Apparently enough, the most popular e-commerce platform in the world is bound to have millions of trending products that grow on its users with unbridled intensity. Yes, Amazon features myriads of popular goods that buyers can’t get enough of using, and manufacturers won’t stop producing. Generally speaking, all goods sold on Amazon are helpful and likable to an average user. However, there are always the “chosen” ones that appeal to buyers more often — the best-selling products on Amazon.

In the past couple of years, Amazon has had its finest hour regarding its success with sales and customer retention. Today, this innovative digital platform accounts for nearly half the profits of the electronic commerce industry. The challenges the world was going through, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, have largely contributed to the growth of Amazon. Internet buyers broke bad into online shopping even more avidly. At the same time, those who preferred the good old way of buying at land-based stores took up the habit of purchasing goods online, too.

Before we list the hottest goods on Amazon of 2024 to date, let’s try to make an in-depth prognosis of the platform this year. 

2024 for Amazon: Numbers and Facts

What are the best-selling products on Amazon? As the indisputable leader of modern online shopping, Amazon demonstrates outstanding performance annually. Its ongoing commercial success has become a huge inspiration for the entire industry, setting brand-new standards for other giants of electronic commerce. And the previous years were no exceptions for the iconic e-commerce platform, bringing it mind-boggling revenues and wins.

The statistics of how well the platform has been doing throughout the last couple of years and the fresh dynamics can help see Amazon’s prospects in 2024 more vividly. Now, we’re disclosing the greatest highlights of the platform so far!

  • Amazon’s global user base exceeds 310 million active individuals.
  • 51% of users leverage Amazon for product research.
  • The United States contributes a significant 230 million customers to Amazon’s user community.
  • Over 2 million active sellers actively engage with the platform.
  • Amazon has an impressive daily sales figure of $1.4 billion.
  • Third-party sellers make up a substantial 60% of Amazon’s diverse seller base.
  • The United States hosts over 1.1 million Amazon sellers.
  • In 2023, Amazon generated a substantial revenue of over $554.02 billion.
  • The Amazon Prime membership exceeds 200 million individuals worldwide.
  • Amazon operates in more than 100 countries and has 20 marketplaces globally

Top-Selling Items on Amazon

How to find the best-selling products on Amazon? To begin with, when talking about the most purchased items on Amazon, it doesn’t always mean that your task is to switch to these specific items. Instead, make sure your final decision about the product is based on many factors, for instance, market demand, competition, and your particular business situation.

No strategy can guarantee you will pick products that are bestsellers to sell them on Amazon all the time. Thus, you need to try out a few different categories. In addition to this, when you are looking to include some new goods, you should study the market and perform product research to make sure the items are still in high demand as soon as you set up the process. At the same time, don’t forget about the basics: keeping an eye on the growth of your sales, recognition of your brand, and the loyalty and satisfaction of your customers. It is a key to attracting clients and an answer to the question of how to get an Amazon best-seller badge

However, don’t forget that your efforts should fairly pay off.  Nowadays, it seems that personal care products, office products, groceries, and fitness equipment are some of the best items to list on the Amazon platform in 2024.

 We hope that the information we have covered here will inspire you to develop a working business idea. However, to get you to maximize the chances of doing it right, let’s delve a bit deeper.

What Are the Products, Then?

Now, we have finally moved to listing top-selling items on Amazon! The products we are about to mention are bought most frequently and boast the highest rate of interest from users. So, brace yourself up!

1.The Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler.



It is a popular Amazon product that has gained significant attention for its practical design and functionality. This durable tumbler, equipped with a lid and straw, is ideal for keeping beverages like water, iced tea, or coffee at the perfect temperature. Its stainless steel construction ensures long-lasting insulation, making it a favorite among users who value style and performance in their on-the-go drinkware.

2. THE GYM PEOPLE Thick High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets.

Yoga Pants with Pockets

They are specially designed for women engaged in workouts, running, or yoga sessions. These leggings not only provide tummy control but also come with convenient pockets, combining style with functionality. The thick and high-waisted design ensures comfort and support during various physical activities, making them a sought-after choice for fitness enthusiasts looking for reliable and stylish workout attire.

3. LEGO Roses Building Kit. 


For those seeking a unique and engaging gift for Valentine’s Day, this creative kit allows you to construct beautiful roses using LEGO bricks, offering a distinctive and lasting token of affection. It appeals to both LEGO enthusiasts and those looking for a thoughtful and unconventional gift to celebrate love and special occasions.

4. Apple AirTag. 

Appple airtag

In the realm of tech accessories, it has emerged as a best-selling product on Amazon. This small but powerful device helps users keep track of their belongings by attaching them to items like keys or bags. With the support of the Find My app, Apple AirTag has gained popularity for its precision in locating lost items, offering a practical solution to a common problem.

5. Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil. 

Oil for All Hair Types

It is a well-received beauty product catering to all hair types. Renowned for its natural ingredients, including rosemary and mint, this oil provides essential nourishment to the scalp and hair, promoting strength and vitality. Its popularity on Amazon speaks to the increasing demand for organic and effective hair care solutions, especially for those looking to enhance the health and appearance of their locks.

How Can SageMailer Help You Grow on Amazon?

SageMailer Dashboard

SageMailer Dashboard

Whatever item you choose to sell, SageMailer can significantly benefit you as a seller on Amazon by enhancing your reputation, increasing customer satisfaction, and optimizing your overall performance.

This tool can aid in generating passive feedback on Amazon by automating the process of requesting and managing reviews from customers. By setting up automated email campaigns through Sagemailer, you can systematically reach out to buyers, encourage them to leave feedback and gather valuable insights.

More positive reviews often lead to increased trust from potential buyers, which can result in higher conversion rates and improved sales. Additionally, positive feedback may improve your product rankings on Amazon, making your listings more visible to customers and further boosting sales.

Moreover, it provides a centralized dashboard for monitoring all buyer feedback, star ratings, and reviews. This ensures that no review goes unnoticed, allowing sellers to respond quickly and appropriately. You can export reviews in CSV format to get valuable data that can be analyzed for trends and patterns.

Finally, SageMailer is compatible with all Amazon Seller Centrals, allowing sellers to seamlessly integrate multiple online marketplaces. This means you don’t incur additional costs when adding a new marketplace. It allows you to expand your reach and engage with customers across various Amazon platforms, facilitating global selling.

Best-Selling Items on Amazon: Final Thoughts 

Top items to sell on Amazon are constantly changing, and there is no silver bullet for doing it right all the time. Nonetheless, the main point for deciding what products to sell on the platform remains the same.

Delivering goods of value and paying attention to customer reviews is more crucial than ever before. So, offer budget-friendly and unique items with minimal competition to achieve success on the platform. Of course, the competition there is high, so it’s better to ensure you are able to provide something valuable, minimize your shipping costs, and take into account the price range.

To sum up, even though Amazon is considered one of the most profitable marketplaces to work with, there is no need to limit your sales opportunities to one popular category. Instead, learn about most selling products on similar e-commerce sites, check what works for you best, and don’t be afraid of diversifying across several categories while improving customer service!