One of the main goals of Amazon (apart from making money, of course) is to ensure that all its customers are satisfied. Therefore, Amazon encourages third-party sellers to communicate with their customers and actively solicit feedback. Managing feedback is one of the main factors for a good seller rating and, as a result, high sales.

The fact is that less than 2% of satisfied customers leave feedback, while most dissatisfied customers are in a hurry to share their problems with the public. Therefore, managing reviews is crucial for improving your Amazon seller rating and boosting the number of product reviews.

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Using NEW Amazon’s “Request a Review” button, you can send requests that 100% compliant with Amazon rules and get higher conversion rate compared to the Buyer-Seller Messaging requests that are used by most feedback automation services (including FeedbackWhiz). SageMailer allows you to automate official Amazon requests with just a few clicks and then your campaigns will work without you, forever. Try it yourself with FREE 1-month full access! No card required.

Other benefits include:

  • No need to share Seller Central access information
  • 100% Amazon-approved messages
  • Amazon translates requests to the buyer’s native language
  • Exclude specific ASINs, refunded orders, buyers who left feedback or review, etc.
  • Automatically detects when order is physically delivered

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The only nuance you may encounter when using the Amazon feedback software is choosing the right service.

To save your time, we chose 2 services with the most complete functionality. After reading a detailed description of each of them, you can form a complete picture and choose a service with the best value for money ratio.


Feedback Whiz is a feedback software that will help you increase the number of positive feedback and improve seller ratings on Amazon.

Using this service, you can create automated email campaigns that will send letters to your customers depending on the time or status of the order. You can use the default service templates or create your own ones.

FeedbackWhiz can also send you notifications of negative product reviews and feedback by email. Find out about how to remove negative feedback left on Amazon. All the necessary statistics and information are located on the dashboard.

Let’s look at the functionality of the service and its nuances in more detail.

FeedbackWhiz email scheduling & management

FeedbackWhiz allows you to automate your customer service emails based on order status or customer action. Before you save and activate the letter, you can see how it will look by clicking on Preview.

By default, you can use pre-created FeedbackWhiz templates. But you can customize them as you wish by adding the company logo, gifs, pictures or attachments. In this way, your letters can become more personalized and effective.

Also, thanks to dynamic auto-fill tags, the system can automatically fill in the necessary information for each order.

Feedbackwhiz analytics

The service provides fairly detailed analytics, the user can examine many indicators regarding their sales. This information helps you make better decisions regarding your orders, listings, and campaigns.

Another advantage of FeedbackWhiz analytics is the A/B testing feature, thanks to which you can evaluate the effectiveness of your letters and determine which option works best.

FeedbackWhiz notifications and monitoring

The service can monitor your feedbacks and product reviews, BUT the fact is that you will have to pay extra for monitoring the reviews. And the price will be proportional to the number of your ASINs and can grow in conjunction with the expansion of your business.

Another narrow point will be waiting for you if you are selling on more than one marketplace. Only the most expensive subscription plan (Feedback Whiz pricing – $139.99/month) allows you to connect an unlimited number of marketplaces. All other plans allow only 1 marketplace and for each next, you have to pay an extra $10.


Another great service for managing feedback and getting reviews on Amazon. The service allows you to automate the sending of customer service emails to all your buyers, depending on the status of the order, day of the week, or a specific time, which positively affects the effectiveness of the letters.

SageMailer also has one of the most powerful free mailing plans with an email limit of 200 emails/month, this is great for novice sellers.

Another nice feature of SageMailer for those sellers who don’t want to be distracted by additional transactions, you don’t have to pay extra for connecting additional marketplaces (starting with the Pro plan) and for the number of ASINs for product review monitoring (starting with the Basic plan).

Automation of Amazon’s “Request a Review” button.

This is the NEW method of requesting product reviews and seller feedback using the official Amazon-approved requests. With SageMailer you can simply set up the “Request a Review” campaigns that can be empowered by additional timing settings.

The “Request a Review” button method is up to 30%-50% more efficient than the Buyer-Seller Messaging method, moreover, you can be always sure that your requests are 100% compliant with Amazon policies. Another great advantage that Amazon sends these requests for you and you avoid such cases when your message comes earlier than a product or is blocked by Amazon’s opt-out function.

SageMailer email scheduling & management

Thanks to the flexible letter delivery settings, you can create powerful campaigns that will find the maximum response from your customers.

The default SageMailer templates show an excellent average open rate – 30%, which can be increased by a little editing of letters. The letters themselves contain tags that automatically fill in information about the name of the buyer, insert product images and much more. A large set of tags gives you almost limitless possibilities for customizing messages.

Another nice feature is that you can attach useful bonuses (like tips, ebooks, manuals, etc.) to your letters, this increases customer loyalty and increases the chance of getting feedback. For European sellers, there is a function of automatically generating VAT invoices, so now it won’t take tons of your time.
If the email limit is exceeded, unlike many other services, SageMailer will not charge you extra fees or stop your campaigns.

SageMailer A/B testing and analytics

Despite the fact that the default SageMailer templates show excellent results, the service has added an advanced function that will improve them even more. Thanks to A/B testing, you can test several variants of letters with different headers and delivery settings on full autopilot. The system will evenly distribute all the options between your orders and calculate the open rate for each of them, you just have to choose the best performing letter and use it. Although, there are no limits for improvement!

SageMailer feedback and review monitoring

As we have already said, starting with the Basic plan ($10/month), SageMailer (as FeedbackWhiz alternative) has no limit on the number of ASINs for review monitoring. This option is suitable for any sellers, both for those who have just a couple of ASINs and for big sellers with thousands of products. For example, you can set up receiving notifications just about certain ratings and respond to them as quickly as possible. The same goes for seller feedback.

Moreover, using the full name of the reviewer, you can try to find him through a search in the SageMailer and send him a message manually to address his concern.

FeedbackWhiz vs SageMailer: plan comparison

SageMailer FeedbackWhiz
Price $25/month $19.99/month
Email Limit 2000 2000
Additional Marketplaces Free $10 / each additional
Product review monitoring Unlimited ASINs for free from $5-200/month (depends on the number of products)
“Request a Review” button YES NO
Multilingual templates YES NO

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FeedbackWhiz and SageMailer: which one to choose?

So how to get more reviews on Amazon, and which feedback management tool to opt for?

Both services offer good value for their money, and each software has an excellent set of functions that allows them to stand out from other similar tools. The thing is, for what purposes you are going to use this or that service.

If you need a tool for managing feedback, as well as a more effective way to get Amazon reviews, SageMailer is more suitable for you, due to its emphasis on this aspect of the Amazon business. Also, SageMailer offers the automation of Amazon’s “Request a Review” button which is the most effective way of getting reviews now and is not available in most feedback services.

If you are more interested in analytics on your sales, alerts on hijackers and various reports, then FeedbackWhiz is probably your choice.

More Reviews = More Sales!

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