August 26, 2019

Complete Guide on Amazon Early Reviewer Program

Amazon’s early reviewer is now a new way to rack up all your first reviews using the program. The sophisticated program is capable of incorporating fundamental aspects that will ensure your sales reach the desired scale. You will be surprised by its ability to ease things to your favor.

In the current digital world, gathering initial reviews on Amazon products can be a daunting task. True, Amazon knows and understands the fact that to get decent sales, you need good and attractive reviews from your customers. Salespeople end up being entangled in a vicious cycle of searching for a top reviewer or vine reviewer in an Amazon vine program, which might sometimes be hard to avoid. Sometimes, sellers are forced to personally talk with friends or family to leave a comment or suggestions in the comment section in an aim to boost their sales.

Luckily, thanks to Amazon’s early reviewer, there is now a new way to rack up all your first reviews using the program. The sophisticated program is capable of incorporating fundamental aspects that will ensure your sales reach the desired scale. You will be surprised by its ability to ease things to your favor. Nonetheless, before we explore the program and what you need to know about it, let’s first find out its definition and what it entails.

What is Amazon Reviewer Program?

Typically, Amazon Early Reviewer program provides incentives and authenticates reviews from their customers for any new product. According to Amazon, the main aim of the program is to enable brand owners to acquire early reviews that will help shoppers make better decisions that will lead to better page views, sales, as well as search click-through rates.

This opportunity provides shoppers and buyers with a win-win situation where buyers get rewarded for sharing opinions and sellers get to gain traction on their new products. Before learning how to become an Amazon reviewer, below are seven things you need to know about Amazon Reviewer Program.

7 Things You Need to Know About Amazon Review Program

  1. Early Reviewer Program is a brand that is registered for Amazon sellers. It is only available to individuals in the US, and besides, you can only be eligible to apply for this Brand Registry if you are a US-based Amazon seller and must own a trademark to your brand name. What’s more, it must appear on all your products.
  2. For an ASIN to be eligible for the program, it must be priced above $15.00 and have less than 5 reviews.
  3. After the program performs the seller’s first review, he or she is required to pay $60 for every enrolled SKU. Besides, it will continue to solicit reviews for every SKU for 1 year until all 5 reviews have been received.
  4. Although ASINs can enroll in the early reviewer program, they cannot influence the program’s star rating of the available reviews. Apart from that, Amazon does not review or modify reviews from the program as long as they follow the community guidelines.
  5. Amazon performs a random selection from a list of customers who have either participated in the program or purchased products. However, they should not have a history of dishonest or abusive reviews. They should also be capable of meeting the early reviewer program criteria. This also means that not all customers who made a purchase will be rewarded.
  6. Reviewers who have submitted reviews that meet the required community guidelines will be eligible to a small gift card of between $1 and $3. Typically, the reward is simply a token of appreciation for any genuine review.
  7. If you want to recognize an Early Reviewer Program quickly, you should check out the orange donation badge with a label “Early Reviewer Rewards.”

Why Should Amazon Offer the Program?

In any given market, reviews are regarded as one of the biggest hindrances. If your business does not have a competitive number of reviews, it might be difficult to push sales or compete with the majority of top sellers in the market.

Recently, it was quite easy to gain reviews for any new Amazon product. Sellers could easily dish out free stuff to their customers in exchange for honest reviews. However, complaints about reviews manipulation prompted Amazon to shut down the program permanently.

What’s more, last October, Amazon banned incentives on product reviews, which rattled the seller community. Sellers were no longer capable of gathering reviews that were needed to launch new products in the market successfully.
Furthermore, sellers were also able to email their customers and maintain a follow-up in the aim of gathering reviews. However, in March, Amazon received complaints, so they provided customers with an ability to opt-out of the seller communication network. This makes generating customer reviews harder for sellers.

Facts About the Program

As a result of Amazon’s harsh punishments to sellers, they have been left clueless with little or no idea on how to grow their review base to compete with established products. Currently, it is estimated that the industry’s average review rating is about 1%. However, with a keen utilization of an optimized email follow-up, reviews can be increased to about 5%.

Even so, sellers will only be capable of gaining 5 reviews of up to 100 sales. This, indeed, sounds tough for any established product. On the other hand, it sounds almost impossible for any brand new program. The majority of questions we get are from sellers complaining that they are seeing 1 or 2 sales on their platform and are wondering how they are supposed to reach 5 to 10 reviews. These reviews are necessary to enable their customers to feel confident while purchasing products.

Although sellers personally ask friends and family to leave reviews on their products, Amazon highly forbids it. It has integrated a policy violation tactics to curb this tactic. As a result, it is recommended that you don’t try it. You might risk having your account banned or temporarily blocked. It is, therefore, imperative for sellers to follow the right protocol at all times to safely secure their Amazon seller accounts.

If you are wondering about Amazon’s TOS suggestions, you will come across a myriad of options such as run a production, run PPC, follow up on emails, drive external traffic, and many more. Although these methods might be perfect for an established brand, it can prove to be a slow and expensive method of gaining reviews.

Amazon knows and understands this struggle and is giving sellers who are participating in the early Amazon reviewer a little boost. The Early Reviewer Program is one of the best options where sellers get to speed up their customer review process. They get to gain and earn essential reviews. Most importantly, they get genuine reviews.

The fact is that if your product is terrible, you are likely to get terrible reviews. Conversely, if you have a great product, your reviews will be positive. Note that Amazon early reviewer rewards its customers differently and does not provide extra perks in the form of a small reward for any positive feedback. Nonetheless, the good news is that you won’t get a backlash for any negative review. The ability of buyers to leave honest opinions on any purchase is exactly how Amazon wants it to be.

How to Join the Program?

You can enroll in the Amazon Early Reviewer Program after gaining 5 reviews. It is quite easy as all you need is a computer, internet connection, and a sound mind. Here’s how to go about it:

1. Register Your Brand with the Amazon Brand Registry

Participating in the program is quite easy. However, your brand must be registered. Registration is also quite easy. All you need is to head to the necessary authority and have your brand filled in the records. It will not only be genuine but also certified as a legit Amazon entity. After registration, you can comfortably access the Early Reviewer Program from the central seller portal.

2. Make a CSV Template

If you are a brand registered seller, the Early Reviewer Program can be easily accessed from the seller central Advertising tab. However, sellers will be required to upload their SKUs via the above template to submit products for enrollment. Note that Amazon and sellers provide this product can upload up to 100 SKUs in one go.

After learning how to join Amazon Early Reviewer Program, below are some of the eligibility requirements for your products:

  • Individuals must have less than 5 reviews. Amazon sellers with more than 5 reviews are regarded as established and might not need the help of the early reviewer program. As its name suggests, the program is designed to help upcoming sellers specifically.
  • All SKUs should be stand-alone or at a parent level. Variations cannot be enrolled. All child SKUs are required to be enrolled by the parent. This process is automated and will require parents to perform the operation manually.
  • The offer of each product should be greater than $15. Just in case it falls below $15, you should stop making any requests on reviews.

3. Upload Your Products on the Amazon Reviewer Program

After performing all the above processes, a seller will be required to upload the template. Note that each eligible SKU in the template is charged $60 after the initial review of the program. Additionally, Amazon will then cease soliciting reviews upon achieving 5 or more reviews. Alternatively, it can also stop after one year.

4. Refresh Your Submission Status

This is the last thing to do before completing your profile. A seller can finally view the status of their submission on the portal after refreshing. Among some of the available features will be the number of products that are not accepted, those that have not been accepted, and the total number of products. Besides, they will also reflect on the history and product enrollment history found on the bottom of the page.

All these features are designed to specifically provide you with an opportunity to drive your sales to the desired height. As if that’s not enough, an Amazon seller will get to enjoy all the benefits of honest feedback from their customers. The majority of Amazon sellers are left with little or no option on how to grow their review rate with little or no customer review. However, by joining the Amazon review program, it is possible to boost sales within a short time.

What’s Next?

Getting reviews sounds super easy, right? Unfortunately, it is not as easy as you might think. Regardless, Amazon has, at least, shown that it cares for everyone. Whether you are an established customer or a new entity in the industry, Amazon has ensured that you get all you need to break out of the hustle.

Thanks to the free Amazon review program, individuals can now seek 30 sales for 5 reviews instead of 150 sales that were used before. Typically, Amazon just launched sellers by significantly boosting their sale’s levels. Besides, sales of new products are also improved through the favorable incentives provided by the Amazon reviewer program. It is, indeed, one of the many benefits of having your brand registered. Therefore, if you haven’t enrolled in your brand, you should consider registering your products with Amazon’s Brand Registry.

Additionally, you should also put into consideration that after you have registered your brand, it might take up to 72 hours before you can be allowed to access the portal. Instead of talking of leaving a review, why don’t you join the elite deal club and leave a comment below. What’s more, you can let us know if you have suggestions regarding the amz review trader, reviewed products, giveaway service, and Amazon review sites, so do not hesitate to let us know.

The question is that are you an Amazon business seller? Do you want to increase your customer reviews? What are you waiting for? All you need to do is to create an Amazon seller account, gain 5 or more reviews, and join the free Amazon program. Without a doubt, you will greatly benefit from this service if you want to build your online business. Follow the above process on how to join the program, and your road to success as an Amazon seller in the platform will be inevitable.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that getting an early reviewer program is fundamental to anyone looking to boost his or her sales in the Amazon platform. Besides, Amazon has been working around the clock to help Amazon shoppers make wiser and smatter decisions. These decisions will not only help increase click-through rates on your platform but also boost sales and page views.

Apart from buyers getting free rewards after sharing any negative or positive feedback while sellers easily gain sales even from new products. Indeed, if you have ever tried selling on the Amazon program, you will agree with me that gaining reviews can be quite hard as you need to have established products with 5 or more reviews in order to make a reasonable number of sales per day.

A key thing to note in this program is that it has acted as a bridge for Amazon sellers with new products. It is now possible for sellers to easily gain honest reviews. Thanks to Amazon, you can now comfortably add a new post and expect 2 or 3 reviews after 20 or 30 sales. Previously, it was quite hard to get customer reviews. In fact, sellers would count up to 100 sales to get a maximum of 2 or 3 reviews.

Besides, joining the program as a new seller is quite easy. You are only required to acquire the desired number of reviews to gain eligibility in the program. Once you qualify, you will be equipped with all the necessary tools that will help attract customer reviews. Based on Amazon’s strictness, it is imperative for any business seller to learn how to join the reviewer program. Many sellers that have given it a shot have expressed positive results already. So, try it out today and experience all of its benefits yourself.

Is it Easier Way for Getting Amazon Reviews?

Although Amazon Early Reviewer Program can be helpful when it comes to getting product reviews, the program doesn't normally work until you actually start selling your product. So this program can hardly be a single solution for launching new products from scratch. In addition, Amazon includes random buyers in the Early Reviewer Program so there are customers who are buying your products but not being able to provide you a review.

The game changes with SageMailer. Using SageMailer you can set up automated mailing campaigns for contacting each your customer to tell more about your brand, offer additional customer service or ask for their feedback. So whether or not you're a participant of the Early Reviewer Program, SageMailer can definitely be a part of your product launching strategy as well as a tool for maintaining your competitive edge.

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