Just like every major company in the world, Amazon has a mission and vision. This is a set of core principles that Jeff Bezos established to create what he touts as Earth’s most customer-friendly company. So, what is the Amazon mission statement? What is the Amazon company’s core principles? Let’s look.

Amazon Mission and Vision Statement

Before we can talk about Amazon’s core values, it is probably worth talking a little bit about what dictates these core values. This is their mission statement. The mission that Amazon has had from the day they were founded. The mission guides how they do business on a day-to-day basis. So, what is Amazon’s mission statement?

The core goal for Amazon – and you can read this in all of their investor statements and spread around their website – is to be the most customer-centric company in the world. Every decision that they make is made to the benefit of the customer. They want to achieve the lowest possible prices while having the largest range of products available to their customers.

In recent years, the Amazon vision statement has gone a little bit beyond this. While their customers will always be at the forefront of their mind, recent mission statements from the company have included a more business-focused approach. They talk heavily about how they want to help businesses grow through their platform, as well as assist content creators.

If this wasn’t enough, the Amazon values statement has even extended towards helping to improve the countries that they operate in. This is a company that thinks big.

Of course, all of Amazon’s corporate core values are there to help improve the returns for their investors. However, this is one of only a few global companies where the investors seem to benefit from the customers getting low prices and a broad product selection. After all, the Amazon mission helps to earn the trust of customers, and this keeps them spending money. In many cases, Amazon is the only company where these people spend their cash.

What are the core values of Amazon?

If you are given a job at the company, you will be given about ten core values that the company holds dear. The intention is to try and share with employees the mission of the company.

Here, we are not going to talk about all of the core values of Amazon. A lot of them are nothing more than corporate speak. Instead, we want to focus on Amazon’s six core values. These are the values that have been there since the company was formed. They are the ones that have guided pretty much every single decision the company has ever made.

We are going to try to ensure that this is not wrapped up in “corporate speak”, although do bear in mind that it is going to be difficult to avoid when you are talking about the core values of a company.

Earn Trust

This is a value that every staff member of Amazon lives by. Everything they do is designed to earn trust with customers and others that may work with Amazon. This means that Amazon staff are not afraid of being self-critical. If you have ever spoken to Amazon, then you will know that they are not afraid to admit to their mistakes, and they are always there to assist if there any problems.

Invent and Simplify

Amazon is more than just an eCommerce website. It is a network of various products. This is a company that is pretty much always evolving in the digital world. They, of course, have the main Amazon website. However, they also have cloud computing, video streaming, eBooks, and a whole lot more.

At the core of Amazon, the business is willing to design new products that can make people’s life simpler. This particularly extends to the Amazon website. If you look regularly, you will notice that there will be these small little changes designed to make the ordering process simple and with as little hassle as possible e.g. one-click ordering, wish lists, and more.

Customer Obsession

This one of the core values is simple to understand. The entire Amazon business is focused on delivering the best experience for the customer. After all, this is what keeps people coming back and spending money with them. You will probably find very few complaints about Amazon’s customer service as a result.


One of the main reasons why Amazon can have such low prices is due to frugality. They try and do everything for the lowest possible price, while not impacting the experience of their customers. This is a core value that ties into their “invent and simplify” value. By constantly innovating, they can bring the cost of various services down, and those savings can be passed onto the customer.


This is one of the core values that may be doused in a little bit of corporate speak. However, Amazon does try and see all of their employees like a piece of the puzzle. Every employee has value, and every employee is there to contribute something to the business. After all, if Amazon thrives, the employees thrive.

Insist on the Highest Standards

Amazon always insists on the highest possible standards with everything they do. There will be no cutting corners with their business. They aim to always have the best products available. They aim to have the best customer service. They aim to have the fastest delivery speeds.

Of course, the Amazon mission statement is constantly evolving. However, you can be assured that no matter how much it evolves, the prime focus will always be on the customer.