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Amazon Automation Reviews

Earn more reviews from customers and improve your profit margins by putting feedback requests on autopilot.
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What Is An Amazon Automation Reviews Tool?

SageMailer provides a simple yet effective review automation process for Amazon sellers. It's a first-of-its-kind solution approved by the platform's terms of service that fully automates the feedback collecting process.

So, save precious time and acquire product reviews from a single place.

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Get more product reviews in less time

Forget about the tiresome task of manually asking for reviews in your Seller Central account. Instead, benefit from putting the official Amazon’s ‘Request a Review’ button on autopilot for all existing orders.

Ensure that every item gets a review request approved by the Amazon rules.

Get more product reviews in less time

See the current status of feedback requests and orders

Maximize the Amazon store opportunities by tracking essential metrics. Check the status of all orders, sales, and even review requests in a convenient dashboard and spot trends over time. Download review reports and analyze the data in a well-organized format.

See the current status of feedback requests and orders

Concentrate your efforts on what really matters

Our comprehensive tool does all the work for you. See how much time you may spare by automating your review requests and communications with clients. Instead, focus on tasks that matter for your business: offer high-quality products and ensure sales.

Concentrate your efforts on what really matters

Since Amazon now controls all the nuances of your Request a Review email, you can continue to ask for feedback without worrying about violations of policies and rules. Also, you don’t need to pay attention to your letters’ conversion, as Amazon has optimized the message content based on its own information about the messages-to-review rate.

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