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Test your mailing campaigns, analyze and improve. With our A/B Amazon email testing feature finding the right tactic becomes effortless.
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Amazon Email Testing - The Right Way to High Open Rate and Conversions

Customize, personalize and stay smart. Simultaneously test different versions of your Amazon feedback emails and find the best ones.
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Create The Strongest Subject Lines Ever

Create The Strongest Subject Lines Ever

Your subject line is the most important converting element of your letter. Test emails to find out which are more appealing to your buyers. Create powerful and creative copy according to the expectations of your customers.

Find The Perfect Time For Your Email Delivery

To get even more reviews and feedback, you have to send your letters at the right time. Test several options to find out when your shoppers are the most likely to share their feedback. Customize your letters with a delivery time and order status.

Automate Your Test Letters

Our tool automatically distributes emails to the users’ segments of your choice in the even portions. The only task that remains for you is to wait for a little until we generate reports on the effectiveness of each of the letter options.

Unlock Statistics and Insights

With Amazon email test, you can analyze your campaigns and find the variables that work for your customers. All the insights come in an easy-to-understand dashboard so that you have instant and clear answers on email marketing tactics.

Test Without Limits

Create and test your emails without any limitations. Make sure of customized settings, suggest and evaluate your hypothesis, and do it all within the one platform for your Amazon feedback management!

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