Did you know that Amazon will allow you to create a dedicated profile page for your pets? It comes with a whole bundle of benefits too. Let’s take a quick look.

What is an Amazon pet profile?

Amazon makes a lot of money by recommending specific products to people according to their buying intention. It keeps constant tabs on user searches to get a feel for which products a person may be interested in. Amazon pet profiles take this to a whole new level.

You can think of Amazon pet profiles as being akin to a wishlist for your animals. You will tap in the details of your pet. This includes the animal type and their breed. Amazon will then recommend products that are specific to your pet. For example; if you have a kitten, it will recommend pet food for kittens. As your animal starts to get older, you may see a recommendation or two for toys that older cats love.

5 Benefits of Amazon Prime Pet Profile

1. Prime Pantry

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can order pet food and treats every day through Prime Pantry. They’ll be delivered for a flat fee, making it convenient and cost-effective to keep your pet well-fed. No more last-minute trips to the store when your pet’s favorite treats run out!

2. Music for Your Pet

Prime Music offers several playlists specifically designed to create the right mood for your pet. These include:

3. One-Time Discount

When you create a pet profile on Amazon, you receive a one-time 20% discount on your first order. This is a great way to stock up on essential items and try out new products without breaking the bank.

4. Customized Discounts

By signing up for a pet profile, you’ll receive regular emails with personalized coupons and deals. These offers are tailored to your pet’s specific needs, making it easier to save money on the products your pet loves. Regular discounts mean you can keep your pet happy and healthy without overspending.

5. Subscribe & Save for Regular Deliveries

Pets, especially large ones, require a constant supply of essentials like litter, kibble, and treats. With Amazon’s Subscribe & Save feature, you can set up regular deliveries for these products. This not only saves you time but also ensures that heavy bags are delivered right to your door. Plus, you may receive additional discounts on these subscription orders, making it even more economical.

To cap it all off, signing up for an Amazon pet profile gives you access to regular discounts on a wide range of products. The savings and convenience alone make it worth creating a profile!

Can I create profiles without Amazon Prime?

Absolutely. Anybody with an Amazon account can create an Amazon pet profile. If you have Amazon Prime, you will even be able to enjoy additional discounts and faster delivery on pet supplies. However, even without Prime, you can start making up a profile for your fluffy friend.

How to add a pet profile to Amazon Prime

The process of creating a pet profile is simple.

Once you are signed in to your Amazon account, you will notice a link in the top right-hand corner that says “My Lists.” If you click this, you will see a link that says “My Pets.” Click that link.

If you have not created an Amazon profile page for your animal yet, you will now be guided through the process setup. You will be able to choose the following:

  • The type of animal
  • The breed of animal
  • You can upload an Amazon profile picture for your animal, or choose the default.
  • Your animal’s name

Once this is done, you will have an Amazon public profile page for your animal. You can start sharing the link with others. However, the real highlight is that you will now be given recommendations of products your animal might like. For example, if you have set your Amazon dog profile up for a Doberman, then you may be recommended toys and treats that other Doberman owners have recommended.

Don’t forget; you can create additional profiles for other pets that you may have. Make sure that you keep your Amazon account “up to date” with your animal details. This way your Amazon profile will always recommend the best products for pet care. It is easy to manage the profiles, so you may even want to add new images of your pets to them on occasion.

Managing Your Pet’s Profile

Creating and managing an Amazon Pet Profile is straightforward and user-friendly. Here’s how you can efficiently manage your pet’s profile:

Setting Up an Amazon Pet Profile

To set up a pet profile, navigate to the Amazon Pets section and follow the prompts to enter your pet’s information. This will include their name, breed, age, and any specific dietary or health needs. This initial setup ensures you receive personalized recommendations tailored to your pet’s unique needs.

Updating Pet Information

To keep your pet’s profile accurate and up-to-date, regularly update their information. This includes changes in diet, health conditions, or any new preferences. Accurate information ensures that Amazon’s recommendations remain relevant and useful. You can also add notes about your pet’s favorite products or any allergies they may have.

Adding or Removing Pets

If you have multiple pets, you can create profiles for each one under a single Amazon account. This allows for individualized recommendations for each pet. Conversely, if a pet profile is no longer needed, it can be easily removed to declutter your account. Simply go to the profile settings and select the option to delete the profile.

Managing Pet Supplies and Orders

Amazon Pet Profiles make it easy to manage your pet supplies and orders. You can set up recurring deliveries for essential items like food and litter, ensuring you never run out. The profile also keeps a history of past purchases, making it easy to reorder favorites or find replacements.

Tracking Health and Wellness

Some pet profiles come with features to track your pet’s health and wellness. You can log vet visits, vaccinations, and medications. This feature helps you stay organized and ensures your pet’s health records are always up-to-date.

Personalized Recommendations

Based on the information in your pet’s profile, Amazon will provide personalized recommendations for products that suit their needs. These recommendations can include food, toys, grooming supplies, and more. This customization helps you find the best products for your pet without spending hours searching.

Is there a cost associated with creating an Amazon Pet Profile?

Is there a cost associated with creating an Amazon Pet Profile?
Can I create profiles for multiple pets on one Amazon account?

Can I create profiles for multiple pets on one Amazon account?
How do I update my pet’s information if something changes?

How do I update my pet’s information if something changes?