Unlocking the world of online retail requires sellers to navigate through a myriad of technicalities; one such crucial element is the EAN number. As a seller, understanding the Amazon EAN number significance is paramount to success in the e-commerce landscape.

EAN, short for European Article Number, is a unique 13-digit identifier assigned to products globally.

This post delves into the importance of EAN numbers on Amazon and how they streamline product listing and inventory management. Discover why this universal code is a powerful tool for improving visibility, ensuring product authenticity, and optimizing the overall shopping experience for customers. Whether you’re a seasoned seller or just starting out, grasp the essentials of EAN numbers and harness their potential to enhance your Amazon selling journey.

What Is EAN Number on Amazon?

EAN, or European Article Number, is a standardized global barcode system to uniquely identify products. It consists of a 13-digit number that serves as a product identifier. Sellers and manufacturers typically apply EAN in Europe and internationally, while U.S. and Canada use UPC.

By scanning or inputting the EAN number into a system, retailers and consumers can access detailed information about a product, such as its manufacturer, brand, and specifications. EAN codes facilitate seamless integration between manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, ensuring accurate product identification, reducing errors, and improving operational efficiency.

Each EAN number is associated with a specific product, allowing retailers and consumers to quickly and accurately identify and track items. These numbers play a vital role in supply chain management, pricing, and stock control. They enable seamless integration between manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, ensuring accurate product identification, reducing errors, and enhancing overall operational efficiency. By leveraging EAN numbers, sellers can effectively manage their inventory, improve product visibility, and enhance the shopping experience for customers.

EAN example

EAN example

EAN significance on Amazon

On the Amazon platform, the significance of EAN numbers cannot be overstated. These unique 13-digit identifiers play a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth selling experience for Amazon sellers. Here’s why these numbers are vital.

Product listing

EAN numbers enable accurate product identification and categorization on Amazon. By associating your products with their respective Amazon EAN numbers, you increase the visibility of your listings and make it easier for customers to find and purchase your items.

Inventory management

EAN numbers streamline inventory management on Amazon. They help prevent duplicate listings and ensure that Amazon can correctly track your products within the platform. That reduces the risk of overselling or running out of stock, leading to improved operational efficiency.

Authenticity and trust

EAN numbers contribute to product authenticity and customer trust. They help verify that your products are legitimate and not counterfeit. Amazon prioritizes authentic listings, and using these numbers strengthens your credibility as a seller.

Global reach

EAN numbers are globally recognized, allowing your products to reach a broader customer base. They facilitate cross-border selling and make it easier to expand your business internationally on Amazon’s global marketplaces.

Enhanced shopping experience

EAN numbers enable customers to make informed purchasing decisions. Shoppers can compare products, read reviews, and access detailed product information by scanning or searching for these numbers, leading to a more satisfactory shopping experience.

Understanding EAN

Understanding the EAN number Amazon is crucial for businesses as it enables accurate product identification, streamlined inventory management, and seamless integration within supply chains, leading to improved operational efficiency. It also enhances customer trust and satisfaction by ensuring product authenticity, facilitating reliable tracking, and enabling efficient product comparisons, ultimately contributing to a positive shopping experience.

EAN definition

EAN, or European Article Number, is a standardized barcode system used globally to uniquely identify products. It is a numeric code assigned to a specific item, allowing for accurate and efficient product identification throughout the supply chain. EAN numbers are used in various industries, including retail and e-commerce, to streamline inventory management, pricing, and sales processes.

13-digit EAN structure

European Article Number typically contains 13 digits. The 13-digit EAN follows a specific structure. The first three digits represent the country or region code, indicating the country where the EAN was assigned. The following nine digits are the unique product identifier the manufacturer or brand owner assigns. The last digit is a check digit used for error detection, ensuring the accuracy of the EAN number. This structure allows for globally unique identification and efficient tracking of products in various industries.

Difference between EAN and other barcode types

EAN is just one type of barcode used for product identification, and it has some key differences compared to other barcode types, such as UPC (Universal Product Code) and ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). Understanding these differences is essential for sellers operating in different regions or platforms, as it helps ensure compliance with specific barcode requirements and facilitates seamless integration within the respective systems. Here are the main differences.

Regional variation

Amazon EAN barcode is primarily used internationally, while UPC is predominantly used in the United States and Canada. European Article Number codes have a 13-digit structure, while UPC codes have a 12-digit structure.

Global vs. platform-specific

EAN is a globally recognized barcode system used across various industries and platforms, not limited to any specific retailer. UPC, on the other hand, is commonly used for retail products in North America. ASIN, specifically used on Amazon, is an alphanumeric identifier assigned by Amazon for product listings on its platform.

Product identification

EAN and UPC both serve as unique identifiers for products, allowing for accurate tracking and inventory management. However, EAN codes offer more granular regional and country-specific identification, while UPC codes are primarily associated with a specific product globally.

Structure and number of digits

European Article Number and UPC have different digit structures. EAN consists of 13 digits, while UPC consists of 12 digits. The digits in the codes serve different purposes, including identifying the country or region, manufacturer, and product.



Purpose and application

EAN and UPC are commonly used in retail environments for point-of-sale scanning, inventory management, and supply chain logistics. ASIN, on the other hand, is specific to Amazon and is used to uniquely identify products within the Amazon marketplace.

How to obtain an EAN?

There are a few methods to acquire EAN for your products. It’s worth noting that using counterfeit or invalid EAN numbers is not recommended, as it can lead to issues with product authenticity, brand reputation, and compliance with platform guidelines. It’s best to acquire EAN numbers through legitimate means to ensure proper identification and integration within the supply chain.

GS1 Membership

GS1 is a global organization that administers and assigns EAN numbers. By becoming a member of GS1, you can obtain a unique company prefix and generate EAN numbers for your products. This method is recommended for businesses with a significant product lineup and long-term plans.


You can purchase European Article Numbers from authorized resellers. These resellers have already obtained a batch of EAN numbers from GS1 and sold them to businesses in smaller quantities. However, it’s important to ensure that the reseller is legitimate and the EAN numbers they provide are genuine and globally recognized.


If you collaborate with a manufacturer or distributor, they may provide you with European Article Numbers for the products they supply to you. This method is suitable for businesses that rely on a specific supplier for their inventory.

Utilizing EAN on Amazon

Adding EAN to your products on Amazon is essential for effective product listing and optimal selling performance. By incorporating EAN numbers into your listings, you enhance product visibility, improve inventory management, and streamline the overall selling process.

Examples of using EAN on Amazon

Using European Article Number on Amazon provides several benefits for sellers. Here are a few examples of how EAN can be effectively utilized on the platform. These examples highlight how utilizing EAN on Amazon benefits sellers by improving product visibility, streamlining inventory management, ensuring authenticity, and enabling cross-border selling. Incorporating EAN numbers into your product listings can significantly enhance your selling performance and provide a better shopping experience for customers.

Accurate product identification

When creating a product listing on Amazon, associating the correct EAN with your product ensures accurate identification and categorization. For example, if you’re selling a specific brand of headphones, providing the corresponding EAN number allows Amazon’s search algorithms to match your listing with relevant search queries, increasing the chances of your product being discovered by potential customers.

Streamlined inventory management

EAN numbers play a crucial role in inventory management on Amazon. By associating each product variant or item with a unique EAN, sellers can easily track and manage their inventory levels. For instance, if you offer different colors or sizes of a clothing item, assigning separate EAN numbers to each variant allows for accurate tracking and prevents overselling or stockouts.

Improved product visibility

EAN-based searches on Amazon help improve the visibility of your products. When customers search for specific products using EAN numbers, your listings have a higher chance of appearing in the search results, increasing exposure and potential sales. That is particularly effective when targeting customers who prefer searching by EAN rather than product keywords.

Enhanced product authenticity

By using valid EAN numbers, sellers establish product authenticity and build trust with customers. Authentic EANs assure customers that the products they purchase are genuine and not counterfeit. That is particularly important for brands that want to differentiate themselves and prioritize customer trust.

Cross-border selling

EAN numbers facilitate cross-border selling on Amazon’s international marketplaces. If you have a product that you want to list on multiple Amazon sites, using EAN numbers ensures consistency across different marketplaces and simplifies the listing process. That allows you to expand your reach and sell to customers in various countries.

How to add EAN to your products on Amazon?

To add EAN to your products on Amazon, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Ensure GS1 membership

If you have a GS1 membership and have obtained valid European Article Numbers for your products, proceed to the next steps. If not, you can explore options like purchasing EAN numbers from authorized resellers.

Step 2. Go to “Manage Inventory”

In Seller Central, navigate to the “Inventory” tab and select “Manage Inventory.” This section allows you to view and edit your product listings.

Step 3. Select the product

Choose the product to which you want to add the EAN. You can either search for it using its ASIN or locate it within your inventory.

Step 4. Edit product details

Click on the product to open its listing details. Look for the option to edit the product information or the “Edit” button.

Step 5. Enter EAN for Amazon

In the product details section, find the field where you can enter the EAN number. Input the correct 13-digit EAN number associated with your product. Ensure the number is accurate and valid.

Step 6. Save changes

After entering the EAN, save the changes to update the product listing. Amazon will verify the EAN number, and once validated, it will be associated with your product.

Step 7. Review and repeat

Go through your other product listings and repeat the process of adding the respective EAN numbers to each product.

How Can EAN Help Attracting Customers?

In addition to other benefits, you can leverage EAN numbers as a fundamental element in customer data analysis, communication, feedback management, and campaign analytics. It helps optimize your strategies, improve customer experiences, and make data-driven decisions to drive business growth on Amazon.

EAN-based customer data

You can utilize EAN numbers to associate customer data with specific products. By linking customer interactions, feedback, and campaign analytics to EAN numbers, sellers can gain insights into the performance and impact of individual products on their sales and marketing efforts.

EAN-driven communication

You can integrate European Article Numbers into its communication features, allowing sellers to send targeted messages to customers based on their purchases. By utilizing EAN, the tool can automate personalized emails, notifications, or follow-ups specific to the product associated with the EAN number, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

EAN-enhanced feedback management

Feedback management can be aligned with European Article Numbers. Sellers can track and respond to customer reviews and feedback associated with specific EANs, enabling efficient management of product-specific feedback and addressing customer concerns promptly.

EAN-linked campaign analytics

You can incorporate EAN numbers into its campaign analytics module. By connecting EANs to campaign data, sellers can gain insights into the performance of specific products within their email campaigns, allowing for more precise measurement of customer engagement and conversion rates.

How to enhance EAN-driven customer communication?

To enhance EAN-driven customer communication, you can use Amazon seller tools like SageMailer. Utilize SageMailer’s personalized email features, such as targeted messages and automated responses, to effectively engage customers based on their EAN-linked purchases, ensuring a tailored and impactful communication experience.

SageMailer is the ultimate Amazon seller tool designed to optimize communication, manage feedback, and enhance the overall selling experience on the platform. With a range of valuable features, SageMailer empowers sellers to excel in their Amazon journey.

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Powerful Amazon Review Emails: Boost your Amazon feedback generation with two options: leverage Amazon’s “Request a Review” button or utilize professional Buyer-Seller messaging templates.

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In conclusion, understanding the significance of EAN on Amazon is crucial for successful selling on the platform. By incorporating EAN numbers into your product listings, you enhance visibility, streamline inventory management, and establish trust with customers. With EAN, you can accurately categorize products, improve search rankings, and provide a seamless shopping experience.

Additionally, tools like SageMailer can further enhance EAN-driven communication, feedback management, and overall selling experience on Amazon. By harnessing the power of EAN and leveraging the right tools, you can unlock new opportunities, reach a wider audience, and achieve greater success as an Amazon seller. Embrace the potential of EAN on Amazon and take your business to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions about EAN on Amazon

What if you don’t have an EAN?

If you don’t have an EAN, there are options available such as obtaining them through a GS1 membership or buying EAN numbers from authorized resellers. However, it’s important to comply with Amazon’s requirements and policies regarding product identification to ensure a smooth selling experience on the platform.

Can you use EAN from other sources?

It is important to obtain legitimate EAN numbers from trusted sources like GS1 to ensure compliance with Amazon’s requirements. Using EAN numbers from unauthorized or third-party sources can lead to listing issues and potential intellectual property concerns.

How to verify the validity of an EAN?

To verify the validity of an EAN (European Article Number), you can use online barcode verification tools provided by GS1 or other reputable sources. Simply input the EAN number into the verification tool, and it will confirm whether the EAN is valid and associated with the correct product information.

What to do if you encounter issues with EAN on Amazon?

If you encounter issues with EAN Amazon, it is advisable to reach out to Amazon Seller Support for assistance. They can help troubleshoot and provide guidance on resolving any problems related to EAN numbers, ensuring compliance with Amazon’s policies and requirements.