Are you someone who enjoys trying out new products? Would you like to test the latest gadgets and items without paying full price? Well, you’re in luck! Discover the world of being an Amazon product tester, where you can try out new items for free or at a discounted price and share your honest opinions.

That’s right – the marketplace offers a special chance for customers like you to test items and get paid. These can range from everyday items to the newest high-tech gadgets. And all they ask for in return is your honest feedback.

You might think it sounds too good to be true, but it’s not! Amazon is genuinely interested in hearing your opinions and experiences with their products to help other customers make informed decisions.

So, if you’re interested and want to learn more on how to become an Amazon tester, just keep reading!

How to Become a Product Tester for Amazon

What Is an Amazon Product Tester? 

Being an Amazon product tester means you get to explore a wide range of goods. In return for receiving these products, Amazon expects you to share your genuine thoughts and feedback about them.

In some cases, sellers may request your evaluation of the packaging, shipping process, and overall customer service experience. It’s crucial to provide an honest and comprehensive review on Amazon’s website, detailing your thoughts and experiences with the product.

Thus, you can actively contribute to the improvement of merchandise and help shape the shopping experience for others. It’s an exciting opportunity for those who love trying out new things and providing their honest opinions. As an Amazon tester, you become an integral part of the feedback loop, helping sellers refine their offerings and ensuring that future customers make well-informed choices.

Do Reviews Benefit Sellers?

Positive reviews play a crucial role in gaining visibility as a new seller on AMZ and providing valuable information to potential buyers. When encountering lesser-known brands with intriguing offerings, customers are eager to learn more about the seller through reviews.

Studies indicate that over 90% of consumers regularly or occasionally check online reviews, emphasizing their significant influence. Moreover, 49% of consumers trust internet reviews as much as personal recommendations. Therefore, publishing reviews is essential for establishing credibility and driving sales on your new online store.

One effective strategy for managing reviews and feedback is using third-party feedback management tools like SageMailer.  These tools provide sellers with valuable features and insights to enhance their reputation and customer satisfaction. Sign up free 30-day trial and benefit from software that can make your customer experience and sales soar.

How can SageMailer help sellers boost sales? 

  • Streamlined review management: SageMailer offers a centralized platform where sellers can conveniently monitor and respond to reviews from multiple Amazon marketplaces. It allows to address customer concerns and maintain a positive online reputation promptly.
  • Automated feedback requests: SageMailer uses the “Request a Review” button in Seller Central, so it’s safe and 100% compliant with Amazon rules. Through customizable templates and scheduling options, you can efficiently send polite and personalized requests to buyers, increasing the likelihood of receiving valuable feedback.
  • Review analytics and insights: SageMailer’s AMZ review analytics provide you with more details for each of your ASINs. In addition, informative graphs visualize how your reviews are distributed across the days, months, and the five-star system. This information helps sellers understand trends, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to enhance their products and customer experience.
  • Review monitoring and notifications: This tool enables sellers to track their reviews in real-time and receive instant notifications for new feedback. This proactive approach lets sellers stay informed and promptly respond to positive and negative reviews, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction.
SageMailer Dashboard

SageMailer Dashboard

Methods to Become an Amazon Product Tester

How to be a product tester?  Being an Amazon tester not only comes with perks like receiving free or discounted products but can also serve as a legitimate side hustle if you consistently post high-quality reviews. If you’re interested in testing Amazon products and getting paid, there are several avenues you can explore.

Methods to Become an Amazon Product Tester

Amazon Vine Program

The Amazon Vine Program is an exclusive invitation-only initiative where established reviewers, known as Vine Voices, are selected to receive free items from Amazon sellers. These selected individuals have a proven track record of providing insightful and helpful reviews.

The Amazon reviewer program encourages Vine Voices to write authentic and unbiased reviews, focusing on the product’s features, benefits, and any areas for improvement. These reviews are shared on Amazon’s product pages to assist potential buyers in making informed choices.

Being a part of the Vine Program can elevate your status as a trusted and respected reviewer, opening up opportunities for additional product testing and partnerships with brands looking to collaborate with influential voices in the AMZ community.

Reviewer websites and communities

Reviewer websites and online communities provide a platform for connecting a product tester with a seller seeking feedback. These platforms act as intermediaries, facilitating getting free or discounted products in exchange for honest reviews.

Through these websites and communities, you can explore various product categories and discover exciting opportunities to test and review items that align with your interests and expertise.

Many websites and communities have established guidelines to ensure the integrity of the review process. It’s important to follow these guidelines and provide thorough, unbiased, and genuine feedback to maintain the trust of sellers and other users.

Engaging with these platforms allows you to receive Amazon review products to test and provides opportunities to interact with fellow testers, exchange tips and advice, and build connections within the product testing community.

By actively participating in reviewer websites and communities, you can enhance your reputation as a reliable and knowledgeable product tester, potentially leading to more opportunities and partnerships with sellers and brands.

Building influence as a product tester

Building influence as a product tester involves consistently providing high-quality, detailed, and honest reviews on platforms like Amazon. You can gain recognition and credibility within the Amazon community by demonstrating your expertise and thoughtfulness in your reviews.

Actively engaging with other reviewers and customers by responding to comments and questions on your reviews can further enhance your influence. It shows your dedication to helping others and establishes you as a reliable source of information.

Sharing your reviews on social media platforms or personal blogs can expand your reach and attract a broader audience. It can help increase your visibility as Amazon testers and attract potential collaborations or sponsorships.

It’s important to focus on building a reputation for integrity and transparency. Providing honest feedback, even if it includes both positive and negative aspects of a product, demonstrates your commitment to helping others make informed decisions.

As you grow your influence, sellers and brands may start reaching out to you directly with product testing opportunities, creating additional avenues for testing and potential financial compensation for your services.

Third-party product testing programs

So, how to become an Amazon product tester on third-party services? Independent websites dedicated to Amazon reviews offer consumers the chance to obtain discounted or complimentary items in exchange for writing reviews. These platforms operate separately from Amazon Vine, granting them flexibility in their policies and procedures.

Despite this autonomy, many sellers value review sites as they provide invaluable feedback before their products hit the market. For sellers, detailed and genuine reviews are crucial for product improvement and increased sales.

There is a wide selection of AMZ review websites, and it is crucial to review each platform’s guidelines before registering. Some platforms may require specific qualifications or have distinct review criteria, so finding the one that aligns with your preferences is essential.

Here are a few websites worth considering, if you wish to test products for Amazon and get paid.


Snagshout provides a fantastic opportunity to enjoy discounts, promo codes, and cashback on your Amazon purchases. By taking advantage of these offers, you can test and review various items at a significantly reduced cost, increasing your chances of becoming an invited Vine Voice.


With myRebateBuddy, you can harness the power of a Telegram bot. Simply download Telegram and start claiming offers. Brands seeking honest evaluations will provide you with products, and in return for your efforts, you can receive cashback or rebates via PayPal.


Rebaid offers an incredible opportunity to access products with up to 100% discounts. By utilizing Rebaid and making your purchases through Amazon, you can have free or heavily discounted items conveniently delivered to your doorstep.


As a platform focused on Amazon, Vipon is an excellent choice for obtaining substantial discounts and raising awareness through customer coupon codes. By leveraging these discounts, you can make significant savings while contributing valuable reviews.

How to Test Products for Amazon: Addressing the Issue of Fake Reviews

As an Amazon product tester, addressing the issue of fake reviews is vital to maintaining the integrity of the testing and review process. Here are some steps that can be taken to tackle this problem and ensure the authenticity of reviews:

  • Reliable testing and feedback: As a product tester, your role is to provide genuine and honest feedback based on your experience with the product. By conducting thorough and unbiased testing and sharing your authentic opinions, you contribute to the credibility of the review system.
  • Reporting suspicious activity: If you come across any suspicious or potentially fake reviews during your testing process, it’s essential to report them to Amazon or the respective platform. By reporting such cases, you help alert the platform administrators, who can take appropriate action to investigate and address the issue.
  • Engaging in review verification processes: As an AMZ product tester, you can support the platform’s efforts to combat fake reviews by participating in review verification processes. This may involve verifying your purchases or providing additional information to validate the authenticity of your reviews.
  • Following ethical guidelines: Adhering to ethical guidelines and policies provided by Amazon or the specific testing program is crucial. It includes refraining from engaging in any activities that may compromise the integrity of the review system, such as posting fake reviews or accepting incentives in exchange for biased feedback.
  • Promoting transparency and honesty: By promoting transparency and honesty in your testing and reviews, you set a positive example for other testers and contribute to a trustworthy review ecosystem. Clearly stating that your reviews are based on genuine experiences can help build trust among potential buyers.

Compensation and Benefits for Amazon Product Testers 

Product reviewers for Amazon enjoy various forms of compensation and benefits for their participation in testing programs. Here are some common forms:

  • Free or discounted products: One of the primary benefits of being an Amazon product tester is the opportunity to receive free or heavily discounted products. Testers can explore various items, including electronics, household goods, beauty products, and more, without bearing the total retail cost.
  • Cash payments or gift cards: Besides receiving products, some testing programs may offer cash payments or gift cards as compensation for participating in specific tests or providing detailed feedback. These payments can serve as additional rewards for testers’ time and effort.
  • Access to exclusive products: Amazon product testers often gain access to exclusive products or pre-release items before they are available to the general public. This enables testers to experience and provide feedback on cutting-edge or upcoming products.
  • Influence and recognition: Product testers can establish themselves as trusted voices within the Amazon community through their testing and feedback. This recognition can lead to opportunities for collaboration with sellers, invitations to exclusive testing programs, or increased visibility as a credible reviewer.
  • Impact on product development: By sharing honest opinions and feedback, testers play a crucial role in product development. Sellers value the insights testers provide, which can lead to product enhancements, adjustments, or improvements based on their recommendations.

How to Review Products for Amazon. Final Thoughts: 

Engaging in the role of an Amazon product reviewer offers numerous advantages, including obtaining complimentary products and connecting with fellow enthusiasts. However, it’s crucial to understand that establishing yourself as a dependable and credible reviewer requires commitment, perseverance, and time investment. Also, being a product tester is not considered a formal employment position as it doesn’t involve receiving a regular salary or commissions.

If you want to explore avenues beyond receiving free or discounted products and aim to generate income on Amazon, how about starting your own selling business? With strategic planning and helpful tools like SageMailer, you can grow reviews and generate constant sales. 

Ready to try? Check out our blog for more useful Amazon tips. Good luck!

What is an Amazon product tester?

What is an Amazon product tester?
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How can I become an Amazon Vine Voice?
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Are there any specific requirements or qualifications to become an Amazon product tester?
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Can I keep the products I test on Amazon?