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Are you one of many sellers on Amazon who would like to boost the sales of your products? The platform allows you to do that with Amazon digital coupons and promo codes. This promo is open to sellers who are part of the Amazon Brand Registry and sellers whose feedback ratings are positive. If you belong to these seller categories, you can promote your products through social media channels using the promo code for Amazon.

You can offer discounts on your social media pages with this Amazon promo. Your customers will easily be able to avail of a certain percentage of promotional items you wish to highlight without needing to type in any promo codes.

How Do Amazon Promo Codes Work?

Without a doubt, Amazon’s social media promotions give you, the seller, greater control over your marketing and promotions. When you sign up, you will get a marketing page in Amazon’s store that you can use to feature your products. This temporary page automatically grants your customers the promotional price, so they don’t have to input codes themselves.

Types of Amazon Discount Codes

There are many different kinds of AMZ coupons that companies can use to advertise and move their goods.

Percentage Off

It’s one of the platform’s most popular AMZ promo codes sellers use. Such coupons allow merchants to create a particular discount between 1% and 99% for goods within their catalogs.

You can also execute them in a tiered format. For example,  buy one get 10% off, buy two get 20% off, and so forth.

This format is handy for goods that are repeat purchases, like supplements, toiletry products, or groceries. Utilizing a tiered coupon may result in even more sales of such items.

One-Time Use 

It is another type of percentage-off coupon in the marketplace. Just as it sounds, a one-time coupon may only be applied for one purchase. However, it does not limit how many items clients can purchase from you. So if a shopper adds seven of your goods to their cart and buys them all together, this discount will apply to each item.

Such coupons are most valuable when providing a deep discount.

Buy One/Get One

Such codes allow clients to purchase one and get an additional item for free. It’s an excellent discount if you wish to set your goods apart from the competition on the platform. For instance, maybe you are selling luxury luggage, and you provide free packing cubes for each purchase, or you are selling a camera and a free cleaning kit. This promo is especially effective for high-end items.

Group Claim 

It is essentially a one-time use coupon. However, one group claim code may be used on multiple orders. It spares sellers the headache of creating a unique code to different individuals.

For instance, you might wish to provide a unique discount for email subscribers. Anyone in your newsletter subscription list may use a group claim code to make a purchase, and this code may also be personalized for each specific discount, like “SUMMER2022.”

Social Media

If you wish to distribute a code to a group but restrict the number of items each person can purchase or how many times one can use that code, a social media code is a ticket.

They operate differently than the other discount codes we have mentioned. They are built to be shared on media such as Instagram or Facebook. Unlike percentage-off codes, they let you limit the number of goods a client can buy.

One huge benefit to such is that they allow sellers to drive their conversions by developing a landing page that brings followers to their item on Amazon. In addition, such codes can also be sent to “AMZ approved bloggers,” who can drive new traffic to product listings by communicating them to their followers.

It’s an excellent option for online merchants who use social media or email newsletters. They are much simpler to launch than other codes in the marketplace and much harder to launch incorrectly.

No Code

This Amazon option allows you to offer discounts that clients can redeem without any promo code. Instead, a percentage discount will automatically apply to your goods and a total sale across your catalog.

How to Get Amazon Discount Codes?

Users love Amazon for its diverse choice and best prices. They also love coupons, discounts, and other promo campaigns, and most of them never mind shopping even more beneficially. That’s why many keep track of hot and trending offers shared by coupons and discount aggregators. Below are the most popular platforms for more affordable shopping. 

  1. Groupon

It is a well-known and global platform most avid shoppers are fond of. So indeed, it comes with the opportunity to grab Amazon coupon codes in multiple categories, including but not limited to clothes, electronics, everyday products, and gift cards. It also consolidates the best offers from leading brands, plus you can also shop for physical products at a discount and digital ones and impressions. 

  1. Retail Me Not

Retail Me Not is a less popular platform but still practical and beneficial for hunting Amazon coupons. With its help, you can filter the offers and access coupons, free delivery opportunities, cashback, and gifts. For example, with the platform’s help, you can start with Amazon Prime for 30 days. 

  1. Deals Plus

This website is pretty similar to the previous one. It shares trending Amazon deals and coupons you can use to buy both physical and digital products. In addition to coupons, shoppers can access discounts and join Amazon sales.

  1. Slick Deals

This platform can also be a good choice when looking for the best deals on Amazon. What’s more, the shoppers can set up an automated alert and get an instant notification when there is an offer they are interested in. In addition, fixed discounts and promo codes allow you to save a certain percentage from a deal. 

  1. Hip 2 Save

This coupon aggregator stands out with the design. When looking for an Amazon promo code, the users can also instantly view the product the discount is shared for. There is also a browser extension with the help of which the users can automate the process of looking for the best deals on Amazon. 

Advantages of Using Social Media Promo Codes on Amazon

Amazon’s digital coupons and promo codes have several benefits and advantages. Some of these are the following:

Converts fans to customers

The main advantage of using these Amazon codes on social media is that this allows you to directly route your social media traffic to the page where they can buy the product at an attractive promo price. In effect, you can convert the fans you attract outside Amazon into buyers of your products.

It gives you full control

This process also gives you complete control because you do it yourself. You can choose whether you would like to promote just one item or several items in your inventory. You get to decide precisely how much you want to take off your price, whether to offer a conservative discount of 5% or a whopping 80% off the original price tag. You also decide on how many units of a certain product you will allow a customer to buy at a discounted rate.

Focused on your target

One notable feature of this campaign is that your offer discount can only be seen and accessed through your temporary promo code marketing page. The regular product detail page that you have on Amazon remains as is. This way, you can carefully target your promotions to the specific audiences you want to reach.


The best part of all is that this service from Amazon is free. And there are no imposed limits on how many promotions you can administer.

How to get Amazon discount codes

How to Set Up Amazon Promo Codes

Are you ready to apply single-use codes to your Amazon strategy? Then, it is easy to take advantage of this service from Amazon. To set up your promotion, follow the steps below:

Create your promotion

Step 1: Go to Seller Central, click “Advertising,” then “Promotions.”

Step 2: Look for the “Create a Promotion” tab, then choose “Social Media Promo Code” from among the promo types.

Step 3: Click on the “Create” button.

Design your promotion

Step 1: Set the conditions of the promotion you have in mind. Begin by deciding how many products you would like to offer at a discount.

Step 2: Look at the goods they offer. Then select the specific item you wish to offer at a discounted rate. You can do this from the “Purchased Items” dropdown list. You can offer a discount on just one item or select a range of goods. If you opt for the latter, you may click on “Create a new product selection.”

Step 3: Choose the discount percentage you want to offer in your promo. It can be anywhere from 5% to 80% off the regular price.

Step 4: Look at the promo duration. Your promo will run for a limited time. You can decide on the time frame you want to run it. It can be as short as one day or as long as 30 days.

Step 5: Set the time. You may also pick when your promo starts and end. Remember that the earliest you can begin your advertisement is four hours after you create it.

Step 6: Create a promo title. If you are running other promos, giving this promo a name will be more convenient so you can easily track it.

Step 7: Redeem. After doing the steps above, you can already move on to the options for redeeming the promo. If your promo is conservative, you can allow a customer to redeem just one product unit in just one checkout. If you would like to move more items, you can also enable customers to buy an unlimited number of items at one checkout. However, suppose you want to move as many items as possible. In that case, you can opt to allow the customer to purchase an unlimited number of units over an unlimited number of checkouts.

Step 8: Claim. Depending on the market you are targeting, you can either create a claim code that your audience can use to avail of your promotion or go with the automatic code provided by Amazon. If you wish to personalize your code, there is a format to follow. The code must be from 8-12 characters in length and begin with the number representing the discount percentage.

Step 9: Submit. After filling in all your options, you must click on the “review” button. It will send your promotion to Amazon for them to review and approve. The review and approval process is fairly quick. Once submitted, you can expect the review and approval of your promotion within four hours.

Spread your promotion

Step 1: Get the URL. When your social media promotion has been approved, you will be able to see the URL of the promo in your account in Seller Central.

Step 2: Share. Once your URL is ready, you can share it through your social media channels or email. Remember that your temporary marketing page will only be accessible for the duration of your promo.

How to Enter a Coupon on Amazon?

If a client got your coupon, it would be kind of you to include instructions on how to activate it. Your clients should open their Amazon account and go to the “Select a payment method” page. They’ll see a “Gift Cards and Promotional Codes” section. There, your clients will be able to enter the codes.

Important! Tell your clients to avoid adding spaces before, inside of, or after the Amazon coupon code.

How to Use Amazon Promo Codes? 

If a client got your coupon, it would be kind of you to include instructions on how to activate it. First, your clients should open their Amazon account and go to the “Select a payment method” page. Next, they’ll see a “Gift Cards and Promotional Codes” section. There, your clients will be able to enter the codes.

Important! Tell your clients to avoid adding spaces before, inside, or after the Amazon coupon code.

Things to Remember for a Successful Promotion

Why are some promotions more successful than others? Well, they’ve followed the right formula. Successful promotions are usually fun, but they also sell products. There are many techniques you can use to achieve awareness and sales. And they all start with the planning. While planning for your promotions, be sure to do the following things:

Ensure you have enough supplies

Before creating your Amazon coupon codes & promos, check your inventory first. See how many items you have on hand that you would like to sell out. Once you know your inventory levels, you can design your promotion to suit your needs. For example, if you only have a certain number of pieces, you can limit the deal to one per customer. But if you still have so many units available, you can choose to allow your customers to buy as many pieces as they want over as many visits as possible during the promo period.

Create a sense of urgency

It is an old marketer’s trick that has already sold many products. But it continues to work, so you might as well use it for your product promotions. First, prod your audience closer to their virtual shopping cart by deliberately emphasizing that your promotion will run only for a few days or that stocks are limited. Then, build up your product well so that they will want to buy it, and make them want to buy it now before other people beat them to it.

Design your promotional materials well

To maximize the effectiveness of your promotion, make sure that you spend enough time and effort to create materials that will captivate your target market. If you are familiar with analytics, use these to your advantage to get a profile of your audience, so you will know what kind of messages they will respond to. Make sure that the discount and products you will be promoting are highlighted. If you promote your deal across different social media channels, ensure that your messages are consistent across them. Double-check all your details for accuracy. For example, make sure you link to your promo’s marketing page and NOT the regular listing of your products.

Nonetheless, your product listing is crucial when showcasing your products to customers, so ensure it is appropriately arranged. If you have questions about listing your products on Amazon, read our comprehensive guide to make this process as easy as ABC.

Promote, promote, promote

The upside to this service is that you have full control of your promotion from start to finish. However, since this is YOUR promotion—and not Amazon’s— YOU will be the one to promote it. So promote, promote, promote. And encourage your audience to share the deal with their family and friends who might want to get in on it.

Get More Product Reviews to Increase Your Sales

When you increase your sales using social promotions, it’s a great moment to get another advantage – more product reviews. So before you run a Promo Code campaign, sign up for SageMailer so you can automatically send an email to each customer who purchases your discounted product, asking them to leave you feedback. And trust us, this will work incredibly. The more product reviews your listing gets, the more sales you’ll have in the future since customers will have more useful information about the product, which helps them make a purchasing decision.

If you haven’t tried SageMailer yet, sign up for a 30-day free trial; no card is required.

What to Watch out for?

Amazon’s social media promo code is a very useful service to sellers. However, it does carry one significant risk: that of one person buying your products in bulk at your discounted rate, then selling them elsewhere at a higher price. If you are promoting giving back to your longtime buyers, this is a scenario you would want to avoid.

As discussed above, you have three options when it comes to the redemption of your promo:

  1. You can allow customers to buy just one unit in a single transaction.
  2. You could allow the customer to buy as many units as he wants, but in one transaction only.
  3. You could enable the customer to buy all the units he wants over multiple checkouts.

So which option should you choose?

The answer lies in the reason why you are promoting the first place.

If, as mentioned above, you are doing this to give thanks to your loyal customers or entice new customers to buy from you, the first option will work well. After all, in most cases, people need just one product unit. So the discount you offer will be enough to make your genuine customers happy. It will also be enough to make new customers try your shop out.

However, if you offer several related products and expect your customers to buy different products at one time, you can choose the second option. This way, your customers will be able to buy as many of the other products in your range.

The third option is the one that carries the most significant risk of “discount-stealing” from other buyers/sellers. Therefore, choose this option only if you would not mind if this happened. For example, if you create a promo just because you want to convert the items in your inventory back to cash, and you do not mind if other dealers benefit, then this will be the way to go.

All in all, this service is like making your own Amazon digital coupons—in a quick, easy, and hassle-free way. While it does have its limits—for example, you do not have control over how your temporary marketing page will look—the benefits it offers significantly outweigh the cons and risks.

Other Amazon Offerings

Aside from these social media promos, Amazon has another recent offering up its sleeve—Prime Pantry, yet another innovative service for Amazon Prime members.

Prime Pantry offers another level of convenience. It allows subscribers to shop online for household necessities such as groceries and other products (in the usual sizes they would typically buy). Then, their orders can be delivered right to their doorstep for an added delivery fee.

Of course, whether your subscription will be worth it will depend on how frequently you use Amazon’s services. If you would like to get a feel of these special services of Amazon Prime, you can opt for a free trial, so you can tell if it will be worth it for you. When you sign up for the trial, you can use the service for free for 30 days.

With your free trial, you can experience all prime members’ perks. For example, you can have free same-day delivery, which is Amazon Prime’s main feature. You can also access video streaming and enjoy your picks from thousands of movies and TV series, including award-winning originals from Amazon. If you are a music buff, you can treat yourself to access their library, which features over a million songs, as well as playlists. You can also listen to your favorite stations. There is also a feature called “Prime Photos,” which lets users store as many photos as they want in the Amazon Cloud Drive.

If you like to bargain-hunt, you will be in for a treat because prime members get early access to Amazon Lightning Deals. You can then shop for gadgets or apparel that are deeply discounted—way ahead of everyone else! Another feature, Prime Now, lets users download an app that lets them shop from early in the morning to late at night every day of the week, then have their purchases delivered to them within an hour (for a charge of eight dollars), or within two hours, for free.

Kindle owners will enjoy access to over 800,000 Amazon e-books and benefit from borrowing one every month, together with one Kindle First pre-released book. In addition, those with Amazon Prime Rewards cards get 5% back on the purchases they make at and Whole Foods. The card lets users enjoy 2% back when buying gas, eating out at restaurants, and buying medicines. Best of all, there are no annual fees. Meanwhile, families with babies can enjoy 20% off diapers and 15% off other eligible products from their baby registry.


If you find that their services are what you need, you can become an Amazon prime member. If you are married or living with a partner in one house, you can create an “Amazon Household” that will let you share specific Prime benefits. However, if you choose not to go with Prime, make sure that you cancel it in advance. Otherwise, your credit card will be charged.

With Amazon’s myriad offerings designed to make life easier for its customers, you will find what you need—whether you are a seller or a shopper.

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