What is Amazon Seller Central Europe?

Seller Central is what brands and merchants use to market and sell their products to Amazon’s customers. Anyone with a Seller Central account is considered a marketplace or third-party seller. Before creating it, make sure to find out how to use Amazon Seller Central, what features it comes with, and what valuable insights on your business performance you can get with its help. 

More and more people are selling on Amazon, including people who sell in Europe. Being an Amazon seller can be stressful. Getting all your product listings online may seem scary. Luckily, as sales in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain have increased, Amazon has made it easier for sellers to be successful in Europe.

In mid-2011, Amazon connected five European marketplaces. These marketplaces include Spain, Germany, France, Italy and the UK. Amazon sellers can log into Seller Central and view the different marketplaces. From Amazon Seller Central Europe, sellers can switch back and forth between countries.

The new addition allows sellers to cancel foreign accounts and instead use one home location. Known as Europe (EU) Marketplaces, this reduces the difficulty and cost of selling products.

SageMailer supports every Amazon EU marketplace. That is why we took special note of the Amazon Europe Seller Central.

Benefits of Using Amazon Seller Central EU

Amazon Seller Central EU offers many benefits:

  • Increase Your Sales

If you aren’t already selling your products in Europe, you’re missing out on sales. Broaden your reach by including Europe in your customer range.

Because Amazon Seller Central Europe connects many countries, you can easily become an international seller.

  • Get Access to the Amazon Fulfillment Center

You can store your products in one of Amazon’s warehouses. When a customer buys your product, Amazon packages it and ships it for you. Also, when you use Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), they’ll provide customer service for you. Amazon FBA Europe can make selling your products a lot easier.

  • Put Your Products in Front of Hundreds of Millions of Customers

Amazon Europe predicts that it will have 340 million customers in 2018. That’s more than enough customers to swamp you with orders (which is where Amazon FBA EU would come in handy!).

Seller Central (EU) Europe Disadvantages

  • You will lose the history and feedback from any accounts you close.
  • Your new data will be separated by countries. This means you won’t know your overall data. Instead, you can compare the data from sales in each country.

Amazon Seller Central Europe will segregate your feedback, A-Z guarantee claims, and the Order Defect Rate (ODR). Why are they doing this? The director of product management platform at ChannelAdvisor, Jeniffer Artabane, has the answer. She says that Amazon is doing this to separate the home country rating of the seller from the overall cross-country rating.

According to Artabane, buying from a foreign seller can cause problems. Lengthy shipping time, customer service operators that don’t understand the buyers’ dialect, and shipping across borders can be unpleasant for buyers. By separating data, a UK seller who has problems delivering products in France would not see their UK ratings drop.

Although the Seller Central model is still more popular across most markets, you can always try running a business on Amazon as a Vendor. The main distinction between Seller Central vs Vendor Central models is who will be selling your products. In the case of Seller Central, you will need to communicate with customers directly. However, with Vendor Central, the Amazon platform serves as a mediator; the retail team will purchase and resell your goods to clients.

What About Amazon Pay?

Amazon Pay is another great option for Amazon Europe sellers. With Amazon Pay, millions of Amazon customers can log in and pay on your website using the payment methods and shipping information already stored in their Amazon accounts. This helps build customer loyalty. Your customers will love how simple the checkout process is. Also, customers never leave your site while paying. It’s also mobile friendly for all your customers shopping on their phones or tablets.

How to Sign Up for Amazon Seller Central Europe

Signing up is easy with this step-by-step guide!

What will you need to complete the registration?

  • Credit Card
  • Phone Number
  • Company Registration Details
  • Primary Contact Person Information
  • Beneficial Owner Information
  • Bank Account Information

1. Use this link to register your account.

2. Upload your listings.

Once you’ve registered to sell online, use web-based tools or text files to upload your listings to one or more European marketplaces.

When listing your products, you can select “Fulfilment by Amazon” as your fulfilment method. Then Amazon will pick, pack and ship your products to the customer. They will also give customer service to buyers in the local marketplace language.

3. Customers see and buy your products.

By listing your products on Amazon, you can reach millions of potential customers every day. Also, if you change your listings to be Fulfilled by Amazon, they become eligible for Prime and free super saver delivery. In many cases, they will be eligible for fast, free delivery options. This will increase their visibility. FBA also helps your products compete for the Buy Box.

4. Deliver your products to the customer.

When an order has been placed for one of your products, Amazon sends an email and Seller Central dashboard notification. Then you can let Amazon Fulfilment Centre take care of storage, picking, packing, and shipping or you can deliver your products to the customers yourself.

5. Receive your payment.

Payment for the balance of your orders is deposited into your bank account. You will receive an e-mail saying that your payment has been sent. There are no Amazon item listing fees or added tax.


Amazon Seller Central Europe is a great option for sellers who want to branch out. The European Fulfillment Network (Fulfillment by Amazon for Europe) will make shipping simple, and data separated by country can protect you as an Amazon seller in Europe. Also, the history which you have lost from your closed foreign accounts can be restored. By using a SageMailer (free 21-day trial, no card required) account which is tied to one of the five EU countries, you can improve your seller’s reputation, provide great customer service and increase sales. If you intend to use SageMailer for managing the feedback in many countries, you will need to set up additional marketplaces in the dashboard. If you need more information, simply contact [email protected]. Moreover, you can learn more about Amazon’s Europe Marketplaces Account by visiting this FAQ page.