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How To Get More Reviews On Amazon in 2024 - Proven Methods For Amazon Sellers

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Product reviews

Product reviews are a cornerstone for any Amazon seller. They have a crucial impact on visibility in search results, listing conversion rates, and sales. In addition, most shoppers read reviews before making a purchase decision. So how to see your Amazon reviews growing?

The landscape for getting reviews has completely changed in the last year. Launching new items has gotten considerably harder, but it can be a good thing for many merchants to outperform the competition.

Product reviews

However, collecting Amazon customer feedback can be challenging for both new and experienced sellers. Merchants should also consider the strict Amazon review guidelines to not put their accounts at risk.

Here, we will cover the best ways how to get verified reviews fast, stay TOS compliant, and use automated review programs to improve seller feedback and profits. So, sit back and read our guide for any Amz seller - how to get reviews on Amazon promptly and effectively.

8 Reasons Why Your #1 Task Is to Get Amazon Reviews

  • Generate More Orders from Clicks

    Quality star review rate helps enhance product search rankings allowing more customers to discover your goods, increasing sales potential. In addition, shoppers are more likely to buy an item with good testimonials, so receiving your first reviews just after you launch a product is crucial.

  • Enhance Your Existing Goods

    Customer feedback can bring valuable information for enhancing your products. First, find out what is working well and what should be improved directly from your clients. Then, check out for comments, read the most frequent suggestions, and implement them.

  • Spot Possible Product Opportunities

    Strive to differentiate your goods by composing bundles or kits? Wish to add a new line of your goods? Product reviews give lots of information about what customers want, straight from them. Keeping track of this can help you spot the opportunities that might take your Amz business to the next level.

  • Improve Your Stock Planning

    Positive feedback can help sellers predict how well certain goods will sell. If you notice a steady flow of positive reviews, it's a clear sign that your items are a hit. Plan your inventory accordingly to avoid any stockouts. Alternatively, when you have a drop in testimonials, it's time for you to look closer at your goods.

  • Measure Customer Service Satisfaction

    When selling on Amazon, one of your primary goals is to make sure that buyers are happy with your items and service. Testimonials provide an opportunity to learn precisely what your customers think. Such reactions give invaluable info and might even discover new use options.

  • Help Customer Make Decisions

    Buyers on Amazon rely on other buyers’ top reviews when making purchasing decisions. Indeed, over 90% of customers read online testimonials before buying an item. On a digital platform, shoppers can't physically check the items. So, reviews on products are a vital source of information for Amazon customers.

  • Boost Organic Search Rankings on Amazon

    The algorithm on Amz decides on how to display products in its search results. Receiving reviews regularly and having a good review history are crucial factors for that algorithm. As a result, ranking on the first pages of search results improves your chance of getting a sale.

  • Improve Your Brand Awareness

    If you have a registered brand, Amazon reviews can help you gain additional social proof and make your brand more credible in the eyes of potential customers. This practice can go a long way in building both private label and white label brands.

Automate Reviews Generating and Monitoring with SageMailer Amazon FBA Review Program?

Thinking about how to get more Amazon reviews legally on autopilot? The Amazon review generator will do all the job for you. SageMailer, as one of the most efficient Amazon review services, helps automate the product review and seller feedback requests both with the official Amazon’s "Request a Review" button and via Buyer-Seller messaging templates.

This Amazon verified review service guarantees 100% compliance with Amazon Terms of Use and is much more affordable than hiring the Amz review agency.

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  • Email Automation

    In addition to Amazon's official "Request a Review" button, create, automate, and send customized messages through Amazon's Buyer-Seller Messaging. Use flexible delivery settings and add dynamic order-related content to your emails for more efficient communication.

    Email Automation
  • Tracking Product Reviews & Seller Feedback

    SageMailer automatically monitors your Amazon product listings and sends instant notifications about new product reviews and seller feedback. This way, you can timely react to negative reviews and handle customer concerns to maintain a perfect seller rating.

    Tracking Product Reviews & Seller Feedback
  • Buyer Messages Management

    SageMailer makes it simple to read and reply to all your Amazon buyers’ messages from all marketplaces on a single page. Streamline your customer support using pre-created templates, autoresponder feature, and history of previous messages.

    Buyer Messages Management
  • Create the Best-Converting Messages

    Create different versions of letters and simultaneously test them to find out which variation works better. A/B testing takes the guesswork out of your decision-making and helps create templates that boost Amz reviews.

    Create the Best-Converting Messages

What to Do About Negative Reviews?

  • Reply Professionally

    If you get a negative review, keep in mind to reply professionally and solve the customer’s issue if possible. Train your team to respond in the same manner. Prompt answers are also important. Aim to reply within 24-48 hours from when clients post the review. The quicker they hear from you, the more sincere your words will feel to them.

  • Report Non-Сompliant With Amazon’s TOS or Abusive Reviews

    If you notice irrelevant content or abuse on the review, contact Amazon Seller Support to remove Amazon feedback. If you suspect that the competitor submits negative feedback, you can report it to Amazon Seller Support and delete the review. However, you need to have good and clear proof of why the feedback should be deleted.

  • Think What Is Not Working

    Be thankful for users who took their time to give you some criticism, even when it's difficult. Check out feedback for common issues and work them out with your manufacturers or suppliers. Negative testimonials can also show the end of the life cycle of your products or accentuate the opportunities for improvements.

  • Enhance Your Amazon Listings

    Usually, negative feedback and product reviews mean that it is high time to revisit your product listings. Think of including FAQs to provide answers to common questions. A well-optimized product page is a must-have thing when we are talking about how to increase reviews on Amazon.

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