If you head to any product page on Amazon, you will see a number somewhere on the page that defines a product’s Best Sellers Rank, also known as the Amazon sales rank. This number is crucial for sellers who want to succeed on this platform. 

What does Amazon’s sales rank mean? And how can you improve your sales rank? 

So let’s take a closer look at it.

What Does “Sales Rank” Mean on Amazon?

A sales rank is defined by the number of your sales of a certain product relative to the similar products of your competitors. The more a product sells, the higher it will be in the rankings. You are not being compared to every other product on Amazon. If you sell leashes for dogs, then you will only ever have a sales ranking compared to other leashes for dogs.

How Are Amazon Sales Ranks Calculated?

The problem is that Amazon is not particularly forthcoming about how its selling ranking algorithm works. However, let’s be honest, that is for a good reason. You do not want people trying to game the system. We can take a decent guess at how everything is linked together, however.

It is likely that Amazon takes several pieces of information into account:

  • How many people are viewing your product
  • How many people buy the product once they have viewed it
  • How other products are performing in the category

There are a lot of people who seem to believe that Amazon’s sales ranking is based on total sales. While this is likely to be a big factor in the ranking, conversion rate also plays a role, i.e., the number of people buying the product after they have viewed the product description. It makes sense because the marketplace wants to serve up the products that stand the biggest chance of making them money. Therefore, these will inevitably be the products that convert well.

Remember, the higher your ranking, the more your products will sell. So once you start cracking into the top 100 sellers for your category, you will notice sales go through the roof.

Besides, you can use the Amazon rank sales calculator that helps you find out the average number of sales within a particular AMZ product category for a certain AMZ marketplace. It also evaluates the revenue potential for merchants operating in the selected product niche. Spy on your competitors and spot exciting new merchandise niches to break into.

What Is a Good Amazon Sales Rank?

Ideally, you want your Amazon ranking to have a number that is as low as possible. This is because your higher seller rank would put your product in front of more potential customers, and thus this could increase your overall sales.

We shall be brutally honest with you here. Unless you are in a very niche category with little to no competition, the chances are slim that you will secure a seller ranking in the top 100. You would need to spend a huge amount of time developing your product page, and you would also need to rely on a lot of luck.

We suggest you try not to focus too much on your sales rank. It isn’t the ‘be all and end all’ of AMZ. You should just be using it as a metric to measure your success. As you play about with your product listings and product descriptions and work on your SEO, you can see your changes’ impact on your AMZ seller ranking. The change in your ranking will allow you to work out whether you are going down the right or wrong path.

While you shouldn’t be focusing on it too much, you aim to always get the best seller rank possible.

How Often Does the Amazon Best Sellers Rank Update?

You will notice your AMZ ranking fluctuates throughout the day. It is because the seller rank stats will update once per hour to determine the top sellers. If you have a low orders volume and then suddenly see a sharp increase and achieve higher rankings for a short period before falling, this would indicate that your product has been selling for a short period, and this could indicate that you are doing something right with your product listing.

To make the best use of the ranking system, you will need to focus on your ranking over a prolonged period. It is all well and good seeing your product climb up the AMZ bestseller rankings by about 2,000 positions over the week. However, if you fall by the same amount the following week, it is clear that whatever you did was just a fluke. Most people tracking their position on the Amazon best sellers pages will see what gains they are making over one or two months. It will give a far better idea of whether you are taking your business down the right path.

How Can You Improve Your Amazon Sales Rank?

Improving your BSR is going to be a long process. You may see huge improvements in your rank in one week and see zero gains in the following. It is recommended that you track your ranking over time instead of just focusing on passing victories.

Improve your conversion rate

Your gains from AMZ sales rank will increase your visibility in the Amazon search engine. The more your product appears, the more people will click on it, and the more orders you make. It means that you will need to focus on improving your AMZ SEO. You need to find the best possible options for your images, titles, and descriptions. These factors affect your conversion rate and, therefore, your sales rank.

Don’t forget to include the MPN in your products. Selling the exact items to customers will lead to fewer returns, save you money, and increase your conversion rate and sales ranking. Read our blog to learn what MPN is.

Lower your prices

If you can shave a couple of dollars off the price of your product, you may notice an improvement in your seller rank. Buyers in the marketplace are price-conscious, and if they can save a dollar, they will save a dollar. You may be making less on one product, but your increase in selling ranking will see countless more sales, ultimately making up for that loss.

Add Amazon Prime

Finally, you may notice that products that have Amazon Prime available tend to sell a lot better and, as a result, have a higher AMZ sales rank. Therefore, you will need to use FBA. Yes. It will cost money, but, once again, eating into your profit a little bit may be worth it in the long term as it will lead to increased sales.

Try to avoid making all of these changes at the same time. If you do, then you may find it slightly difficult to work out what is having the biggest impact on your sales rank. In this game it is “slow and steady” wins the race.

Answer the main questions that clients have.

If you have been on AMZ, you certainly noticed plenty of product pages that answer some crucial questions clients have. This section is after you scroll down, after the product description and features.

Now, most potential shoppers will check this information out, and if so, it means that they are interested. However, if they still do not purchase after scrolling through your Q&As, it only indicates that you haven’t established good value in their mind to purchase.

Here’s how you can fix the issue. List all the concerns and objections that your potential buyers have. Next, answer each objection in your item’s copy. It will result in better conversion and drive sales.

Run several giveaways

Giveaways or launches are one of the best ways to boost your product page’s rankings for any keyword. Try putting about 80-90% off the price for a week. Yes, you might be hit very slightly, but in the long run, it will allow you to rank better, and you will be able to revise the pricing.

High discounts are usually listed first, and it will eventually rack your conversions up and move the sales rank on Amazon organically. 

Now that you know what BSR on Amazon is, it’s important to spare a minute or two to learn how to improve the indicator. We have prepared even more tips in our 2023 article, so follow the link to delve deeper into the issue.Ready to put your Amazon reviews on autopilot?