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Protect Your Seller Reputation with Amazon Review Tracker

Why do Amazon sellers love SageMailer?

  • It tracks customer reviews for an unlimited number of products

  • It automates the official Amazon’s 'Request a Review' button

  • It sends automatic feedback removal requests

  • It manages all communication with Amazon buyers via a single dashboard

  • It offers convenient A/B testing to grow review requests’ conversion

  • It is available on all Amazon marketplaces

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  • Access to full referral statistics Get a 30% recurring commission for every transaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much money can I earn?

    The good news, there is no particular limit on your maximum earnings with SageMailer. Registration is completely free, and you will get 30% from each transaction. Let's say, your referral signs up for the ULTRA plan, you'll immediately get $30 and continue to earn $30 every month while your referral keeps using SageMailer.

  • How often are affiliates get paid?

    You decide when to get your commission via PayPal, just hit the "Request the Payment" button in your affiliate dashboard.

  • Will I have access to other platform perks as a partner?

    We gladly share with our affiliates the early access to new SageMailer features, support them with additional content, and offer growth opportunities and ways to help them earn more.

  • How long is my affiliate link valid for?

    Your affiliate cookie is valid and will be monitored for a 60-day window. So if any customer purchases the SageMailer subscription during that time frame, you’ll get paid!

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