Staying on top of selling trends may seem overwhelming, tedious, and not worthwhile. 

But whether you like it or not, you must stay ahead of your competitors to expand your business. 

Millions of merchants are trying to get a slice of the marketplace. Thus, you should know what is coming and how buyers behave to have a fair opportunity in this competition. 

Though it may seem like a lot, let’s keep in mind that AMZ loves to make online shopping easy for both buyers and sellers, and researching Amazon trends isn’t an exception. So, do not get discouraged. It’s not impossible.

Before diving into it, it’s important to understand what Amazon trends in 2022 are and how to find trending products on Amazon.

So, scroll down to learn more!

How Can Sellers Find AMZ Trends to Outperform Competition?

Tendencies aren’t difficult to come by. 

The odds are that you might know what’s selling well if you’re involved in any industry. Or at least you should know the latest trends and how the world is moving about your product category. 

So, how to check Amazon trends? If you’re starting in a new niche that you don’t know a lot about, feel free to learn some tips to give you a helping boost. 

Check out AMZ recommendations

The easiest way to find out what is moving well today (and tomorrow) is to sign into AMZ with your seller profile and proceed to New Releases just below your search bar. In this tab, the marketplace gives merchants insights about top-performing new and future releases that Amazon updates every hour.

In the same section, you will find Movers & Shakers, a tab that includes AMZ’s largest gainers in sales ranking over the past day. Moreover, sellers can sort search results depending on a product category for a prompt snapshot of trending and popular items.

Read magazines and newsletters

There are many magazines and newsletters out there. Most of them are specific to particular industries. It’s crucial to stay current with what is happening in your business environment. 

By doing so, you may stay sharp when watching shifts in the buyer’s and the marketplace’s behavior.

Monitor competition

It’s a less sophisticated yet still efficient method of tracking Amazon trends. Sometimes, the most working strategy is to not reinvent the wheel and attempt to emulate what winning sellers within your category are already doing.

Check competitors’ shops to study their product lines and visit their social media pages (if any). Some companies keep customers updated with regular posts, so while checking out their stores, look at the Posts feature in the drop-down menu. 

If some brand continues to discuss a certain product, carry out your product research to find out what all the buzz is about. Who knows, you may stumble on the next great thing!

Pro tip: Use SellerSonar for tracking your competitors. Monitor pricing, keywords, BSR, and other important metrics to spot which brands and items are most popular to inform your merchandise selection better. 

Ask your manufacturers or suppliers

No one knows what products are sold well and which ones are behind better than people who sell you your merchandise. Remember, they supply hundreds of merchants like you, indicating they have firsthand market behavior experience and wish you to sell more. At least, it translates into more money for them. Thus, talk to them constantly to understand what is moving, which are the best sellers in your niche, and what will become a hit. 

Browse channels and novelty shops

At some point in your life, you may have seen a FB post for an innovative item you wish you had in your hands immediately. Yet, it turned out to be a prototype, some Kickstarter campaign that had never been launched or only sold in another county. 

You need to be on the lookout for such type of content: What is fresh, new, and blowing consumers’ minds? 

If the goods are only sold overseas, all right! You may bring them into your marketplace. If it is just a concept item, you may be able to source something similar to bring to your category. 

Scout for trends, and it will pay off someday. Below are some pages you can keep tabs on:

  • YouTube reviews

Look at Amazon’s Trend Report

A great rule of thumb is to inspect what is trending on Amazon. Even if you are not selling on this platform. AMZ’s trend report isn’t very extensive. Nonetheless, it’s the result of their sales analysis in their marketplace, so ‘accurate’ is the best word to describe it.

Amazon Trends 2023

AMZ holds almost half of the digital market in America. Whereas besides the country, thousands of customers use this website to buy items all over the globe. The analyses of their choices show the top five product niches that will be trendy next year.

  1. Grocery. You will be amazed by the popularity of this category as it grew in 2022, up 12.9%. Today, AMZ is the #2 grocery vendor in America. Only Walmart outpaces this marketplace. This tendency is relevant after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. During lockdowns, lots of AMZ clients appreciated the convenience of grocery shopping online right on the platform. Today, it keeps going on as it’s easy and convenient.
  2. Games. As streaming platforms became a force we need to be reckoned with, such services and products became leaders of the platform’s requests. AMZ offers AAA games and various game-related items, services, and merchandising stuff. Besides, it’s obvious that the percentage of this category tends to grow with the start of sports betting legalization. Thus, catch the idea and get gain from it.
  3. Perfumery and cosmetics. These items are always in favor, and lots of clients consider them to be great ideas for presents. Sure thing, you can get more sales if you provide clients with unique items, for instance, craft or niche perfumes and authentic cosmetics. 
  4. Dual-use items. 2022 became a point for global changes. So, the need for double-use products is at its peak as many officials and volunteers look for them to provide Ukraine with them. 
  5. Gadgets are always on the top. Acquiring a novelty or bestseller is a true obsession for many individuals. Similarly, there’s one more tendency to use. You can earn from refurbished appliances. This trend applies both to the conscious consumption and economy concepts. So, it may work!

Mistakes to Avoid During Product Research

Like any other business, eCommerce also has risks. One of the biggest pitfalls is choosing the best products or services to offer online. To help you out, we pointed out three mistakes to avoid when selecting Amazon trend products

  1. Picking items without having researched the market earlier. To sell successfully online, it’s not enough to create an eCommerce website, upload several products, and wait until they are sold. Instead, you should first analyze the market, conduct preventive research, and develop a selling strategy. Only in this manner will you identify the proper trending merchandise to sell in your shop and grow.
  2. Competing with the large giants without adequate means. Selling items that are easily accessible in other eCommerce stores isn’t a winning idea. We recommend avoiding over-saturated market categories, focusing on narrow niches, and then expanding your offer (if you wish to) later. 
  3. Being impatient and expecting fabulous results right away. As much as you might have picked the perfect trending item to sell online, we should warn you about something: don’t expect immediate sales growth. Instead, shape your brand and spread it on the web, make your products known, and retain your clients: if you determine the right item to sell and offer it at best, your results will come over time!

Last Piece of Advice: It Is Your Time to Sell

So, that’s all about sales trends on Amazon, and we hope you got some useful insights into how to carry out your successful product research. Knowing how to find trending products on Amazon that fit your business is one thing, and finding the proper way to promote your goods is the second crucial step.

Do not be fooled into thinking that they will sell themselves because you are offering highly sought-after items. You should put in the work by marketing it and attracting the right clients.

One way to do it is to leverage the power of social proof and generate customer reviews. Luckily, SageMailer can do much of the job for you. The service allows you to collect customer feedback, generate reviews, and communicate with clients without taking your focus away from the other parts of selling on AMZ.

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