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SageMailer takes on a new approach to buyer-seller messaging. Respond faster than your competitors and maintain perfect performance metrics.
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How to reply to buyers' messages effortlessly? Our solution simplifies and speeds up the process.

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  • Get notified of new messages. Prompt customer support is one of the keys to building relations with your customers. We send you an instant notification each time you get a new question, customer review, or inquiry.
  • Respond instantly. The shorter the response time, the more likely you are to satisfy you customer's needs and show them your care.
  • Make use of email templates. Create your own customer service letters for all typical inquiries and choose the one that suits the use case.
  • Take advantage of auto-filling. Use auto-filling features for order details to speed up the response time and make your emails more personalized.

Services that we provide

Customize an Amazon Email Autoresponder in The Way You Need

Amazon email autoresponder for sellers makes communication with buyers even more effective. This is a great option to relieve your headache during the peak loads on your customer support and stay in touch with your customers during holidays.

Manage Your Feedback From International Buyers in a Single Place

Access multiple marketplaces from a single dashboard, and manage your buyer messages with pre-created templates or mark them as “No response needed”. Stay always in touch with your international buyers!

Measure Your Communication Effectiveness

Keep track of your Scheduled and Sent messages and analyze the success rate of your mailing with detailed reports. Built-in A/B testing will help to test your ideas and find out what email marketing approaches work best for your customers.

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