Amazon Product Reviews - Essential Tips For Amazon Sellers in 2024

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Why Are Reviews Important for You?

Product reviews

Any Amazon customer review is an essential element for the success of your business. Clients rely on customer experience and positive reviews to inform purchase decisions.

Research proves that 84% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 91% of customers read online reviews. Why? Consumers are more willing to buy because testimonials add transparency to the purchasing experience.

Product reviews

Shoppers who read product reviews are often unfamiliar with a brand and don't have the confidence to make a purchase. They need to trust they're getting what they're paying for. It is especially true for high-end goods (tech products or luxury items), functional products (electronics, appliances, tools, i.e.), and clothing.

The beauty of most reviews is that they give users second opinions on a product. Instead, shoppers who read reviews do so to gather information, like whether an item is true-to-size, it's comfortable, it's good quality, and it's functional.

How to Get Amazon Best Reviews Efficiently?

How to review products on Amazon? How to ask for reviews on Amazon products? Should you buy Amazon reviews? If you are looking for ways to get feedback on Amazon, feel free to send proactive messages to request product reviews and seller feedback scores. The platform has different ways to contact customers to leave feedback: the Buyer-Seller Messaging system, the Request a Review button, and the Amazon API. In addition, a lot of sellers employ third-party apps to automate the requesting reviews process.

All communication with customers must be sent within 30 days after they complete an order, including the order number, and translated into their preferred language.

Automate Amazon Reviews and Review Monitoring with SageMailer?

Steps for set up

Buyer-Seller Messaging

You can send the request to your potential Amazon product reviewers with the Buyer-Seller Messaging system in your Seller Central account. This feature allows sellers to customize their messages.

However, it's necessary to follow all the platform's guidelines for communication with buyers. So, it’s better to check the policies on how to get good reviews on Amazon before sending direct messages.

Buyer-Seller Messaging

If you start conversations with people and offer great client service, most shoppers are happy to share a great review on purchased goods. And we mean real engagement – not some autoresponder. Such engagement can include:

  • Product questions before a purchase
  • Technical assistance after a purchase
  • Making an unhappy client happy

Request a Review Button

SageMailer helps automate Amazon’s “Request a Review” button from the Seller Central order details page. You can use this feature 100% safely even if you have been temporarily restricted from sending proactive messages to clients.

Messages are sent directly by Amazon, so they’re much more likely to get into your buyer’s inbox. Moreover, they are automatically translated into the customer’s preferred language, and the AMZ subject line and logo add trust. Thus, SageMailer clients are seeing an average 54% growth in seller feedback and reviews just within 30 days.

Here is some more info about this feature:
  • "Request a Review" button automation is 100% compliant with Amazon’s policy.
  • The sellers can flexibly schedule the email delivery for higher conversion.
  • Your clients can give star ratings right within the email.
  • Use flexible filters to target different groups of customers.
  • Automatically exclude cancelled and refunded orders or clients who have already left a review.
Request a Review Button
Buyer-Seller Messaging

Amazon Review Services for Sellers

Additionally, sellers can use the third-party software, like SageMailer, that connects with the platform's API. Such tools allow sellers to send customized review requests using Buyer-Seller Messaging templates and automate Amazon’s “Request a Review” button requests.

Regardless of the chosen messaging method, Sagemailer's scheduling and automation features will save tons of your valuable time, help you get more Amazon ratings and reviews, and improve your performance on Amazon.

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How to Get Amazon Reviews with SageMailer?

Wondering how to get rid of the tedious task of manually asking for feedback? Use SageMailer and invest more time into your business! It's an efficient tool that fully automates the Seller Central review requesting and monitoring process for Amazon sellers. Here's how you can benefit from SageMailer solutions!

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