reviews are critical for driving sales. In addition, they have a significant influence on the Buy Box performance of your products that, in turn, affects the visibility of your listings.

Customer reviews also help to convert shoppers. 72% of buyers don’t take action until they have got acquainted with thoughts of an item they are looking at. To cut a long story short, if you get more Amazon verified reviews, you will also enhance your sales! So, where to buy Amazon reviews, and is it possible? 

Is It Possible To Buy Verified Amazon Reviews?  

Even though customer reviews are essential for selling on the platform, it’s illegal to buy reviews for Amazon. However, all e-commerce frameworks take feedback integrity seriously and actively eliminate fake reviews.

Looking for some ways on how to buy reviews on Amazon? If the sellers try to do it, their accounts might be closed, and they might be sued. When it comes to customer feedback, Amazon has many restrictions and rules. If users break them, they risk ending up with their listings suspended or removed. For the platform, it’s better if you generate reviews organically and don’t buy verified Amazon reviews. So, how to get more testimonials from customers and not break the rules?

How To Get Amazon Reviews Legally? 

Develop an email list and use social media.

Developing your email list is a complicated and time-consuming task. However, when you collect many email addresses using your primary products, you can leverage them to market your other items. For instance, you can email everyone on that list and offer your clients something they can exclusively get or provide them with special offers and discounts. Of course, you might need your site and a separate landing page to do this. 

You might also use this tool to attract clients on social media by carrying out promotional campaigns focused on gathering email addresses.

Use online forums for requesting reviews.

Large groups of users like to spend time on different online forums concerning their interests. A good example is Reddit, which gathers many Subreddits within the platform. All these blogs have a specific subject of discussion and have been created by people based on their interests. However, before jumping right in and posting about your products, you must participate in these forums to build credibility and rapport. 

Benefit from the official Amazon Early Reviewer program.

Sellers pay $60 to receive up to 5 reviews per product. In addition, for each of its registered products, Amazon finds several existing buyers who are willing to share their opinion and receive an Amazon voucher worth between $1 and $3.

You might think it’s an overpriced option, but the Early Reviewer program has a major advantage, as the platform provides a completely legal method to help get products off the ground.

Sign up for Amazon Vine Program.

Amazon’s current review policy results in more “illegal ways” than acceptable ones. As a result, there is no best place to buy Amazon reviews. But there is one long-standing and completely safe way to get feedback – the Amazon Vine program. Previously, it was available only to vendors and had a “hefty” price tag. But after a federal investigation in 2019, the Vine program also became available to sellers who registered with the brand registry. If you have a Brand Registry, you can use up to 5 products and get 30 reviews from Vine reviewers. Of course, there is no guarantee of receiving positive reviews, but no one will unreasonably “drown” your product.

The contributing reviewers are known as Vine Voices. These are experienced and verified Amazon users with no prior bias towards leaving reviews. They review products for free and keep them for themselves, and instead of the “Verified Purchase” badge in their reviews, there is a “Vine Voice” marker.

Attend trade shows and give away your product

You can ask the people you meet at trade shows and fairs to test and evaluate your products. It doesn’t matter if they are testers, reviewers, influencers, or other contributors. Since you don’t know them personally, you can ask for reviews.

Please note that this type of feedback, like all reviews that are not directly related to an Amazon order, will not have a “Verified Purchase” badge. Therefore, such testimonials may not have a decisive weight in the review ranking algorithm.

Think of customer service.

The Amazon interface allows you to employ third-party review services to send automatic emails and boost customer feedback.

A good example is the SageMailer, a feedback tool that automates the seller feedback requests and product reviews. It provides you with an opportunity to generate sales, get the maximum from every order and persuade each client to leave a review on your items.

Using this instrument can enhance the number of testimonials and minimize the possibility of clients writing a negative review.

Help a local charity or community group.

Find community organizations such as charities, sports clubs, or motivated local groups that want your products and are willing to share an honest online experience.

For example, local gardening clubs, playgroups, and sports teams need the equipment and resources you produce.

Donate products to them to earn a good reputation and let them know that your products are available on Amazon and that honest reviews will greatly help your cause. If necessary, you can also ask them to add more of your products through public wish lists on Amazon or other gift registries they use.

Possible (Though Not Recommended) Ways To Purchase Amazon Reviews If You Sell On The Platform

Still, thinking about how to get Amazon verified reviews? Here are a couple of other options you are free to try if you sell on Amazon:

Deals and coupon clubs.

Many websites such as RetailMeNot, Groupon, LivingSocial, or Groupon offer excellent deals to clients. So what you need to do is register before posting your items and discounts requesting reviews. Although those platforms will have some extra fees, posting there takes less time and has a better success rate than forums.

Amazon review services.

Another thing you are welcome to check out instead of trying to buy positive Amazon reviews. Apply to professional outsource review tools! They encourage clients to leave testimonials and allow Amazon sellers to contact shoppers directly through the message feature.

Requesting customer reviews from freelancers.

Once upon a time, you could buy positive Amazon reviews with different freelancer platforms. For instance, Fiverr was very affordable, with its rate at $5 per review. Nevertheless, Amazon soon put an end to this, and now it is impossible to do so. Paid testimonials without a verified purchase are high-risk strategies with a chance for success. Google has also dealt with this practice, and companies that have been caught purchasing reviews have even been sued.

Product reviewers in different FB groups.

Facebook is full of groups crowded with product reviewers and Amazon sellers. Think of joining such groups and posting about your items and deals. Most users request Amazon sellers for complimentary products or considerable discounts, so it’s an excellent method to find reviewers and collect testimonials within no time. There are two ways of doing this. The first one is to publish a message yourself, hoping that some users will immediately show any interest. The other is to ask the group’s admin to boost your post for payment in return.

Asking your family members and friends.

If you wish to generate more reviews, you are free to ask your friends and family to write them. It is as easy as ABC because your close ones will readily help you. Still, although many Amazon users are doing this, it’s not an option that we can 100% recommend.

The thing is that it puts your Amazon account at risk. If you read the Amazon guidelines carefully, they state that your family members or close friends cannot share product reviews as they are familiar with you.

Final Thoughts. What Is the Best Place To Buy Amazon Reviews?

Wondering how to buy reviews on Amazon? Many great marketing techniques mentioned above will help you get more positive feedback.

Starting from leveraging the right review programs like SageMailer to writing good review requests, there is a lot any Amazon seller can do.

You should always take into account the importance of providing high-quality customer service. If you reply effectively and promptly to customer requests and if it’s easy for clients to purchase a product on Amazon with you, you will get the necessary ratings and build sales and reputation.