Even with the highest quality of Amazon’s delivery services, mistakes are still possible. Sometimes items will be lost in transportation. If that occurs, it may have a significant influence on your listings.

Why Amazon shipments get lost?

This problem is very actual for all retailers. Some things are always beyond our control. Transit by ship has many risks. One of them is the chance that the clients’ items can disappear or that their Amazon packages are delayed in transit.

Also, there are some known cases of package theft. They are really few, but not impossible. There is always a chance that the package was stolen by the postal courier or a porch pirate.

WWhen your client informs you that Amazon has lost their package, you must respond swiftly.

Amazon cares a lot about its customers. It is in Amazon’s interest to solve problems with missing shipments. Because if an item hasn’t reached its destination, it affects the client’s faith in the seller and Amazon.

Prevent them from filing a claim to Amazon about the lost package. Solve their problems right away. Getting Amazon involved will result in a drop in your popularity or worse.

How to track my items on Amazon?

Delivery is a very complicated process. Someone always can make a mistake, or something can go wrong. For example, your shipment can get lost or come late.

Mostly it is because of unforeseen circumstances. As soon as you receive the client’s request, it would be best to determine why the shipment is missing.

Amazon has a unique feature to check your shipments. You can track the item that is currently in transit to the destination using your Amazon account. Open the “order management” page. Choose a particular order using its tracking number.

What if customs hold up my shipment?

Many retailers sell goods abroad. It means that authorities can keep them up. If your shipment is stuck on the international border, transportation will take longer than usual.

When your delivery process stops, it is a very displeasing and nerve-wracking experience. Still, if you retail online in multiple countries, this problem is almost unavoidable. That’s why you should stay calm and be patient.

In the case of transit delay, notify the consumer as early as possible. Inform them that the Amazon package is delayed in transit, meaning they’ll have to wait a bit longer. Each client wants to know where their items are. Giving them at least approximate info can settle down their fear.

Dealing with local issues

Ensure that you have sent an accurate shipping address and order details. Slips happen, so you should ensure that you didn’t ship the box to the incorrect destination.

But what if the delivery address is right? We recommend you wait for 24 hours. Amazon orders that make it to the local postal center are sometimes classified by them as arrived.

The client could probably miss their delivery. After the failed delivery attempts, items often return to the local postal centers or post offices. Under this scenario, call the transportation firm to see how you can redeliver the item in the next 48 hours.

Should I use FBA to prevent such problems?

Many third-party sellers shift to using Fulfillment by Amazon to solve delivery issues. Under the FBA, the company will take care of the delivery. It ensures they’ll mail the package and take care of customer service. It is helpful to you as a retailer because it relieves some of your burdens.

Also, FBA can boost your reputation. Thanks to Amazon’s pre-shipment inspections, your clients know that they won’t be deceived.

Amazon Logistics is Amazon’s strong point. It proposes safety and professionalism in its shipping practices. It is also easier to observe your shipments thanks to the Amazon tracking TBA code(unique tracking number starting with TBA).

The platform tries its best to avoid any errors or transit delays for Amazon items. Still, slips can still occur. For example, what if the Amazon package was delivered to the wrong address?

Still, slips can still occur. For example, what if the Amazon package was delivered to the wrong address?

When a client reports he didn’t receive an Amazon package, tell them to reach Amazon. The company will investigate the problem.

But what if the shipment is registered as delivered, but buyers claim that Amazon has lost their package”? Maybe the courier has placed the package in the wrong location. Clients have discovered their boxes in a variety of unusual locations.

Some people who claimed that they have never received their Amazon package later found out that it was mistakenly delivered to their neighbors.

What if the shipment is nowhere to find?

Sometimes, the Amazon packages are lost in transit forever. One unfortunate day you may receive a message like this:

  • “Sorry, your package was lost in transit. Please contact for the next steps.”

What should you do if the Amazon package is lost in transit? If so, Amazon will repay you for any bad reviews you get due to their shipment issue in such a situation. Amazon will remove negative feedback and contact the seller, accepting guilt for the error..


Whatever the cause of the Amazon package being delayed in transit, timely interaction with the clients is critical. Any secrecy on your part will aggravate the situation.

For many buyers, online shopping is unreliable. If people think you are not responsible/honest enough, they’ll contact Amazon about their missing item.

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