still need to click on it manually at some point. In its turn, SageMailer completely automates this process for you.

    You’ll also be able to set up the exact timing of the requests, send ASIN-related requests, and exclude certain orders from messaging.

    SageMailer also automates sending emails to buyers with traditional Buyer-Seller Messaging templates since it’s still allowed by Amazon. So if you’d like to continue sending customized branded messages, our service will come in handy for you.
  • How do product review and feedback alerts work?
    Every time you get new seller feedback or a product review on Amazon, SageMailer sends a message to your email which allows you to take quick action and handle any customer’s issues.

    You can also set up which types of review alerts you’d like to get as well as trigger them your personal email or add your entire team.
  • What is the difference between Buyer-Seller Messaging and Request a Review?
    SageMailer allows you to use both these systems for sending your customer service messages. Moreover, both systems can be successfully used depending on your merchant strategy.

    The Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging system allows you to send branded and customized messages to request seller feedback, product reviews, or simply provide your customers with important information. If you choose to send this type of message, be sure to follow all Amazon communication guidelines in the case to avoid any inadvertent violations.

    The Amazon Request a Review system offers another approach to requesting feedback and reviews. This type of message is created by Amazon and cannot be edited, so you can be sure you always use 100% Amazon compliant templates. Using SageMailer’s automation features, in just a couple of minutes, you can set up this system on complete autopilot.
  • Can your tool help remove negative Amazon feedback & reviews?
    SageMailer is feedback automation software that tracks all negative reviews and feedback. You’ll receive a notification when negative reviews or feedback is posted, which will give you the opportunity to immediately contact a buyer or create a negative feedback removal request for Amazon’s Seller support team.

    More details here (sellercenter Amazon login needed).
  • What if I need a number of requests that are not represented in any of your plans?
    We’ll gladly offer you an individual plan with a custom request limit. Just contact us by email or in the live chat and we’ll tailor a plan that suits your needs the best way.
  • Do you have ready-to-use email templates?
    Yes, we have a few options for you to get started. You can automate the official Amazon Request a Review system. These templates cannot be edited, but since such messages are Amazon-approved, you can be sure of their compliance with all policies.

    If you’d like to send customized messages, we have pre-created seller feedback and product review request templates. In the case to avoid any Amazon restrictions, we recommend sending just one message per order. You can edit a message's content according to your needs, but avoid any marketing claims, external links or anything else that doesn’t comply with Amazon's communication guidelines.
  • What is the benefit of tracking product reviews?
    Product review monitoring should be an important part of brand reputation management for every Amazon seller. Timely reaction to reviews can help you to maintain the high quality of your products, handle customer issues, provide you with insights into a product’s lifecycle and interesting ideas on improving items.

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