Although some sellers may tell you otherwise, there’s no secret formula for earning positive feedback on Amazon. Of course, asking your customers to leave feedback can be a key, but many times they don’t. Also, even with your best efforts, you may be focusing on feedback while neglecting customer service.

Read on to find out why feedback and customer service are linked in the case to create an excellent and trustworthy eCommerce store.

Creating Accountability

As a merchant, you probably work with a variety of vendors. Each vendor likely has different standards and ways to meet your needs. While some suppliers produce great service consistently, there’s always one who does the bare minimum and doesn’t stretch to meet your needs. You may not be their biggest account, but we all still want to be thought of as a priority. How does this relate to the customer service? Well, I’ll try to explain.

Your vendor relationships are usually kept private but your buyer relationships are the opposite. You’ve noticed how every transaction that takes place has a potential of becoming part of the public record through the Amazon seller feedback rating system. If you’re faced with an annoying customer, it’s probably crossed your mind to tell them off. However, you run the risk of receiving negative feedback if you do this. And, experienced sellers know that each order is equal in the rating system and carries the same impact for your feedback rating.

This means that the next time you have an annoying buyer who buys your lowest margin item, again and again, complaining all the time, think again before taking their order for granted. If you’re concerned about feedback from a certain customer and you’ve taken the time to use SageMailer, you can choose to “unsubscribe” the buyer from the solicitation. You’ll find this option on Buyers page. You’ll also find that it may be worth your time to discontinue this certain product entirely. After all, any item that has a minimal rating but requires constant support can be damaging to your bottom line and also your reputation as a seller.

Feedback Serves the Frustrated Customer

Try putting aside your own goals as a seller for a minute and think about a time when an Amazon merchant provided you with poor service. Maybe you didn’t receive your item in a timely manner or maybe the item arrived but it wasn’t in the condition promised. How did you react to this? What action did you take?

If you were feeling generous at the time, you probably gave the seller the opportunity to right their poor service. Maybe you started by sending them a message asking for an update. When they didn’t respond, you sent another message but were still faced with silence. Your being ignored caused a huge amount of frustration. However, you had a secret weapon in your pocket: negative feedback. In your final attempt to get the seller’s assistance, you messaged them again saying that you’d have to leave a bad rating. Suddenly, the seller responded and apologized for missing your prior to two emails. It’s surprising how with a little Amazon feedback, customer service suddenly improved. Sellers will go above and beyond many times for positive Amazon feedback. Certainly, it’s understandable why sellers care about feedback, especially when they start to receive negative reviews.

Amazon Customer Service

Amazon has built their reputation around being a company that’s focused on the consumer and their needs. Their decision to allow sellers participate in their reputation is certainly not common, especially at the time when they were starting. This means that seller feedback is not only a good indicator for buyers but also Amazon itself.

In fact, feedback is a key way that Amazon measures the health of each seller’s account by using it to calculate the order defect rate. If you have too much negative feedback, Amazon may consider either suspending or canceling your account. For the company, a seller with a continuous series of poor feedback is risky to their business and reputation.

Convert Satisfaction to Feedback

If you’re a seller who wants to deliver great customer service every time, then SageMailer can be a great resource for your business. In addition to automating feedback solicitation and tracking, the software also helps to prevent negative feedback and remove it over time.

Find out about Amazon feedback removal guidelines.

After all, isn’t it time that your customers told the world about the great work that you do? Get started with SageMailer today for free and start converting satisfied customers into Amazon feedback.