Amazon’s SAFE-T Claim policy, which Amazon issued a few years ago, is an efficient approach for merchants. But before delving into this concept, let’s consider what this abbreviation means.

SAFE-T Claim on Amazon is Seller Assurance for E-Commerce Transactions.

The essence of the program is that Amazon sellers can issue a refund to a customer in some cases. Namely, if: 

  • the losses occurred through no fault of the seller 
  • the damage was in the course of its preparation or delivery.

In other words, it is Amazon’s response to multiple refunds. Thus, they allowed merchants to claim reimbursement.

Now that you know the answer to the question “What is a SAFE-T Claim on Amazon,” let’s move on. 

It’s time to learn how to open a SAFE-T Claim, how to use SAFE-T Claim FBA and other essential aspects of this policy.SAFE-T claim

How to Open SAFE-T Claim? 

Let’s have a look at the sequence of steps for applying for a SAFE-T claim. 

  1. Go to the Orders tab in Seller Central and find Manage SAFE-T Claims.
  2. Click on File a new SAFE-T claim at the top right of the page.
  3. Enter the order ID for the return and click Check eligibility.
  4. If your order can be claimed, go to the next step. If not, you can’t appeal, so the claim for the order ID won’t be reviewed.
  5. Choose the reason that best fits your case for reimbursement.
  6. If needed, attach any important documents, then click Submit Safe-T Claim. You’ll get an email confirming they received your claim.

Important note: you can issue a new SAFE-T Claim in Seller Central only after the customer receives their money back.

How many days do you have to file a reimbursement claim?

If you disagree with the decision made by SAFE-T and have more information and evidence to back up your case, you have the option to appeal the SAFE-T claim. It’s essential to file your appeal within seven days of the initial claim decision.

To initiate your SAFE-T claim appeal, click on the View Message button found on the Manage SAFE-T claims page for the specific order ID. Post your appeal details at the bottom of the page by responding to the claim decision.

Remember, you can only appeal a SAFE-T claim once. Take the time to understand the reasons for the denial and provide additional information that strengthens your appeal.

What is the SAFE-T Communication Center?

The SAFE-T Communication Center is a useful tool for Amazon sellers handling their SAFE-T claims. It lets sellers easily communicate with buyers and respond to claim inquiries promptly.

Using the SAFE-T Communication Center helps sellers stay organized by keeping track of all communication related to their claims. Sellers should actively check and address any buyer issues or concerns through this center.

This proactive approach can boost seller performance metrics and improve customer satisfaction, contributing to the overall success of their Amazon’s business.

Moreover, the SAFE-T Communication Center allows sellers to submit necessary documents or evidence supporting their claim appeal. Sellers can directly upload relevant information, such as order details, product specs, and return shipping labels, using the center.

By presenting a strong case with supporting evidence, sellers increase the chances of their claim being approved. Actively engaging with the SAFE-T Communication Center shows professionalism and dedication from sellers in resolving disputes fairly.

Eligibility requirements

Eligibility requirements

How do I access the SAFE-T Communication Center?

Do this through Seller Central. Once you launch the “Manage SAFE-T Claims” page, select “View Messages.”

How to Check Appeal Status?

The Communication Center provides data on the status of the application. To check it, the user needs the application or order ID. Also, sellers can specify RMA or ASIN.

To make it easier to wait for a response to a request, you can keep track of the following statuses of the process:

  • Awaiting Seller Response;
  • Under Investigation;
  • Resolved Claims.

How to Answer the AMZ SAFE-T Claim?

It usually takes Amazon about a week (7 business days) to process an application. Sometimes, the platform may request additional data for better consideration of the application.

If Amazon asks you to send any information, remember you have three working days for this. Otherwise, the platform will consider that an Amazon seller cancels the issue.

SAFE-T Claim Management Tips

Managing and responding to SAFE-T claims in Seller Central is crucial for maintaining a good standing on the platform. Follow these steps and best practices to handle SAFE-T claims effectively:

  1. Understand SAFE-T Claims:
  • Familiarize yourself with Amazon’s policies. Understand what constitutes a SAFE-T claim, including trademark, copyright, patent, and counterfeit issues.
  1. Monitor Notifications:
  • Regularly check your seller account for any relevant notifications. Amazon will notify you if a claim has been filed against one of your listings.
  1. Investigate Promptly:
  • Act swiftly upon receiving a claim notification. Investigate the issue thoroughly to understand the basis of the complaint.
  1. Review the Claim Details:
  • Examine the claim’s specifics, including the complainant’s information and the alleged infringement. Understand the exact nature of the issue.
  1. Validate or Dispute the Claim:
  • If the claim is valid, take appropriate action to address the concern. Gather evidence to support your position if you believe it is incorrect.
  1. Communicate Openly:
  • Maintain open and clear communication with Amazon and the party filing the claim. Respond promptly to any inquiries or requests for information.
  1. Remove or Modify Listings:
  • If the claim is valid, take the necessary steps to remove or modify the listings. This may involve delisting or adjusting product details.
  1. Provide Corrective Action Plan (CAP):
  • If required by Amazon, submit a Corrective Action Plan detailing the steps you’ve taken to rectify the issue and prevent future occurrences.
  1. Document Everything:
  • Keep detailed records of all communications, actions taken, and evidence related to the claim. This documentation will be valuable in case of any disputes or follow-up actions.
  1. Comply with Amazon Policies:
  • Adhere to Amazon’s policies and guidelines throughout the process. This includes respecting intellectual property rights and avoiding counterfeit activities.
  1. Continuous Improvement:
  • Implement measures to prevent similar claims in the future. This might involve enhancing quality control, sourcing from reputable suppliers, or conducting thorough product research.
  1. Seek Legal Advice if Necessary:
  • If you’re unsure about how to handle a particular claim or if it involves complex legal issues, consider consulting with an attorney who specializes in Amazon-related matters.
  1. Monitor Performance Metrics:
  • Keep an eye on your seller performance metrics, as SAFE-T claims can impact your account health. Strive to maintain high standards to avoid future issues.

Remember, transparency, compliance with Amazon’s policies, and prompt action are key to effectively managing SAFE-T claims as an Amazon seller. Additionally, seek professional advice when needed to ensure you’re taking the appropriate steps to address each claim.

How Can SageMailer Help You in Managing SAFE-T Claims on Amazon? 

Feedback monitoring and management are crucial in managing SAFE-T claims because they allow sellers to stay informed about customer sentiments and potential issues related to their products. For instance, monitoring feedback allows sellers to address negative reviews promptly and demonstrate a commitment to customer satisfaction, which can help prevent or mitigate SAFE-T claims.

In turn, the SageMailer feedback management tool can put most of this work on auto-pilot. Let’s explore some of its features:

  • Automated Feedback Solicitation: SageMailer automates the process of soliciting reviews from customers (up to 200 emails per month included in the Free plan). It helps generate more feedback, providing a larger pool of data to monitor and manage.
  • 24/7 Review Monitoring: SageMailer’s tool allows for continuous monitoring of feedback, ensuring that sellers are promptly alerted to any new reviews or ratings.
  • Centralized Feedback Management: The tool consolidates all feedback, star ratings, and reviews in one place, making it easy for sellers to track and respond to customer feedback efficiently.
  • Exportable Reports: Sellers can export Amazon product reviews in CSV format. This data can be used for in-depth analysis, helping sellers identify trends and make informed decisions to prevent future SAFE-T claims.

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SAFE-T Claim FBA Reimbursements

If Amazon has approved your claim, then in the “Payments” section, you can check the refund stage by clicking the “Reports” tab.

What are the main reasons for requesting compensation?

  • The buyer returned the item without its original packaging.
  • Amazon damaged item in transit.

Note: The platform calculates the return window for Seller Fulfilled Orders based on the maximum estimated delivery date and three days extra time for postmarking the product.

Amazon is likely to issue a refund if:

  • The merchant does not receive the goods one month after the customers return them.
  • Amazon has rated the product as damaged or disposed of. In this case, the amount of compensation is equal to 40% of the product’s price.
  • The loss of products happens through Amazon’s fault. It means that the merchant receives a 100% refund.

Amazon Safe-T Claim Policy: Conclusion

The SAFE-T Claim FBA program is a way to protect Amazon sellers. Undoubtedly, no one wants to get into unpleasant situations related to refunds, etc. However, sellers are immune to nothing. Fortunately, the procedure for filing the claim is not complicated, as you can see, and you can always defend your interests.

The best way to avoid claims is to provide quality service. So how can you make sure everything is going smoothly?

For this, there are special programs like SageMailer. This software gives any merchant peace of mind as it is a platform to keep in touch with consumers and keep track of seller feedback. 

Using dedicated tools to request reviews and respond to customers will make you more confident. Moreover, you can find out about even minor flaws in your products with an email notification before they become a bigger problem. Timely bug fixes are an excellent way to prevent a mess and make your transactions safe.