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Set Up Email Campaign

Use pre-created and high-converting email templates. No need to change or edit anything.

Track Your Results

We send feedback & review requests to your customers – you just check your campaign performance, monitor reviews and feedback in one place.

Automation That Saves Your Time And Money

More Feedback Means More Sales

Negative Feedback is in the Past

Sending SageMailer follow-up emails dramatically decrease the number of unsatisfied customers. They are more likely to contact you and not leaving a negative feedback.

Get More Positive Feedback

Seller rating is crucial for sellers reputation. SageMailer asks your customers about their buying experience and gets the ratings you need to be at the top.

Convert Feedback into Revenue

Win the buy box at higher prices and profit margins. Beat your competitors by maintaining a perfect Amazon seller rating.

The most excellent software for Amazon sellers. We started using SageMailer and after we sent product review requests to old customers, we received 25 reviews for our product the next day. I wish we’d found SageMailer earlier. Great customer service, support team can always help.

James M.

Private Label Seller

I’ve been a seller for 15 years. To compete now, you need to have all processes automated, otherwise you will be bitten by others. SageMailer is one the tool that EVERY seller must have. Send friendly emails to your customers and you will see how your seller metrics increase.

Willie E.


Before selling on Amazon, I was an eBay seller and I always sent emails with offers to buy similar products. I am happy that I can do the same on Amazon now.

Jeffrey Goodman


I was getting feedback before, but this tool will definitely increase the amount and my customers are always happy to receive a follow-up email from me with some gifts.

Carolyn Bush

Fresh Grocery

I have used SageMailer for a while and can say that I am happy that I found this amazing service. I recommend it to everybody who wants to get more positive product reviews and avoid negative ones.

Jerry S.

Private Label Seller

SageMailer is a great and a must-have tool for Amazon sellers. Easy to setup and start sending review requests. Moreover, we receive thankful messages from our customers for great follow-up emails. If something is wrong, they just answer by email instead of leaving negative review or feedback.

Vincent Klingler

Private Label Seller

My sales increased by 20 percent since I started using SageMailer and I’ve received more reviews.

Mary B. Harris


SageMailer allows you to request feedback from all your Amazon marketplaces at no additional costs

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All plans include

  • Unlimited Campaigns
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  • Feedback Notifications
  • Multilingual Templates
  • Message Analytics

Save up to $475 on Reviews with SageMailer

Save on Reviews with SageMailer

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The Benefits of SageMailer

Monitor your reviews

Stay informed of what customers are saying about your products. Automated email notifications help you increase your response time to customer complaints, so you are in a better position to resolve product issues and protect your brand reputation.

Track your success

Discover how customers interact with your emails. The open-rate feature will help you to identify your best subject lines, days and times to send.

Get personal

Using SageMailer SmartTags insert your customers' personal data and order details in emails to increase their responsiveness.

Manage seller feedback

Receive real-time email notifications when neutral or negative feedback is left so you can quickly respond and remove it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How SageMailer helps to improve your Amazon seller rating?

SageMailer automatically sends your customers friendly and personalized emails. You can follow-up your customers with an ebook, manual, request them positive feedback or product reviews. These proactive communications will improve your overall seller rating on Amazon, increase the trust of your customers and give you the opportunity to address any order issues in advance.

Does Amazon allow sending review and feedback requests?

Yes! You can send any messages as long as they comply with Amazon rules. Most popular are emails which contain the following information (more details):
— Requests for seller feedback or customer reviews.
— Product customization questions.
— Delivery scheduling.
— Issues with a shipping address.
— Order, shipment, delivery, or refund confirmations. Amazon already sends these emails.
— Proactive customer service. For example: product manuals, tips for using the product, answers to frequently asked questions, suggestions if something goes wrong.
— Out-of-stock or delay notifications and offers of alternative products. Please cancel the order instead.

Can I send emails for both FBA as well as Merchant-Fulfilled order?

Of course, you can. SageMailer automatically begins working for all your FBA and Merchant-Fulfilled orders.

Can SageMailer message customers for things other than feedback?

Yes! You can send any messages as long as they comply with Amazon rules. For example, you can tell customers that their product is out for delivery, provide them with instructional content using attachments or just send useful tips about their purchase.

Can I send email requests to specific products?

Yes, with SageMailer you can set up email campaigns targeted on specific items. As well as set up campaign depending on fulfillment channel: Fulfillment by Amazon or Merchant Fulfilled Network.

Can SageMailer send messages to orders placed before my signing up?

Yes, SageMailer does have the ability to send messages to orders dating back to 30 days before your signing up.

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