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Increase your Amazon sales by getting more organic reviews & feedback through automated email campaigns.

  • Grow your reviews without the guesswork

    Create and A/B test different variants of letters to discover the best performing versions that improve your conversions.
  • Monitor Your Sales Performance

    Track your Amazon feedback for Unlimited ASINs in a single app.
    Receive real-time email alerts.
  • Support your customers faster, easier, better

    Integrate all your Amazon Buyer-Seller messages and answer all your customers from a single place.
We support EU, America, Japan, Australia, Turkey, UAE & India Seller Centrals

A Seller Tool That Saves You Time And Money

    It takes only a few clicks to connect your
    Amazon Seller Central account. After that,
    you’re ready to contact your customers!
    Send high-converting emails to provide exceptional customer service. Generate positive reviews and boost your Amazon seller rating, right out of the box.
    Monitor Amazon reviews and get notifications to quickly remove negative feedback from Amazon. Providing the best customer service is key to becoming a top seller.
FBA Tool

Why SageMailer is the #1 Amazon Autoresponder?

Create the best-converting &
creative letters

Start improving your review conversions and sales by creating different versions of letters to find out which variation maximizes your success. A/B Testing takes the guesswork out of your decision making.

Automated Tests

Just choose the delivery settings for testing and the system will automatically create up to 9 variations.

Powerful Statistics

Check the performance of each variation and make data-driven decisions about what actually works.

Amazon Letter Split & A/B testing tool
Amazon Buyer-Seller messages autoresponder

Manage Your Buyer Messages

SageMailer makes it astonishingly simple to read and respond to all your customer Amazon messages directly in the dashboard. We give you access to Amazon messages inbox and all the buyer's info you need.

Answer Using Pre-created Templates

Fast customer service = better sales. SageMailer helps you to provide quality support spending fewer hours to get the job done.

Manage Your
Amazon Reputation

Monitor your ASINs and Amazon feedback with a single tool, without having to check your Seller Central account. React and remove negative product reviews to maintain a perfect best seller rank for your best-selling products.

Track Feedback

SageMailer is Amazon product review software that monitors unlimited ASINs across all AMZ marketplaces.

Real-time alerts

Get an email notification every time someone leaves a negative feedback, so you can respond quickly.

Get & Monitor Amazon product reviews

Get Immediate Results

No need to wait days or weeks to receive the first review as in other autoresponders. SageMailer's "Include past orders" function allows you immediately send requests to orders that were placed up to 30 days before your signing up and receive feedback starting from the first day.

Get Amazon reviews from past orders
Send Emails at Local Time
Amazon customer
Receives at 9:00am
John from Seattle, UTC-8
amazon buyer
Receives at 9:00am
James from Washington, UTC-5
Amazon feedback request tool

Be Timely

How can you get reviews on Amazon? By reaching the right customers at the time when they’re most likely to open an email and leave a feedback. It’s the key to a successful mailing campaign. Customize your timing so that all your buyers receive emails at the same time regardless of their timezone.

Flexible Delivery Settings

Choose who will get your emails and when they’ll get them by setting up specific days of the week, the customer’s local time, order status, specific ASINs, repeat and promo buyers, etc.

Reach Your Past Buyers

Send a product review request and solicit feedback to the customers who ordered from you before you signed up to SageMailer.

Personalize Your Emails

Use pre-made feedback & product review templates, or customize them by adding your logo, product image, buyer’s name or specific order information using dynamic tags. Stop buying fake Amazon product reviews! Instead, request positive reviews from satisfied buyers!


Amazon review templates allow you to set up your campaign in seconds. Each template has a unique purpose (e.g., follow-up letter, product review or Amazon feedback request).


Send yourself test emails with real order information so you can preview & approve the messages before activating your campaign.

Amazon feedback request email template

Links in email templates send buyers directly to Amazon's product review section or seller feedback page, highly increasing your feedback percentage.


Using SageMailer Smart Tags, insert your customers' personal data and order details in emails to increase customers' responsiveness.

Manage Buyers

"How do I sell on Amazon?" is no longer a valid question! View a list of all your buyers and a history of each email you've sent to provide great customer service and increase sales. Become top Amazon seller with SageMailer!

Buyer Profiles

Access any buyer’s order information, check pending and sent emails, or change a particular buyer’s mailing schedule.


Based on buyers’ performance, prevent specific buyers from receiving emails from you in the future. SageMailer's opt-out policy protects sellers from getting negative AMZ reviews & feedback.

Amazon negative feedback removal software

Get rid of invoice routine on EU Amazon

No longer need to use expensive and tangled VAT invoicing software. Now you can just fill in a few fields and SageMailer will do all the job for you! Our Amazon invoice generator automatically calculates your VAT rates in every EU marketplace and for every order you've got. Just choose how you'd like to send invoices to customers: for all orders, orders with particular ASINs or from certain marketplaces. You can send invoices manually as well. All invoices are generated in accordance with valid European legislation.

Amazon Vat Invoice GeneratorSeller Central Europe (UK, Italy, Spain, France, Germany)

Our Customers Love Us

Amazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller rating
Amazon customer
Amazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller rating
Samuel Carlton

SageMailer has significantly improved our relationship with customers. We can now send follow-up emails not only to our buyers but also to European customers, multilanguage templates make it a no-brainer.

Amazon customer
Amazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller rating
Jarod Cotter

I've been using SageMailer for 2 weeks and already see the significant bump in received reviews and feedback. The app is extremely easy to use and has one of the most convenient interfaces I've ever seen, and it's in addition to the brilliant support team. In general, if you're searching for an easy-to-start mass mailer, it's a great price-to-quality option with really powerful opportunities.

Amazon customer
Amazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller rating

SageMailer works great and has a crazy (in a good way) support team! Many flexible settings allow to create really great and high-converting email campaign. In a month the number of our feedback has risen from 43 to 127, we certainly keep using it and waiting for new cool features in the future.

Amazon customer
Amazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller ratingAmazon seller rating
Roland Bird

I'm very happy with SageMailer. The interface is easy to understand and figure out. Pre-made email templates have pretty good conversion rate, anyway, you can even improve it by experimenting with email subjects and tracking open-rates. The support team was very helpful and rapidly answered all my tricky questions. From the first week I noticed increasing in reviews and seller ranks of my products, what more can I ask :)

Click to get positive Amazon reviews
Click to request positive review
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Unlimited ASINs
Feedback monitoring (Basic+)
Multilingual templates
Negative feedback alerts
Professional and experienced support team
Pro Most Popular
Inbox Emails
A/B testing
Shipping Labels
VAT Invoices
Review Monitoring
All Marketplaces
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500 emails per month
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What More Would You Like to Know?

  • How SageMailer helps to improve Amazon seller rating?
    Our software automatically sends your customers friendly personalized emails. You can follow up with customers by sending them useful tips, ebooks, manuals, and ask them for positive feedback or product reviews. These proactive communications are 100%-compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service and improve your overall seller rating on Amazon. They also give you an opportunity to address potential order issues in advance.
  • Can SageMailer message customers for things other than feedback?
    Yes! You can send any messages as long as they comply with Amazon rules. For example, you can tell customers that their product is out for delivery, provide them with instructional content using attachments or just send useful tips about their purchase.
  • Does SageMailer put me at risk of suspension by Amazon for spam?
    No! SageMailer is fully Amazon-compliant. You can send any message you like, as long as it complies with Amazon's rules. The most popular emails contain the following information:
    — Requests for seller feedback or customer reviews.
    — Product customization questions.
    — Delivery scheduling.
    — Issues with a shipping address.
    — Order, shipment, delivery, or refund confirmations. Amazon already sends these emails.
    — Proactive customer service. For example: product manuals, tips for using the product, answers to frequently asked questions, suggestions if something goes wrong.
    — Out-of-stock or delay notifications and offers of alternative products. Please cancel the order instead.

    More details here (Amazon seller login needed).
  • Can I send email requests for specific products?
    Yes, SageMailer allows you to target specific items you sell on Amazon, repeat buyers, refunded or past orders. You can also set up campaigns according to the fulfillment channel (Fulfillment by Amazon or Merchant Fulfilled Network).
  • Can I send emails for both FBA as well as Merchant-Fulfilled order?
    Of course. From the start, SageMailer works for all your FBA and Merchant-Fulfilled Seller Central account orders. You can also set the filter and send Amazon feedback requests only to FBA or MFN orders. It’s especially useful if you want to get Amazon reviews for your private-label products or win the Buy-Box due to perfect seller feedback rating.
  • How to get more feedback on Amazon?
    Use SageMailer’s Amazon feedback manager tool and ask your satisfied buyers to leave feedback or a review. This is the safest and most reliable way to get Amazon feedback & reviews. On the other hand, buying reviews or asking a reviewer to leave a positive feedback in exchange for free products can be regarded by the AMZ team as a violation of the rules. At best, Amazon will remove such a product review. At worst, your seller account will be suspended.
  • Can your tool help remove negative Amazon feedback & reviews?
    SageMailer is feedback automation software that tracks all negative reviews and feedback. You’ll receive a notification when negative reviews or feedback is posted, which will give you the opportunity to immediately contact a buyer or create a negative feedback removal request for Amazon’s Seller support team.

    More details here (sellercenter Amazon login needed).
  • Can my Amazon account be suspended for sending incentivized review requests?
    No. SageMailer email templates are crafted in full compliance with Amazon rules, which prohibit sellers from offering compensation for a review, asking buyers to write positive reviews only, or manipulating reviews.

    SageMailer emails have never been considered as incentivized, since we don't offer any compensation for positive reviews and asking about a review in a polite, neutral manner. This type of communication helps sellers to maintain high-quality customer service and to receive verified reviews from real customers, which is what Amazon is interested in.

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