May 26, 2020

Best-Selling Products on Amazon in 2020

Apparently enough, the most popular e-commerce platform in the world is bound to have millions of trending products that grow on its users with unbridled intensity. Yes, Amazon features myriads of popular goods that buyers can’t get enough of using and manufacturers won’t stop producing. Generally speaking, all goods sold on Amazon are helpful and likable to an average user, however, there are always the “chosen” ones that appeal to buyers more often -- the best-selling products on Amazon.

In the past couple of years, Amazon has had its finest hour regarding its success with sales and customer retention. Today, this innovative digital platform accounts for nearly half the profits of the electronic commerce industry. And the current challenge the world is going through, the COVID-19 pandemic, has largely contributed to the growth of Amazon -- avid Internet buyers broke bad into online shopping even more avidly, while those who preferred the good old way of buying at land-based stores took up the habit of purchasing goods online, too.

Before we list the hottest goods on Amazon of 2020 to date, let’s try to make an in-depth prognosis of the platform in this year based on its 2019 performance.

2020 for Amazon: Numbers and Facts

As the indisputable leader of modern online shopping, Amazon demonstrates outstanding performance annually. Its ongoing commercial success has become a huge inspiration for the entire industry, setting brand-new standards for other giants of electronic commerce. And the previous years were no exceptions for the iconic e-commerce platform, bringing it mind-boggling revenues and wins.

The statistics of how good the platform has been doing throughout the last couple of years, and the fresh dynamics from early 2020 can help see the prospects of Amazon in 2020 more vividly. Now, we’re disclosing the greatest highlights of Amazon so far!

  • Every month, Amazon website gets about 206 million hits
  • On Amazon Prime Day in 2019, the store sold over 175 million items
  • Amazon is what most users begin their digital shopping searches
  • The founder of Amazon is the world’s richest man
  • The platform has $232 billion in revenue last year
  • Roughly 4/10 teens refer to Amazon as their favorite digital store
  • Currently, there are 12 million products in Amazon’s catalog
  • There are more than 26million subscribers to Amazon prime video
  • In one minute, Amazon makes more than $283,000

What Are the Products, Then?

Now, we have finally moved to listing top-selling items on Amazon! The products we are about to mention are bought most frequently and boast the highest rate of interest from users. So, brace yourself up!

  1. BLACK+DECKER cordless lithium hand vacuum

This is a true discovery among vacuum cleaners -- a device that has lithium-ion for battery life, which makes it a pretty durable tool. The vacuum contains a translucent dirt bowl, crevice-cleaning attachment, and is one of the greatest solutions to effective house cleaning. The device is lightweight, already having a charge for 18 months and its smart charge technology uses less than 50 percent. This hand vacuum also features cyclonic action that keeps the filter unclogged, making the dirt bowl more transparent and clean. BLACK+DECKER Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum is a great cleaner that will fit the needs of every desperate housewife!

2.  “What Do You Meme?” Party Game

Do you fancy checking out memes? Then this incredible game must be the perfect option for you! “What Do You Meme?” sparks insane competition and unrestrained fun, making players obsessed with creating the best meme and winning in the game. Here, participants have to create combos with caption cards and meme pictures, competing for which combo looks the most creative and hip. Given the great popularity of the meme culture today, this game is a real catch for meme-obsessed people who express their views, attitudes, and thoughts through memes.

3.  Mellanni Bed Sheet Set - Brushed Microfiber 1800 Bedding

Amazon takes great care of your comfort and sleep! The platform offers you an abundance of items that can make your sleep and relax more pleasurable. And one of such appealing items is the Mellanni Bed Sheet Set. This bedding is made of 100% polyester, which makes it silky and soft. The bed set looks really cozy and inviting, so be cautious, as looking at it may set off your sleep instincts! The fabric of the bedding is extremely wrinkled, fade, and stain-resistant.

4.  Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

What to do if your room is stuffy and the air is dry? Purchase the MistAire humidifier! This cool device will moisturize the air at lightning speed, making you less tense and stressed-out.  The effect lasts 16 hours, letting breath seamlessly and without any impediments. The moisturizer’s 1,5-liter tank is enough to provide necessary humidity all over the house. Also, the MistAire humidifier radiates soothing night light that will add to your positive mood and even inspire you! This amazing tool comes with an AC power adapter, a disk cleaning brush, a warranty, customer support, and the harmony you get from your fresh air and the enticing glow.  

5.  Occer 12x25 Compact Binoculars

Are you passionate about sightseeing faraway landscapes, places, and things? Are you in desperate need of something that would zoom what you struggle to see? Here’s the bright solution to your challenge -- the Occer brand introduces you to innovative and “smart” binoculars that will let you discern anything within the field of view of 273ft/1000yds! Among the most noteworthy features of this brilliant device, there are FMC Broadband coating, adjustable eyecups, elegant design, waterproof hardware, and many other characteristics that will definitely appeal to a formidable sightseer!

6.  Carson MicroBrite Plus 60x-120x LED Lighted Pocket Microscope

A few decades ago, people associated a microscope with a huge, heavy device stored at a lab at some science center. But, as technological advancement keeps skyrocketing, today we have a tiny and good-looking microscope that is so different from its classic version in size, design, and quality. The magnification range of the Carson microscope is 60x-120x and it has cool precision-molded aspheric lenses that make the optics so great that you can see nearly any microorganism of the object observed! Aside from these amazing features, the microscope is lightweight, portable, and stylish in its design.  

7.  BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset

With this wonderful headset, your gaming will get more engaging and addictive. The BENGOO headset supports PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo, laptops, Xbox One, PSP, tablets, iPads, cellphones. As one of the top-selling products on Amazon, the headset provides clear sound, potent ambiance, and high precision 40mm driver. This gadget provides users with a mind-blowing experience playing, listening to music, or just skyping with a friend. The handset features acoustic positioning precision allowing users to improve sound clarity and the sensitivity of the loudspeaker drivers.

In addition, this headset provides total noise isolation with its omnidirectional microphone. This feature enables you to concentrate on gaming or listening and not get distracted by the surrounding noise.

8.  Facial Protection Filtration

This product is so deservedly included in the list of top-selling items on Amazon 2020. As the coronavirus pandemic keeps playing tricks on the world, what everyday essential other than a face mask would you rush to buy on Amazon? The platform displays a great number of manufacturers who offer buyers durable face masks, but, again, there is a selection of items of supreme quality that can safeguard you from the sickening threat. The Soft Foot brand presents self-protective individuals with a great sustainable face mask that is not only virus-proof, but also soft to touch, thin, skin-friendly, and stylish.

Should You Sell the 2019 Best-Sellers in 2020?

The Amazon products that were the spotlight in 2019 prove to be useful and popular these days, too. Let’s take the BENGOO headset, an item we mentioned earlier. Virtual gaming is an incredibly viral activity now, isn’t it? This means that a quality headset can come in handy for avid gamers in 2020, too. Yes, most of the products that were trending last year, now continue to win the hearts of Amazon users, which makes it pretty clear that business owners definitely should sell the products they touted in the previous year, or start selling them right now, when people, encapsulated in the fierce pandemic hype, stay home and are glued to their multifunctional gadgets.

When it comes to top-selling items on Amazon, there’s one tiny controversy: some viral products are less useful than those purchased less often but being more helpful and indispensable. Such a paradox may lie in the popularity of the brand behind an item, of the popularity of the item itself, regardless of the type. This delicate and challenging occurrence has to be handled properly by creative and adept entrepreneurs themselves, who, most likely will choose to sell the goods that lack some qualities and characteristics but are widely favored and bought by picky customers. For better or worse, the sheer fact that an item has passed Amazon screening signals that it can be used in some way by shrewd buyers!

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