Many retailers who enter the platform are not aware of Amazon Rules and Restrictions. It may cause a lot of trouble. What if you have an excellent idea, but you find out that your product lies in a restricted category? Today we will tell you how to get permission to sell the restricted types of goods!

Goods Controlled by Amazon Marketplace

Amazon approval is needed only in particular product categories. For instance, you must have an Amazon certification to sell software or electric unicycles. To sell Amazon restricted products, you need to send a unique application to Amazon.

Suppose you’re questioning why you need permission for these goods. In that case, you should know that Amazon cares a lot about its customers. The company aims to provide the highest quality of customer service. That’s why Amazon restricts uncertified sellers – to prevent fraud.

Also, Amazon realizes the importance of reliability in online shopping. That’s why it wants to narrow uncertainties. Allowing only the most reputable Amazon sellers to sell in specific categories improves the safety of each order.

For instance, clients expect a unique DVD or souvenir they bought isn’t any imitation or duplicate. Restricting sellers is a perfect strategy for achieving this goal.

How to Get Approval in Amazon Restricted Categories

All Amazon gated categories have their own requirements. We’ll tell you about the most general and fitting-the-most details and steps. That way, you will find our guide helpful in all categories!

Register a Wholesale Account

Let’s start with registering an Amazon business account. When creating it, you must type in the exact company location as in your Seller Central.

Also, those who own a Limited liability company often have a title distinct from their Amazon’s. In such a case, you are allowed to use both.

Buy Some Items

Access your account, look for several items in 3 distinct departments and buy ten of every chosen item. You can pick such categories as Movies and Television, Men’s fashion and Health, Households, Toys, and Games. Don’t overspend and buy cheap items—for example, ten pairs of socks, some cheap blu-rays, and skincare.

Thus, you’ll have an item in every chosen department. Also, keep in mind that your aim is getting permission, not earn money from selling these products. Still, you can search these items by filters (e.g., best clothes on Amazon in 2021) to increase the chance of reselling.

How to Get Receipt From Amazon

Please ensure that you’ve sent accurate info. After that, you’ll need to wait for your orders’ waybill. It is vital not to leave any writings on your receipts. Consider them as documents, so take good care of them!

When they arrive, make copies. They also shouldn’t be marked by pen or pencil.

We advise you to scan your receipt. It is effortless, and the quality of scans is much better than photos. But if you don’t have a scanner nearby, you can still use your phone’s camera. Ensure that you are taking pictures in a bright room and that they have high resolution.

Keep in mind that your waybill may not have your retailer name printed. In such a case, you’ll need to write it by yourself. Also, add the Universal Product Code, Amazon Standard Identification Number, and product ID for every item listed in the bill.

In some departments, retailers have to send photos instead of receipts. If you sell backpacks, suitcases, umbrellas, clothes, etc., please take pictures to get permission from Amazon approval services.

Give Your Application

Start by opening the Amazon website. Go to the department in which you would like to operate. There, you will see “approval to sell” forms.

Click on the one you need and mail it. After that, you’ll have to be patient. Amazon’s team tries its best to ensure a smooth application process. Still, you may receive your answer almost instantly or in a week.

If you want to raise the possibility of receiving an answer sooner, we have some advice for you! Mail your permission request during regular business hours.

When You’ve Received Your Answer

Suppose everything is right, huge congrats! You’ve ungated your Amazon selling privileges in gated categories! Now you can create your retailing strategy, list items, and optimize product listings.

It’s okay if you fail. You’ll receive an explanation of why Amazon’s ungating service dismissed your application. It will be a roadmap for the changes you should make before applying to sell again. Learn from your mistakes, improve your listings and get your well-deserved permission.


One of the most challenging problems you’ll face as a seller is adapting to limitations. Even though sellers can’t cancel some of them, you can abolish others via selling permission. All successful retailers require approval from Amazon to unlock more accountabilities!

Unrestricted Amazon categories give you access to a larger audience and new opportunities. Still, have some questions? For example, “what can I sell on Amazon without approval” and many others? Stay with us to get updated on the most incredible features of the platform!