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A great customer–seller relationship is vital when marketing high-quality products. Amazon is highly aware of this, which is why they make customer service one of its key features. Their service, Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging System, closes the gap between the buyer and the seller through a message center that handles their inquiries and commentaries. This is to ensure that assistance is provided to achieve optimum results while maintaining healthy business relationships within the Amazon Marketplace.

Connecting the “me” to “you”

The Amazon message center offers aid as sellers manage orders and order details by keeping a log of fulfilled orders and allowing buyers to provide feedback through comments and reviews. It is also because of this message center that selling on Amazon had become increasingly easy and convenient for buyers to contact the seller.

It can do so much to make your business transactions more time-savvy and productive, so read on to learn the basics and discover more about how you can make this system from Amazon customer services work for you.

Get Started

First things first, you have to activate the messaging service for it to work, and you can turn the feature on in the Seller Central. Here’s how:

  • Hover to the drop-down menu “Settings.”
  • This is located on the upper right side of the home page.
  • Click on “Fulfillment by Amazon.”
  • Look for “Product Support” and select “Edit.”
  • Choose the “Enable” option to activate the system.
  • Don’t forget to save your settings by clicking on “Update.”

Before getting started with buyer-seller messaging, make sure you understand well how the seller dashboard works to save your time and effort on this task. 

How to Message a Seller on Amazon?

The main purpose of the Amazon customer service is to keep the communication lines between buyers and sellers open. If you’re wondering how to message sellers on Amazon or how to send emails to Amazon about a specific product, it’s easier than you think.

  • One can contact Amazon via email, so they must first have their email address signed up.
  • As a buyer, the Amazon Seller Central contact is the main way to communicate with your seller.
  • A buyer can leave the Amazon seller messages via the Seller Central account. That is simply how to message the seller on Amazon.
  • Amazon contact seller messages will be received when the seller is online, to which they can respond by hitting “reply.”

Buyers can send Amazon seller messages regarding questions or problems that need clarification, and sellers can respond to the email. The service can also be used to send a thank you, Amazon email, or product feedback.

Communication Between Buyers and Sellers

Since it is a two-way street, sellers can also contact the buyers on Amazon. They may respond to the previously sent email sent by the buyer or send a direct message themselves. However, this feature has its provisions according to Amazon’s guidelines so as to ensure the safe contacting of both buyers and sellers. They are as follows:

  • Email must not be sent to promote a product other than what has been inquired.
  • It must not contain links leading to other websites.
  • It must not include the logos of the seller or a tag leading to the seller’s website.
  • No marketing and promotional messages are allowed.
  • Refrain from referring to third-party products or services, especially those that are not in business with Amazon.

Note: The Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging Service, however, allows attachments provided that they do not exceed 7 MB and do not violate the previously mentioned rules. The supported file formats include text files, PDFs, Word documents, and image files.

Amazon retains the right to remove or disable any content, message, or account that violates the stipulated policy.

Amazon buyer-seller messages are tokenized and tracked to ensure the safety and privacy of parties in the transaction. All messages, including all contact information like email addresses used, are secured by Amazon. Such data is sometimes retrieved from Amazon sent messages and is used to resolve claims and misunderstandings that commonly take place in business transactions.

When Things Go Wrong

If you have a question and you’re wondering “how can I contact Amazon by email?”, worry no more.

This goes with the nature of online shopping and long-distance business transactions. There will be instances when the arrangements are misunderstood, orders are not placed properly, the wrong products are delivered, and some orders aren’t fulfilled or delivered at all.

It’s at these times that we expect the reliability of Amazon buyer-seller messages in order to resolve the issues. So, if you’re wondering “how can I contact Amazon by email?”, we can help you out, and here’s how to contact Amazon by email.

  • Mainly, how to contact Amazon by email is through the “contact us” page. It’s on that page that you can send your questions or comments regarding a product or a service.
  • You can head over to the find answers page, choose the topic closest to your inquiry, and check what others have to say.
  • If it concerns an order, check the manage orders page Amazon has set up for your account, so you can track the progress.

amazon buyer seller messages

Indirect Buyer-Seller Communication on Amazon

What about indirect Buyer and Seller messages on Amazon? The Amazon Marketplace shares order-related info with customers through the “Your Account” feature. They include information about shipping and refunds. Such updates are based on delivery confirmations, and refunds started with Manage Orders or Manage Returns. Shoppers expect timely communication of their order ID status, especially those who opted out of receiving order and refund information. You need to promptly confirm completing an order, shipping of orders, and operating refunds.

Complying with Amazon Policy And Communication Guidelines

It’s vital to keep up with Amazon policy updates, particularly if you are going to send requests with the Buyer-Seller Messaging system. Whether you employ Seller Central or third-party Amazon Buyer-Seller messages software like SageMailer to send feedback and review requests, it’s up to you as a merchant to make sure that you are complying with all the Amazon Communication Guidelines. Otherwise, your ability to send Permitted Messages proactively may be suspended. Your selling privileges might be limited as well. Amazon can block any email at its discretion and modify subject lines to protect the customer experience.

Thus, we recommend avoiding any messaging restrictions imposed by Amazon, so if you are concerned about complying with the platform’s policies, think of using the Request a Review button. It sends a message from Amazon on your behalf asking customers to share their product reviews and seller feedback.

Let Us Introduce You: SageMailer

Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging Service will surely make the logistics of selling and purchasing much easier. Contacting Amazon used to not be as appealing as making face-to-face conversation, but our work dynamic is getting busier over time, and this means convenience is key.

Time to Innovate Amazon Seller Messages

SageMailer is here to integrate Amazon buyer-seller messages, so it can be faster when it comes to managing the orders page, asking customers if they have any questions, and requesting their feedback in the form of a product review. You can automate this today with a free 30-day trial.

When linked to your Seller Central account, SageMailer can help sellers out through personalized Amazon seller email requests for product reviews from their buyers as a way to improve rankings and increase sales.

Here’s a couple of other benefits that the service can offer:

  • This offers a genuine touch of empathy from the seller to the buyer through custom emails that will ask them how the product or the service helped them out.
  • A seller can send a question link asking how the order is fulfilled – if the product is satisfactory, if the service can be improved, or if there are issues that need to be resolved.
  • Buyers may receive an email containing quick links that can redirect him/her to the product page, so they may be able to provide a review.
  • SageMailer also allows one to view messages sent as proof of transaction transparency. This can forge a new kind of business reliance and trust on Amazon buyer-seller messaging.

Note: People rarely realize how important positive product reviews are to the marketing of a good product, and SageMailer can help you with this. It is on this kind of feedback that buyers find answers regarding the efficacy of something before purchasing, so this must be taken into one’s advantage.

Sample of the Message in SageMailer

SageMailer message preview

Contacting Amazon Through SageMailer

With that, SageMailer further boosts the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service benefits as well as the relationship between buyers and sellers within the Amazon platform.

Great customer service can go a long way, and by tapping into the writer in you, you can take your business to a whole new level. Good luck!