See the Efficiency of Your Amazon Requests

Quickly check which messages get Amazon reviews and feedback with the detailed analytical dashboard.
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See the Efficiency of Your Amazon Requests

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All Review Data At Hand

See the total number of emails sent, orders received, and reviews generated at a convenient graph. Find out how many Amazon reviews you’ve received while using SageMailer.

Sales & Orders Statistics

Access easy-to-understand graphs of essential metrics such as sales and orders. Quickly compare sales for periods and understand trends to update your marketing strategy based on the historical data.

Amazon Review Monitoring and Analytics

Know the Insights

SageMailer’s Amazon review analytics provide you with more details for each of your ASINs. In addition, informative graphs visualize how your reviews are distributed across the days, months, and the five-star system.

Review monitoring

Monitor, filter, and download product review data for any of your ASINs. Analyze and identify what customers love about your products or find out what can be improved from the first hand.

Seller Feedback, Reviews, Sales, and More

Get historical data of your positive and negative seller feedback and reviews percentage. Compare reviews received to emails sent and the total number of orders. Filter and analyze data by date range, ASIN, and other details to identify trends and implement future business strategies.

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