Expand Your Business to Amazon Marketplaces Worldwide

Expand your reach and communicate with buyers on multiple AMZ marketplaces within a single platform.
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Expand Your Business to Amazon Marketplaces Worldwide

Add As Many Amazon Marketplaces As You Need - For Free

SageMailer supports ALL Amazon Seller Centrals. You don't have to pay each time you integrate a new online marketplace. Just add as many Amazon marketplaces as you need and start selling globally!

Take Your Amazon Reviews and Product Rankings Under Control

Communicate With International Buyers In Their Language

Our pre-developed templates come in different languages which opens up an opportunity to communicate with your foreign shoppers in the most effective and ROI-driven ways.

Create Highly-Converting Emails and Test Them

Most of our users’ emails have an average open rate of 30%. What’s more, you can easily customize them and test the result. You will also be able to send your letter at different times, target different buyers and ASINs to develop a winning mailing strategy and boost your product rankings.

Motivate Your Buyers to Leave a Review

Gathering authentic feedback is one of the best ways to make your products stand out from the competition. Motivate your international buyers to create reviews for you by sending them the right email at the right time.

Manage Your Amazon Reputation Across the Marketplaces

Stay always updated on your reviews left by the customers on all Amazon platforms. No need to use dedicated apps for each marketplace since you can manage them all within our solution. Respond to your customers’ queries asap and organically grow your product rankings.

Get Started With Amazon Global Selling

The opportunities Amazon provides are almost unlimited. Still, you have to be smart with your business strategies and online reputation management. SageMailer helps you boost your rankings and understand your international customers better.

  • Use our multilingual templates to find the common language with your customers.
  • Schedule and customize your email campaigns depending on the use case and a business goal.
  • Test diverse variables to find what works for your international buyers.
  • Get notified of new reviews and feedback instantly.
  • Deal with negative feedback faster.