As the planet entered the new decade, we’ve seen a drastic shift in shopping habits all around the world. More and more people worldwide have access to the Internet, and thus, online shopping. Its popularity attracts more buyers and money to popular online marketplaces. As a result, it popularized Amazon as an effective alternative to buying offline.

COVID-19 crisis scared almost every sector of the economy. Still, the online sphere received a tremendous boost. This trend was especially notable in Mexico. Among all Latin American states, it takes the lead by growing the customer pool.  Today we want to tell you the main facts about the Mexican online market and why you should pay attention to it! 

State of Online Commerce in Mexico

Let’s start by reviewing the popularity of online commerce in Mexico. According to studies, Mexico concentrates almost 30 percent of the e-commerce market of the region. It also is a #2 Latin American state by online income, making around 22 billion USD a year. 

A short overview of the Mexican online market shows us that:

  • Most teens and adults that have access to the internet have a mobile phone.
  • Almost 130 million people live in this Latin American country. Of them, ninety million use the Internet daily.
  • Income has grown in all significant item categories.
  • As studies show, more than sixty-five million Mexicans use the Internet for shopping. Most of them use credit cards or PayPal for payments.

It is also important to note the most popular product category in Mexico. This title goes to Electronics & Media. Mexicans adore buying consoles and games online, so this category is up-and-coming.

eCommerce Consumer Profile

Let’s review the study by the Mexican Association of Online Sales. Their experts used the most recent info about Mexican shopping habits and trends. With its help, we can create a portrait of a typical Mexican internet consumer:

  • 90% of buyers are pleased after getting an item from the Internet. It means that they are more inclined to give higher scores.
  • 80% of Internet users have bought an item or service online in the past 12 months.
  • 8 out of 10 buyers say that the way the website looks impacts their buying decision. It means that the way your listing looks on the Amazon Mexico website is crucial.
  • People tend to go shopping online because it’s a more comfortable alternative to offline shopping.

In reality, there is much more than that. Some more popular reasons for not buying offline in Mexico are: 

  • to get unique proposals/sales;
  • to get items that clients can’t buy in Mexican offline shops;
  • to spend less time.

If you manage to find an item with high demand and low supply in Mexico, you can benefit greatly! To get everything right, use product research tools to your advantage.

Amazon Mx is Expanding

There are more than fifty million people in Mexico who use This marketplace is profitable, so the company pays a lot of attention to its improvement. Current priorities are shortening the delivery time and improving shipment methods.

Now clients can expect their item to arrive from Amazon to Mexico City in one day. Except for the capital, clients from more than two dozen cities enjoy one-day shipping to Mexico. Amazon also ensures that it can ship your item to any part of Mexico in two days.

Joining the marketplace “Mexico” has another great benefit. It instantly allows you to sell in Canada and the United States, too. Thanks to such a feature, you can sell on the most profitable markets of the continent at the same time. Please don’t ignore it and find out more about United Accounts in North America.

Why You Should Open Your Business in Mexico

The popularity and income of online retail in Mexico are growing. Also, the Mexican middle class is becoming larger and larger. It gives us hope that the scenario of eCom in Mexico appears to be even more than beneficial.

More and more users realize the convenience of shopping on the Web. The pandemic and its challenges only fostered the implementation of modern online technologies. The online market in Mexico received a rapid boost with an influx of new items and clients.

The geographical location is another advantage of Mexico. It borders the biggest economy in the world and has a large, open market with ever-growing needs. This way, the US retailers have a unique chance for the development of their businesses.


Mexico is the heart of Latin America. Selling on Amazon Mx can boost both your popularity and fame. But to do that, you should improve your retailing skills. Follow our blog to find out something new! You’ll know everything about Amazon Prime, shipping costs on Amazon, launching successful marketing campaigns, and much more! Join SageMailer now and use it free of charge for 30 days!