Amazon feedback management can often be the deciding factor for a customer considering to buy your product. However, when you have to deal with order fulfillment, customer complaints, and product research, it can often be pushed to the back of your ‘to-do’ list. After a long day of managing little tasks in running your Amazon account, you may look at the endless number of feedback e-mail requests and feel like sending them is an insurmountable task. If so, you might want to use an Amazon software to manage them. You can’t ignore them because they’re important in improving your reputation as an Amazon professional seller.

You may have noticed discussions on the sellers’ forum where they discuss the validity and usefulness of an Amazon feedback tool when it comes to managing mountains of e-mails. The general conclusion is that such Amazon FBA tools are useful. However, because free tools are often inefficient, and you need to invest money in a reliable Amazon feedback request tool, you might still be unsure.

This post will go over three key signs that indicate that you definitely need a Feedback Tool as part of your Amazon seller tools inventory.

Sign 1: You’re Not Soliciting Feedback on Amazon

2018 is the year when you decided to focus on Amazon feedback solicitation, but you’re not meeting the targets you’ve set for yourself.

Don’t worry. It is a common thing for sellers to set feedback goals that they don’t achieve. More urgent and pressing matters arise as you go through the year. Managing your time efficiently is the key to becoming an effective seller. The manual response system is too time-consuming, and your staff needs to put a significant amount of effort into sending each solicitation. Currently, the manual process includes seven steps:

Step 1: Find each order that you want to solicit.
Step 2: Click the “contact buyer” link.
Step 3: Select “feedback request” for your subject line.
Step 4: Write a personalized message that complies with Amazon’s seller guidelines.
Step 5: Send the message.
Step 6: Check back occasionally to see if there is feedback provided.
Step 7: Repeat the process for the next order.

This seven-step process forces you to spend the time and energy that you could be using to improve your business and products. When it comes to prioritizing tasks, soliciting feedback falls down your list. However, there’s a way for you to manage everything. With a client feedback software, you can gain more positive feedback in the most efficient way.

Amazon relies on feedback scores to determine Order Defect Rate and Buy-Box eligibility. It, therefore, makes sense that Amazon and the other Amazon sellers pay significant attention to their feedback pool and go as far as using feedback SaaS. If you want to increase your seller reputation, then you need to spend your time and money smartly. Improving your feedback system with product feedback software is smart.

If you still feel that your business is taking too much of your time, and you do not have enough left to work on the solicitation process, then register for SageMailer, where you get a 30-day free trial.

Sign 2: You Have Negative Amazon Feedback That Was Never Removed

It’s not enough that you improve your feedback solicitation process. You also need to make sure that your negative feedback response is robust. You have the ability to respond to negative feedback and deal with any customer issues swiftly and succinctly.

Unfortunately, you can’t always be in front of the computer, so you will not be able to monitor your Seller Central dashboard 100% of the time. This means that sometimes negative feedback slips through and can sit in your Amazon profile without being resolved.

About “how to remove seller feedback on Amazon” click the link.

Ultimately, you need to learn the golden rule of being a seller. Responding to negative feedback quickly is crucial to maintain positive connections, keep your current customer base, and maintain a good rating for your account. Negative feedback that becomes a permanent part of your Amazon profile means you are violating this rule. Amazon allows up to 90 days from the day of the order for a buyer to leave feedback by clicking the feedback button. On the other hand, sellers only have 60 days to remove negative feedbacks.

If you are constantly receiving negative feedback, you must be seriously doing something wrong. If the feedback is about your support’s poor communication skills or slow shipping times, the problem is easier to solve. However, if the problem is the product itself, you should go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate it. Once you address the issues completely, you will have an easier time soliciting good feedback.

Sign 3: You Don’t Manage Your Seller Feedback Profile

No matter how much time you spend on tracking and soliciting Amazon feedback, it’s hard to know exactly what is working and what is not. The Amazon email service only provides you a basic information. There’s even no way to know if your feedback requests were opened.

On a perfect platform, you would have a multitude of statistics easily accessible such as:

  • email open-rate data
  • campaign success metrics
  • trend line data for both the products that you sell and your seller account
  • SKUs/ASINs that tend to receive negative Amazon customer reviews
  • buyers who have left both Amazon consumer reviews and feedback

If your current feedback management system leaves you guessing and wishing you could see those data, then it’s time to upgrade it.

Automate your Amazon Buyer Feedback Process

As much as manual solicitation works, it can end up to be time-consuming and laborious. Imagine customizing messages and sending them to more than 100 buyers. Well, you will end up spending almost an hour or so in this task. This could prove very costly in the long run. Additionally, you could have used the time you spend copy-pasting in building your business or relaxing with family and friends. Chances are that you will also end up committing errors like sending an email to un-intended clients. Why sacrifice and risk so much when you can simply use SageMailer? With this customer feedback system and its pre-created letter templates, you can send emails to your customers on complete autopilot. With this customer feedback system, Amazon email automation feature, and pre-created letter templates, you can send emails to your customers on complete autopilot.

Amazon is a well-known brand with a huge customer base. It’s amazing to know that around 60% of the customers spend time checking the seller ratings before making any purchase decision. Also, more than 29% of the customers regularly check the scores of third-party merchants before giving Amazon their Credit Card.

Product rankings and conversions in Amazon marketplace are directly influenced by various factors such as Amazon buyer feedback, order defect rate, customer metrics data, on-time delivery score, seller feedback rating and volume. With so many things to think about, you’ll find yourself caught up in a myriad of activities which will have no effect on your conversion. You have to stop giving away a pretty big chunk of your time talking to your customers. With an automatic feedback tool like SageMailer, you can chat your customers promptly to improve their buying experience.

Here are few tips that you can use to increase sales and rankings on Amazon:

Read and understand Amazon’s rules

Amazon has always focused on improving the shopping experience for their customers. Thus, they’re always encouraged them to leave an honest review about the product they’ve purchased. The feedback system plays a significant part in improving customer satisfaction and ensuring a positive shopping experience for the third party sellers on the platform. How can you benefit from this? If you know the rules of Amazon, you can devise a plan to use it to your advantage. For example, honest reviews are good at marketing your products. If you minimize the negative reviews and increase the good feedback, you will be able to entice more potential buyers.

As strange as it sounds, most of Amazon sellers are completely unaware of the rules that they need to follow regarding Amazon feedback policy. And most of the time, they assume things as facts and implement strategies based on those assumptions. Needless to say, those are sure ways to get your account banned.

Provide detailed product listings

Product listings serve two purposes. One is so you can bring the most accurate and interesting information to your customer. Second is for you to introduce keywords in your listings which will help you gain a good ranking using Amazon search algorithm. You should use high-quality, relevant images and well-written, direct-to-the-point product description to catch your customer’s attraction. By providing high-quality information about your product to the customer, you’re giving them a better chance to evaluate your product and decide whether or not they need it.

However, if you’re selling a product that is already sold by many sellers, then your ability to change the product description becomes highly limited. In such cases, you should focus on improving your shipping experience, packaging option, and customer service.

Automate your mundane administrative work

You should spend most of your time providing high-quality service to your customers and improving their shopping experience. This said it will be great to add a nifty feedback solicitation tool like SageMailer in your marketing arsenal. You can automate your whole feedback campaign using this tool, so you can get more feedback from Amazon customers. You can even customize the messages that you’re going to send to your customer. SageMailer has a risk-free 21-day trial period. You can sign up here.

SageMailer Will Solve All The Issues For You

Even after implementing all the necessary campaigns needed to streamline your solicitation process, you may still feel as if you have not done enough. When this happens, you need to take a step back. Maybe, you are over-analyzing things.

SageMailer have managed 5 million individual feedback cases for a plethora of Amazon vendors. It provides you with a software that can automatically handle your feedback solicitation and improve response time to negative feedback. It also gives you access to important data and allows to test campaigns before making them active.

Not only are these services incredible, but they are also affordable. You can choose from different monthly plans. See which fits your budget. It takes an average of 5 minutes or less to sign up, so it will not take much of your time. With SageMailer, you can easily transform from an average merchant to a seller that everyone wants to buy from.

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