Get ahead of your competitorsEver noticed that piece of paper nestled in your Amazon deliveries? That’s an Amazon product insert. These inserts are printed marketing materials slipped into packages by Amazon sellers. They often contain contact details, gratitude messages, social media links, or even review requests. Amazon insert cards are a powerful tool for businesses to maintain a connection with their customers even after the order has been shipped.

Navigating Amazon’s stance on product inserts can be tricky. This article aims to provide comprehensive insights into the realm of Amazon product inserts in 2023. It will delve into frequently asked questions about these inserts, shed light on their advantages, outline Amazon’s product insert card policy, and offer practical tips for using them effectively.

Understanding Amazon Product Inserts

An insert card is a tiny piece of paper or card used to advertise products/services. Producers put such promotional materials inside the boxes at the plant.

Amazon does not give retailers access to private client data. Because of that, direct contact with your clients via email is unavailable.

You should remember that every delivered item and Amazon box possesses immense potential. It can increase your sales and encourage new purchases and feedback. To apply that potential, insert cards and enter the scene. Let us look at the most popular questions about the usage of Amazon insert cards.

Complying with Amazon’s Rules

The Amazon Marketplace has no specific guidelines covering product inserts – they’re not banned, as some merchants would make you believe.

However, it’s all about how sellers employ them. Therefore, AMZ rules apply to merchant behavior regardless of whether they use product inserts, Buyer-Seller Messaging, or any other communication type.

The two crucial limitations that Amazon merchants should be aware of are the following:

  1. You can’t ask clients to share a positive review, give them the incentive to leave a review or try to divert negative feedback away from Amazon. It’s provided in the Customer product reviews policy.
  2. You can’t push AMZ clients to your site or try to divert the Amazon selling process. It’s provided in Amazon’s Seller Code of Conduct and Seller Policies.

It means that merchants can request reviews on AMZ product inserts, but not with no conditions or ways to manipulate what the buyers write. They are also prohibited from including a site or blog that takes clients away from the Amazon platform, such as their online store.

Amazon tries to enforce such rules to guarantee that feedback is as authentic and honest as possible and that customers are not driven away from the marketplace. It isn’t easy to fulfill so in practice.

A packaging insert that doesn’t adhere to AMZ policies can go undetected for a few months or even years. However, merchants not following the platform’s rules with their package inserts must understand the risks. Clients might report violations, or other sellers might search for them deliberately. AMZ detection practices might also change in the future, so you must keep track of all updates.

Designing Effective Package Inserts

An insert card for Amazon plays a crucial role When optimizing your customer’s unboxing experience and reinforcing your brand’s identity. These small yet impactful additions to your shipments can leave a lasting impression on customers and encourage brand loyalty. This paragraph will delve into five key strategies for designing effective package inserts that resonate with your customers and enhance your brand presence.

1. Keep it short

In a world filled with information overload, brevity is key. Your package insert’s message should be concise, getting to the point quickly and clearly. Avoid overwhelming recipients with lengthy paragraphs. Instead, use a few well-chosen words to communicate your appreciation, call to action, or other essential information.

Your logo is your visual identity, representing your brand at a glance. Including your logo on the package insert creates an instant connection between the customer and your brand. This small visual cue reinforces your brand’s presence and builds a sense of familiarity.

3. Keep the design simple

Simplicity often speaks louder than complexity. Opt for a clean, uncluttered design that guides the recipient’s eyes to the most important information. Use a consistent color scheme and fonts that align with your brand’s style, creating a cohesive and visually appealing package insert.

4. Make it outstanding

While simplicity is essential, your Amazon product insert template should still stand out. Consider using high-quality printing and materials that feel premium to the touch. A unique shape or creative layout can make your insert memorable and engaging.

5. Make it a targeted message card

Personalization goes a long way in building customer relationships. Craft package inserts that speak directly to the recipient. If feasible, tailor your message based on the customer’s purchase history, preferences, or any other relevant data. This level of personalization demonstrates that you value each customer individually.

Utilizing Package Inserts for Feedback

Package inserts are more than just an opportunity to extend appreciation and brand presence. They also serve as a valuable channel for soliciting feedback from your customers. Now let’s learn how to effectively utilize package inserts to gather feedback, enhance customer engagement, and drive continuous improvement.

1. How to gain feedback?

To gain income, every seller needs to gain product feedback. But it is crucial to drive sales to get this feedback. Unfortunately, this cycle is commonplace on the market.

Sellers use every opportunity to break from it. That is why packaging inserts play a vital role in online marketing strategies.

Include such sentences as “We look forward to hearing from you!”. They will drastically raise the likelihood of receiving feedback.

According to studies, seventy percent of clients will leave a review if you ask them directly. The request for feedback must be as impartial as feasible. It will help you to prevent the breaking of Amazon TOS.

What else? Beyond just relying on insert cards, you can use SageMailer as a comprehensive solution for gathering customer feedback. Through automated post-purchase emails, the tool ensures your customers receive personalized follow-up messages. These emails can include gentle reminders to encourage more responses. Besides, the platform’s analytics provide insights into the effectiveness of your feedback requests, enabling you to refine your approach. Ready to try? Check out a free 30-day trial!

2. How to accept ALL kinds of reviews?

Surely, insert cards are an excellent way to submit feedback, but they must be as unbiased as feasible. Amazon does not permit retailers to request clients for favorable reviews. Therefore, making your plea as fair as possible would be best.

There is no need to dread a lousy rating on your product detail page if you deliver a high-quality item. Nonetheless, it will be very thoughtful of you to allow clients to approach you directly. They will address their concerns, proposals, or problems.

 3. How to manage discount or review requests?

Many retailers often use their inserts to ask for feedback, whether it is positive or not. In addition, they often motivate customers for an awaited positive outcome.

Without a doubt, this is an extremely severe and widespread mistake. It is forbidden to motivate customers for positive ratings. It is a rule set by Amazon TOS.

“Leave your feedback on the product listing page and get ten percent off your next item!” — write a similar message, and you will get some serious problems.

Removing your negative feedback illegally is one more opportunity to get into trouble. So instead, find more info on the black-hat ways to do it and eligible cases for negative feedback removal.

Choose one out of two options: whether it will be discount vouchers or a request for product reviews. Sometimes it is enough to offer a discount to make the client send you feedback. However, you should not risk your reputation and even the ability to sell on Amazon to get some positive comments!

Creating a Positive Brand Image

It is vital to guarantee that your clients are appreciated. To achieve it, you need to master the client service. It is a complicated matter, and learning will take an immense amount of time. But it is worth it because an Amazon product insert can benefit you in various spheres.

Let us start by sending a positive message. Your card must include words and phrases that will encourage people to send you their feedback and recommendations. Ask them to express their proposals, thoughts, and problems to your support service.

Such a message will enable you to solve various clients’ problems. In the end, it prevents negative reviews. It also gives you a chance to gain vital information to further develop your products or services.

We also encourage you to enhance your customer service by using creativity! For example, include different treats in your package.

You can surprise your clients by offering discounts, special promo codes, or gift cards. You even can supply them with unique ideas for birthday gifts for family and friends. It can significantly improve your market performance. The buyers will feel your care and love, and your sales will increase!

Expressing Gratitude with Thank You Cards

Feel free to send “thank you” card inserts. It will further increase your credibility and improve your standing in the market. Express your respect and care to your clients. It is an essential condition for the right professional image.

Did you wonder how to send a “thank you” note on Amazon? There is no need to worry. Please keep it simple, do not use overly confusing words. Show your true feelings to your customers; they will love it.

Establishing Customer Communication

Insert cards are a powerful tool that goes beyond packaging aesthetics – they offer a direct line of communication with your customers. Below are the key aspects of leveraging insert cards to establish effective customer communication and foster a deeper connection.

1. How to include contact information?

Including your contact information on an insert card demonstrates your commitment to open communication. Here’s how to effectively incorporate it:

  • Clear placement: Position your contact details prominently on the insert card. This can be done alongside your logo or at the bottom for easy visibility.
  • Multiple channels: Provide various communication channels such as email, social media links, and customer service phone numbers. This allows customers to choose the most convenient way to reach out.
  • QR codes: Integrate a QR code that leads directly to your customer service or contact page. This simplifies the process for customers using smartphones.

2. How to encourage customer inquiries?

Encouraging customers to initiate inquiries can deepen their engagement with your brand. Here’s how to achieve that:

  • Warm language: Use friendly and inviting language to encourage questions. Express genuine interest in assisting customers with any queries they might have.
  • Open-ended prompts: Craft open-ended prompts that spark curiosity. For instance, ask customers if they’d like to know more about your products or share their thoughts.
  • Incentives: Offer a small incentive, such as a discount code or exclusive offer, to customers who reach out with inquiries. This not only encourages engagement but also rewards their proactive approach.
  • Value proposition: Highlight the value of their inquiries. Let them know that their questions help you improve your products and services, ultimately enhancing their experience.
  • QR codes for FAQs: Provide a QR code leading to a comprehensive FAQ section on your website. This allows customers to find answers quickly while also showing your commitment to transparency.

Leveraging Package Inserts for Advertising

Amazon product inserts are more than just an extra piece of paper – they’re a powerful tool for advertising and expanding your brand’s influence. Let’s explore how to make the most of package inserts to enhance your advertising efforts.

1. How to use QR codes for marketing?

QR codes are invaluable for connecting customers to your digital marketing efforts. Here’s how to wield them effectively:

  • Targeted content: Create QR codes that lead to specific landing pages or digital content related to the products in the package. This ensures customers find content that resonates.
  • Exclusive offers: Generate QR codes linked to exclusive discounts or promotions. This entices customers to scan and engage with your brand beyond the package.
  • Social media engagement: Direct customers to your social media platforms through QR codes. Encourage them to follow, like, or share, enhancing your online presence.

2. How to promote cross-selling?

Package inserts offer an excellent opportunity to promote cross-selling and introduce customers to complementary products. Here’s how to effectively utilize this strategy.

  • Relevance is key: Choose products for cross-selling that are directly related to the customer’s original purchase. This ensures that the promotion feels personalized and useful.
  • Compelling visuals: Use high-quality images of complementary products to capture attention. Visuals can help customers envision how the additional item enhances their initial purchase.
  • Concise messaging: Craft a clear and concise message highlighting the cross-sell’s value. Explain how the additional product complements their purchase, making it a logical and beneficial choice.
  • Exclusive offers: Consider offering discounts or bundled deals for cross-selling. Create a sense of value and urgency to encourage customers to take advantage of the offer.

Promoting Other Products or Offers

Insert cards offer an innovative way to cross-promote other products or exclusive offers to your customers, enhancing their shopping experience and potentially boosting your sales.

Choosing the right fit

When deciding what to promote, think of synergy. Select products or offers that complement your customer’s original purchase. For instance, if they bought a fitness tracker, why not promote a set of wireless earbuds for their workouts?

Crafting compelling messages

Convey the value succinctly. Use clear language to highlight how the promoted product or offer enhances their experience. Create a sense of urgency or exclusivity to prompt action.

Seamless exploration

Incorporate QR codes that lead directly to the product page or offer a landing site on your website. This allows customers to explore further with a simple scan.

Incentives that motivate

Everyone loves a good deal. Consider offering discounts or bundle options to sweeten the deal and encourage purchases.

Personalization counts

Tailor promotions based on their purchase history. If a customer loves hiking gear, promote related items like camping accessories or outdoor apparel.

Reaping the Benefits of Amazon Package Inserts

Indeed, package cards are an outstanding opportunity. You can both increase your sales and raise your popularity on Amazon.

In conclusion, here is the list of things you will be able to achieve if you use package inserts:

  • Clients’ love and respect
  • Better scores, less negative feedback
  • Increase in income; use it to enhance client service.
  • Powerful advertising tool
  • Increase awareness about similar items.

Finally, we recommend you experiment with various Amazon insert configurations and compositions. Analyze what manages to bring the best results and increase your client’s response. We want to remind you to be cautious not to break Amazon’s terms.


We hope this post gave you an understanding of Amazon’s insert cards’ basic principles. Use our tips to improve your retailing methods and gain positive reviews. With their help, your products will be sold on Amazon immediately. Stay tuned for further updates and handy pieces of advice!