Get ahead of your competitorsAs you know, Amazon FBA is a platform for entrepreneurs from all industries. Moreover, there are 40 thousand merchants who have become millionaires through Amazon, but this is not the limit. The number is gradually increasing. So, why is this marketplace such a business-friendly environment? The reason lies in the following:

  • proven logistics over the years and experience;
  • a vast number of potentially interested clients;
  • intuitive platform interface.

So let’s get down to business. This article will look at how the AMZ business model works and give you the best instructions to help you on your business journey.

Starting an Amazon Business: How It Works

Almost all those who have dealt with Amazon know the established order delivery system. However, have you ever wondered what is behind this process?

First, let’s deal with the term FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon). It is a collective name for many processes taking place in a company, including:

  • receiving goods from Amazon;
  • preparing individual products for shipping;
  • delivering orders to customers.

When you think about the number of orders for Amazon daily, it becomes evident that one fulfillment center would not be enough. The trading giant has centers in the United States and overseas. Moreover, FBA involves both human resources and robots in the workflow. Therefore, all of the above procedures succeed without errors.

Looking at AMZ from the buyer’s point of view, this is an excellent way to find a product. With a few clicks, they see catalogs and can compare this or that private label.

From the point of view of the sellers, who have ideas on a business on Amazon, this is a good start. You do not store the goods on any premises. Plus, you’re not in the business of shipping orders. So, you ask, what should I do then? A responsible person can’t stop developing when starting a business and at all subsequent stages. However, if you are busy looking for a warehouse or packing goods, there is not much time for development.

What business opportunities do you have with Amazon?

According to experts, now is a great time for action if you wonder how to set up an Amazon business. You will receive not only the above-described benefits from FBA but also the following perks:

  • the platform’s credibility, which reliably benefits you as a seller;
  • an opportunity to get interested millions of buyers;
  • intuitive tools that make catalog creation quick and easy.

Therefore, all FBA benefits save you money and other resources.

What do those who don’t use Amazon FBA say about starting a business? 

They find it difficult to find buyers. That is because consumers hardly ever know about the offers of novice sellers. Therefore, a brand must apply social media and marketing to become known.

Why is it easier for sellers? Once you log into the platform, you have access to millions of interested consumers. Of course, nobody promises you that all product categories are trendy. However, with the platform, you don’t have trouble with advertising marketing.

Colossal traffic isn’t the only thing that AMZ has to offer. Years of excellent customer service have won the trust of buyers, which sets the platform apart from others. After all, buyers are not skeptical or suspicious of merchants because they are confident in their honesty.

How to Start Your Own Business on Amazon? 

So, what do I need to start from home? Those starting an Amazon FBA business want as much information as possible about entering the market. It concerns setting up sales on the platform, attracting buyers, and building a successful company.

What do potential traders need to build an AMZ brand? Here are some steps:

  • Create a thoughtful and reliable strategy.
  • Register on the platform as a seller.
  • Find the product on Amazon that wins in terms of demand.
  • Determine your budget.
  • Dedicate enough time to develop and advertise your product pages.

Tips on strategy and budget to consider:

First, the strategy must be consistent with the seller’s capabilities and goals. Otherwise, a brand will not go far, as politics sets priorities and a course of action.

To make it easier to build a strategy, answer the following question: what is your goal – to grow your business quickly or make a profit as soon as possible?

For example, if you have a small budget, your top priority is likely to get a profit. Entrepreneurs with a lot of financial resources, in turn, can afford to do without profit for a certain period.

Amazon business owners are hard to categorize. Mostly they are somewhere in between. However, keep in mind the importance of setting goals regardless of your budget size.

How Much Money Is Required to Begin an AMZ FBA Business?

Ideally, sellers should have at least $10,000 to launch a stable business on AMZ FBA. However, it’s not completely necessary, as many brand owners have run successful companies with less than this amount of capital.

As an AMZ FBA merchant, you will have to invest a huge chunk of your capital in buying inventory. Apart from that, regarding the inevitable costs of packaging, FBA fees, shipping, and other running expenses, one may need an assessed $7,000 to start their brand in the marketplace. 

However, it’s not a fixed amount. Different items have variable sizes, different prices range, and a unique client base that separates the merchandise categories from each other. Thus, the required capital will hugely rely on your choice of item and business model (wholesale, FBA, arbitrage, etc.).

How to Sell on AMZ for Free? 

To start selling on the platform, all it needs is four simple steps:

  1. Source a free product to sell. If you are like me, odds are you have loads of stuff lying around your home collecting dust. Why not offer it on AMZ?
  2. Register a free AMZ profile. Making an individual seller account on the platform costs you just nothing. All you require is to give the marketplace a little information, and you are good to go.
  3. List your goods on Amazon for free. The platform’s product database contains more than 300 million goods. Therefore, the odds are good that whatever you wish to sell is already listed. If it’s already on the platform, you’ll need to add your name to the list of merchants already selling the item.
  4. Ship the goods when they sell. As soon you make the order on AMZ, you must deliver the item to the end user.

How to Set up an Amazon Seller Business with Little Money?

Now let’s move on to the steps to identify products that won’t cost you much but will make a profit.

  • First of all, make sure that there is a demand for the selected product.
  • Then check the competition for selling a product you chose.
  • Third, but no less critical, is the ratio of procurement costs and selling fees to your budget. As you may have guessed, the first should not exceed the second.
  • Make sure the product’s sales will be profitable for your brand.
  • Finally, find all sorts of ways to stand out from the competition.

How to Run an Amazon Business and Promote Inexpensively?

Every seller has an opportunity to do this, namely, to apply advertising tools to their accounts. Here’s what it takes to run low-budget campaigns successfully:

  • Offer the best product among the competition.
  • Use the right keywords.
  • Build a listing that has a high conversion rate.

So, the choice of a product that is in a large niche is of great importance. But there should be minimal competition.

For keywords, this is where you should do your research. Then, you can run low-cost advertising campaigns as long as you find ones that your competitors don’t use and have high conversions.

Another thing important to you is the Buy Box. According to statistics, more than 80% of sales on Amazon Go through it. So how to win a Buy Box? You must have a healthy account, regular positive customer reviews, a good seller rank, and a sufficient inventory level to do this.

How to Start an E-commerce Business on Amazon: Is It a Passive Income? 

We’ve already talked about how to start a dropshipping business on Amazon and how to open an Amazon business on a small budget. As you can see, the platform has many tools and services to keep your business running smoothly. However, this does not mean that your company will be generating passive income soon. It is undoubtedly possible, but only when you hire people to manage the company.

Note that no courses or experts will make your business passive until you make it one yourself. What does that require? Get ready to work hard, and overcome challenges and competitors. And remember that a well-thought-out strategy is essential for doing business.

Is There a Long-Term Prospect for Selling Your Online Business?

Amazon is attractive to business owners because it provides growth potential and high incomes due to its broad coverage of consumers and prestige. Over time, traders begin to think about selling the company. Surely you cannot put it up for sale just by starting it, but first, you need to achieve a high level of success.

Today, the market for buying and selling companies on Amazon is developing and even flourishing. Thus, regardless of the product or company size, traders still find customers.

Is Building an Amazon Business Worth the Effort?

No one will answer this question for you. However, familiarizing yourself with the pros and cons will help with the solution.


  • High profit

It is Amazon that has one of the highest potential profit indicators.

  • Clients from all over the world

The platform is the largest in the world. Therefore, an unlimited number of buyers from different countries see your offers. It’s safe to say that your website is unlikely to reach such a large number of consumers.

  • No marketing needed

If you want, then create advertisements to promote the product. However, choosing the right keywords will see high traffic to your product listing.

  • Process automation

The simple system of Amazon becomes even easier once you set up your business. The program automates all actions to make your life easier.


  • You can’t start with no money

To begin with, each merchant must purchase inventory. Therefore, this requires an initial investment.

  • You have to make an effort

The apparent fact is that a business will not make itself successful. Therefore, the salesperson takes the time to study the product, collaborate with suppliers, and other vital matters to run it smoothly.

Perhaps Amazon is not for everyone. However, this online venture has tremendous income-generating benefits for merchants. 

Now you know some information about how to start a business selling on Amazon. Moreover, now you have an answer to the question: how much does it cost to start an Amazon FBA business? It costs you your efforts and hard work.

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