SageMailer vs FeedbackWhiz: What's Your Pick?

Wondering which one is better: SageMailer vs Feedback Whiz? You have come to the right place. Check out a complete overview of the two tools and learn the best fit for your business.

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SageMailer vs. Feedback Five: Which Will Help You Succeed on Amazon in 2022?

SageMailer vs FeedbackWhiz: Which Amazon Seller Software to Opt for?

Why Are Reviews Important for You?

Replying to every piece of customer feedback might take too much time when running a business as an Amazon merchant. SageMailer and FeedbackWhiz alternatives are among the most popular options when it comes to valuable software sellers. However, which one excels?

We have thoroughly compared SageMailer and FeedbackWhiz based on their pricing, features, ratings, and so on. Stick to the end to find out which Amazon seller tool is better than the other. So, let's jump in!

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SageMailer vs Feedback Whiz: Review of Main Features

Good Amazon feedback review management software saves time so you can focus on strategy and spend less time on routine tasks. But, do these services provide everything a seller might need? Let's check more thoroughly what SageMailer and FeedbackWhiz are about.

  • Automate Amazon Reviews and Review Monitoring with SageMailer?


    SageMailer has done an excellent job when it comes to creating a powerful feedback management tool that is popular among AMZ sellers.

    Its broad range of features allows merchants to automate Amazon's Request a Review button and send feedback requests, monitor product reviews for an unlimited number of products, carry out A/B campaigns and generate VAT invoices in the EU marketplaces, all in a single subscription!

  • Automate Amazon Reviews and Review Monitoring with SageMailer?


    FeedbackWhiz positions itself on the market as powerful automated email software with template customization and flexible campaign settings. Service allows users to send review requests, organize customer emails, and manage email campaigns.

    This tool lets you get specific with the template creation and target audience. Besides, Feedback Whiz provides review monitoring and sends notifications about almost every facet of your customer reviews.

SageMailer vs FeedbackWhiz: Pricing in a Nutshell



  • Plan



  • Price



  • Email Limit



  • Additional Marketplaces


    $10/each additional

  • Product Review Monitoring

    Unlimited ASINs for free

    from $5-200/month (depending on the number of products)

SageMailer and Feedback Whiz both have pricing based on monthly email volume, allowing you to choose the subscription plan based on how many emails you wish to send monthly.

With SageMailer, the basic plan with 2000 requests is slightly more expensive. However, you get unlimited marketplaces and ASINs for tracking reviews.

Moreover, you can select the number of review request emails on your own, not attached to a specific subscription. Flexibility is a key in our days, isn’t it?

Build Your Convenient Pricing Plan with SageMailer

Decide on the number of emails, select the customized plan, and save money!












Risk free - no credit card required 30 days trial

2 000 emails

Review monitoring

Unlimited stores

A/B testing

Inbox, manual and auto-reply emails

Unlimited ASINs


Most popular!



3000 emails / month

️Review monitoring

Unlimited stores

A/B testing

Inbox, manual and auto-reply emails

Unlimited ASINs



SageMailer vs Feedback Whiz: Reviews

SageMailer takes your AMZ business as seriously as you do, paying close attention to Amazon's terms of service to protect your business and seller's reputation. We have served Amazon merchants for a couple of years and offer the most flexibility, making it the #1 feedback management software on the market.

In addition, unlike FeedbackWhiz, SageMailer provides professional chat customer support for all customers regardless of the subscription plan. According to reviews, the company’s agents have proven to provide perfect customer service and promptly respond to requests of any kind.

Check out how sellers rate SageMailer and Feedback Whiz on TrustPilot

What Do Clients Say About Our Top Amazon Feedback Service?

Trustpilot reviews

Amazon Appstore

Support chat



4 review


May 1, 2021


Amazing! Perfectly packaged and sent very fast. So pleased and will definitely be buying from here again!


Sean W

6 review


Dec 18, 2018

Very Professional Platform

I tired 5 to 6 platforms searching for the best before I settled on SageMailer. Why? They offer first class support at my fingertips and are always very obliging, the website is very easy to use and free of clutter,, it's also appealing to the eye and it's bug free unlike some auto email apps I tried. I highly recommend to any Amazon seller. 5 Full Stars for Sage!

Artesanía Herreros Handmade Pocket Knives

1 review


Dec 17, 2018

Awesome customer service

Awesome customer service, I came for a bug and I got my bug solved, and many other inquiries solved! inquiries I didn't knew I had even before chatting with them! Super customer service for a super tool, there are few companies that worries about customer service I am afraid and Sagemailer team is doing an amazing job.


Zadok Shade

1 review


Dec 12, 2017

The best price/quality ratio

Drastically improved my feedback and reviews on Amazon. The pricing is fair and allows small sellers to get started and grow their business. Integration with European marketplaces is another great feature. Always helpful and brilliant customer service. Highly recommend!


Mr. Harrison

2 review


Nov 16, 2017

You guys are cool

You guys are cool! Helped me to set up everything in a couple of minutes and gave a few really helpful tips. I saw new reviews immediately after sending the first batch of emails! Thanks!


Andrew Set

1 review


Jan 25, 2018

Great 3rd party app and awesome …

Great 3rd party app and awesome customer service! Maria had helped me a lot with my campaigns and she made sure that I got what I need. Thanks!

Assured Signs

Fantastic Service

May 17, 2021

Verified User

Professional software and company, I have been using them for 3 years now. I have never had an issue and the sofware is easy to use.

Dunsten LLC

Great Services

November 29, 2019

Verified User

Have been using this software for years and worked out very well for my business! Responsive email and great for reviews!


It’s a most have app!

May 10, 2019

Verified User

Great support and easy to use. It will help you build professional communication with your customers.


The best reviews/feedbacks app

2 June 2021

Verified User

Excellent application, very easy to use, reliable and effective. The technical support is very efficient. I have use SageMailer for many years and have never had a single problem. Highly recommended!


Very Good and Reliable

4 April 2021

Verified User

I found this app very helpful. I got many customer reviews and seller ratings since using this app. RECOMMENDED!

Are SageMailer and FeedbackWhiz Worth the Money?

Yes, every penny. It’s your investment, not an expense.
You can’t succeed as an AMZ merchant without tools like these.

Why Are Reviews Important for You?

So which one to choose? Ultimately, it is up to you. You may look through the comparison that favoured SageMailer and FeedbackWhiz above, pick based on the factors that are crucial to you and your business, or try both tools out.

Still, many customers claim that SageMailer provides a better value for money than FeedbackWhiz. With all of the features included in its subscription, it’s hard to beat the benefits this software brings to the table.

Outperform Your Competitors With SageMailer!

Outperform Your Competitors With SageMailer!

Outperform Your Competitors With SageMailer!

Your competitors are already using feedback management tools. If you do not have one, you cannot outperform them. Let SageMailer become your best servant and make your reviews and sales soar!