Ready to put your Amazon reviews on autopilot?Amazon is the largest e-commerce marketplace that caters to millions of companies. According to recent research, 85% of AMZ merchants are profitable. So running a business on the platform is a lucrative opportunity– but there is a lot you have to know before diving deep in.

To achieve success with your AMZ sales, you require the right merchandise and a proper marketing strategy. Along with it comes a trustworthy supplier. Otherwise, your money and efforts in your brand can disappear as if they never existed.

Sourcing manufacturers is an ongoing process. After all, any counterpart can increase prices, modify the assortment, lower quality, or even go bankrupt, and you will then need to look for a new partner. Below, we have collected some tips on how to find suppliers for Amazon FBA and avoid fraud.

Why Work with Suppliers for Amazon FBA?

If you strive for the flexibility to manage goods for your business rather than working directly with a manufactory, think of cooperating with a wholesaler. They already have fabricated goods to pick from, so you do not have to handle goods development or check raw materials.

Is this wholesaler a right fit for your brand? To begin with, it will depend on what goods you want to sell. Use SellerSonar’s FBA calculator for expenditures and profit margin estimation. This simple step will allow you to analyze the item’s potential before starting to sell it. Then, if you are satisfied, source the goods from a wholesaler.

Which Amazon FBA Supplier to Source from?

One of the most crucial steps is finding a trustworthy supplier that provides fair prices and working conditions. Let’s examine where to look for your AMZ FBA wholesale supplier and check their reliability.

To start with, the minimum criteria your Amazon wholesaler should meet are the following:

  • Low pricing. Fair enough for you to still earn money on it after subtracting all AMZ fees.
  • Accountability for any issues with quality. A wholesaler should remain responsible for any problem with product quality and be ready to fix it without delay. 
  • Trustworthiness. Especially at the first stage, picking a reliable supplier is vital. Your business’s future fate might depend on whether this start is successful.
  • Open and easy communication. There should always be an option to reach the supplier promptly.
  • Accepts third-party examinations. A good wholesaler will agree to inspect their merchandise by a third party before delivery.

How to Find Suppliers for Amazon FBA?

There are plenty of places to look for Amazon suppliers. Below are some of the most popular ones:

Trade shows

Usually, some of the most popular trade shows are actually for wholesale. Large shows gather suppliers from different industries, which helps explore your possibilities if you are new to AMZ wholesale sourcing. However, in case you are looking for a certain category of goods, it is better to explore trade shows on the Internet in advance. Then, by making a calendar of the forthcoming trade shows you would like to attend, you will fit your schedule for such events.

It is definitely worth taking your time to visit trade shows. Such events give you the possibility to see goods in real life before you engage in ordering them and, what is more important, allow you to communicate with suppliers to develop a relationship.

In case you are unable to visit the trade show, at least spare some time by scrolling the event website. Register, and you will see who’s attending and the contact details.

Google searches

A simple Internet search with the proper terms will bring up many wholesalers. Sure thing, research does not end with discovering a supplier — you will still have to vet each yourself.

Besides, feel free to use YouTube to find wholesalers. It provides you with the chance to check items in action.


A quick way to connect with reputed suppliers is to utilize wholesale directories. Though you might have to pay, discovering suppliers in your category is easy. If you pick a trustworthy directory, you will know that all the suppliers have already been verified.

Best-sellers on Amazon

Trying to offer the best-ranking items on AMZ is an approach doomed for failure. Such products already have so many competitors that you won’t stand any chance in this game. Nonetheless, you can check Amazon’s best-seller list for items growing in popularity. It is a good idea to choose a category at this point to specify your options.

Then, keep in mind these criteria:

  • The item ranking is between 1,000 and 10,000 in its main category.
  • At least ten merchants are offering the goods, but neither AMZ nor the manufacturer is stated as a merchant.
  • The product has at least ten reviews.
  • The product sees more than 300 sales per month.
  • The product is selling for more than $20. Otherwise, your profit margins will be too low. 

As soon as you use such criteria to develop a shortlist of alternatives, you will have to verify if the suppliers sell their items wholesale. Besides, you need to clarify if there are any distributors of such products.

Goods themselves

Any item you see on the platform will have the producer’s name and contact information printed either on the goods themselves or their packaging. So record these details if you find an item you are interested in selling.

It’s a particularly great strategy for selling local products. You might have no or little competition on AMZ, allowing you to launch a local brand to a wide audience. Look for goods completely different from anything you would find elsewhere in your country (or even across the globe), such as food.

Local or Overseas Suppliers for Amazon? 

Sourcing your goods from local wholesales has its perks. It reduces the transit time and, consequently, ensures you receive your items early. Besides, it allows you to keep tabs on merchandise quality and guarantees there’s no miscommunication between your team and wholesaler. 

On the other hand, Chinese manufacturers often end up providing lower prices than local suppliers. As you know, winning the Amazon Buy Box can depend on thin profit margins.

However, you must consider many factors like item cost, shipping times, logistics, and taxes before you finally decide on your wholesaler. A successful AMZ merchant always keeps their options open.

How to Reach out to and Negotiate with Wholesale Suppliers?

Now that you have your Amazon suppliers list, the next step is contacting them. Treat this task as a job interview where you must ensure wholesales are worth doing business with. 

Contact the wholesaler’s brand representatives, sales representatives, territory representatives, or brand managers. It would be awesome if you could find out more about the manufacturer and its brand representatives. Check out their website as well as LinkedIn or Facebook profiles.

Get in touch with them by sending a brief email first. In this email, state the following clearly:

  • You are a professional AMZ wholesale merchant.
  • You are running an authentic AMZ wholesale company.
  • You are aware of the ins and outs of this business.
  • You are able to pay on time, whenever required.
  • You are searching for a professional or long-term relationship.

Do not send the same message to all the wholesalers on the list. Instead, add some email marketing tactics and alter each copy.

Nonetheless, your query may be lost in a sea of messages. Call the suppliers online or over the phone after a week to follow up. During the conversation, stay professional and ask the proper questions. You can discuss with the wholesalers the following:

  • Their main headquarters.
  • The exact product name.
  • Product specifications (color, size, and weight).
  • Product сatalog.
  • Production time.
  • Quantity discounts.
  • Private labeling possibilities.
  • Extra cost if the orders are fast-tracked.
  • Payment schedule and method.
  • Shipping options.

Best Suppliers for Amazon FBA: Conclusion

To sum up, it’s up to you to determine which manufacturer fits your requirements. First, ensure you go through the checklist above to confirm that your suppliers are legitimate and that your products are of the best quality. Even after you discover the perfect supplier, there is plenty of work.

Once you have created your inventory, your next step is to ensure your products have enough product reviews.

And for that, there’s no better tool than SageMailer, which can greatly increase your chances of feedback generation and boost overall sales. Interested? We’ll provide you with a free 30-day trial when you sign up.