Imagine this: you’ve purchased one of Amazon’s products, yet days and weeks have passed, and your AMZ package never arrived. But, on the other hand, the dealer is convinced that the box has already been delivered to you. So, where does the problem lie?

What should the seller do with complaints about delivery?

If you are one of the Amazon sellers and do your best to deliver the product to your customer, you will still have to face this situation sometimes. Not all shipping carriers are trustworthy, and your packages can get lost during delivery. Sometimes, although rarely, some mail carriers purposefully take the items to themselves.

If some of your buyers confront you because they didn’t receive the Amazon package yet, then you should act on the status of your delivery as soon as possible.

Amazon takes its customer service very seriously, and if an item is not sent on its expected time, it doesn’t only affect your reputation as a seller but also theirs. Therefore, you should look for reliable shipping companies. But if you choose the platform to ship your products, that will be less trouble for you, yet some problems may still arise, such as when Amazon did not receive a package.

It would help if you made it a priority to send your packages so that they reach the area where they should be. Note that if your packaging is small, it has more chances of getting lost. Other sellers are forced to ship their packages using larger boxes. But then, this will increase their cost of shipping. On the bright side, AMZ made specific guidelines for its sellers to follow as they wrap and ship customers’ orders.

How to Track Amazon Packages?

It is not 100% guaranteed that your shipper will complete its mission in sending your package to your customer. For that reason, when a customer complains, you should immediately investigate what happened.

You can track your package’s progress from the Seller Central Account. Just make sure you’ve entirely given AMZ the correct shipping information. Note that international packages can take some time as they need clearance from customs. Therefore, it’s advisable to let your customers know where their item is, so they don’t have to worry about having their AMZ package lost in transit.

If the Amazon package tracking information notifies you that the item has arrived at its destination, recheck your article to see if it has been delivered to the correct address. Wait one day, even if the address is valid, as some packages that have reached its region are sometimes considered delivered. In addition, a different person might be the one receiving the delivered product and might forget to tell the buyer. Therefore, you should keep track of the client.

FBA: let Amazon take the responsibility

Another option is to let AMZ take the responsibility of shipping your item by using “Fulfilled by Amazon,” and the company will handle customer service for you. Yes, you can trust the platform to ship your items, but errors are still possible, such as a customer never receiving a package from Amazon.

So, if a customer notifies you of a delivery problem, recommend them to contact AMZ, and the company will do a difficult job for you.

If negative feedback comes up on your product, the marketplace will make sure that the feedback is deleted, and they will take full responsibility for their missteps. You can consider our guide if you’re wondering how to get Amazon reviews.

What If Amazon Didn’t Receive a Package?

At times, items are returned to the seller after delivery. When this happens, you can reschedule another date for delivery with the shipping company. However, on the other side of the coin, if you let AMZ ship your product, it is also possible that Amazon did not receive a package. Thus, you have to do the same thing.

What Happens with Undeliverable Packages?

Sometimes packages are sent back to Amazon as undeliverable. When the carrier returns an undeliverable package to AMZ, the client will get a full refund plus the charges he/she paid for shipping.

Items that are given back to Amazon as undeliverable cannot be re-shipped again. However, if you are a buyer and insist on buying the same item considered undeliverable, you can place a new order on their website.

Once you discover your order cannot be sent and you didn’t receive confirmation of the replacement or refund of the item after four weeks from the expected delivery time, you should contact the marketplace.

What about Missing Parts and Details?

Customers may sometimes receive their packages on time but with missing parts or pieces. In this case, your items may be shipped separately. Thus they are delivered on different dates. For example, if a buyer has ordered a mobile device with a memory chip and paid for everything with a credit card. The phone may be sent first before the memory chip; they will possibly get a text from the carrier informing them about the second delivery. If the delivered product appears damaged, a buyer can ask for a refund or a replacement.

What Is the Amazon Delivery Guarantee?

The platform’s delivery guarantee policy will refund any shipping costs if buyers don’t get your delivery by the guaranteed date. 

For example, the “order within” timer gives clients a window of when their orders must be placed to get them on the given delivery date.

However, it might not be possible due to some changes in capacity and inventory before placing the order and getting confirmation.

Thus, the confirmed date is on the customer’s email receipt from AMZ and other info about their purchase, such as estimated arrival dates for goods ordered separately from yours (if applicable) and additional tracking information.

If for some reason, clients do not receive their goods within the promised time frame or they are damaged, they can get in touch with AMZ Customer Service and file a refund request.

Missing Packages Shipped with Amazon Prime

If a shopper is an AMZ Prime member and a product on their order never arrived, the processes we have already discussed apply. 

However, AMZ Prime participants also enjoy some additional sweeteners to ease the pain of non-delivery. Suppose Amazon Prime packages arrive outside the set time frame the platform provides shoppers at the time of purchase or never turn up at their door. In that case, buyers may be eligible for a free one-month subscription to the service, which is added as an extra month to the end of their plan’s expiry date.

Some customers have reported the marketplace has even given them discount vouchers, AMZ Prime discounts, and other bonuses. The platform appears to provide these benefits on an ad-hoc basis.

Conclusion: How Can SageMailer Help You Deal with Lost Packages? 

Sometimes, unforeseen issues may occur during order delivery. To minimize the impact of these factors on your seller rating or product reviews, it’s essential to set up the correct and flexible sequence of customer service emails.

Sagemailer’s feedback management service primarily focuses on managing and improving seller feedback and product reviews on Amazon. While it may not directly address the issue of a lost package in transit, utilizing the service can still be beneficial in the following ways. 

The service can actively monitor reviews and feedback related to the lost package. By staying on top of customer sentiments, sellers can address concerns promptly and demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Also, once the issue of the lost package is resolved, Sagemailer can assist in sending automated follow-up messages to buyers. This can help gather positive feedback by showcasing the seller’s dedication to resolving problems and ensuring customer satisfaction. By the way,  SageMailer provides ready-made templates that are available in multiple languages suitable for all Amazon Marketplaces. These templates can help you communicate with customers quickly and professionally, making it easier to manage your customer interactions.

Ready to try? Sign up for a  free 30-day trial and assess its effectiveness in growing your reviews and sales. 

What should I do if my Amazon package shows as “lost in transit”?

What should I do if my Amazon package shows as “lost in transit”?
How long should I wait before taking action if my package is marked as lost in transit?

How long should I wait before taking action if my package is marked as lost in transit?
Can I track my lost package through Amazon’s tracking system, and how do I do it?

Can I track my lost package through Amazon’s tracking system, and how do I do it?
What steps can I take to contact Amazon customer support about a lost package?

What steps can I take to contact Amazon customer support about a lost package?
Is there a process for filing a claim or requesting a refund for a lost package on Amazon?

Is there a process for filing a claim or requesting a refund for a lost package on Amazon?

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