Ready to put your Amazon reviews on autopilot?The experience your customers get is intangible. You can’t measure it directly. Instead, it would help if you used some metrics to measure customer experience and uncover many valuable insights along the way. Regardless of your products or services, several experience metrics typically measure and evaluate the overall experience you deliver. Let’s find them out, plus discuss the ways to improve your CX metrics

Top Three Customer Experience Metrics to Keep an Eye on

customer experience metrics

There are three core metrics of customer experience: 

Net Promoter Score (NPS) 

This figure helps you find out what share of your current customers is likely to advise your product or service to their friend or colleague, for instance. Measuring this indicator is quite simple  – you just have to ask a survey question. 

It can be something like: “What’s the likelihood that you recommend us to others?” As for the answers, you can use a 1-10 scale where one means that they will never recommend you, and ten are happy to recommend you to everyone. 

But improving this customer experience KPI can be a challenge. To get started, consider creating a more extensive survey for those who vote from 1-5 and ask them about the reason for their choice in the next question. It will help you find the core problem and proceed with its resolution. 

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) 

As for this CX metrics definition, it is pretty similar to the previous one. The only difference is in the question you have to ask. In this case, you have to ask whether they are satisfied with their experience and offer to choose the 1 to 5 option. With its help, you can also measure their satisfaction with your customer service, customer journey, customer support, issue resolution time, and even the content you post on social media. In the case of dissatisfaction, ask more questions to find out the root of the problem. 

Customer Effort Score (CES) 

This is one of the best customer experience metrics since it is related to the experience itself. To find it out, you have to ask whether it is easy for the customers to interact with your website or mobile app, place an order, get in touch with the support or perform any other activities essential for receiving a seamless and enjoyable customer experience.

This is the top way to measure customer experience and make sure all the processes within your store are set up right and operate well. What’s more, your customers may share many valuable insights so consider letting them fill in some of the questions on their own. For example, if the customer reports it is difficult for them to perform some action, ask to share the details.

Additional Important Metrics to Keep in Mind

Also, you should track and analyze additional customer experience measurement metrics to always be aware of the complete picture and the effect you get from your marketing efforts. 

Conversion Rate

Your conversion rate is one of the essential customer experience metrics and measures of success since it answers how many of your visitors have actually bought an item from you. So how to measure this customer experience metric? To find out your conversion rate, you have to divide the total number of your website visitors by the number of those purchased during a certain period of time and multiply it by 100%. 

Fortunately, Amazon calculates your conversion rate automatically. To find it out, go to Reports -> Business Reports, choose Detail Sales Page and Traffic by Sources, and find out your conversion rate within a listing in a Unit Session Percentage column.

Customer Experience Metrics

Customer loyalty

While loyalty is as intangible as customer experience, there is still a way to measure it with the help of customer experience metrics. To find out the share of the loyal customers, you have to segment those with a stable history of repeated purchases. The time frame between each purchase shouldn’t be too long. As a rule, this indicator is calculated automatically by most of the modern Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM), plus you can set up custom parameters for calculating it. 

Customer Churn Rate

This is one of the blended metrics in customer experience since it tells you how much of your current customers have left your company during a certain period of time. Calculating is also simple – you have to divide the total number of customers by those that left and multiply by 100%. On average, the churn rate of no more than 8%. 

Customer Retention Rate

Customer retention rate is also one of the essential KPIs for customer experience. It is directly connected to the customer churn rate. For example, if your customer churn rate is 5%, your customer retention rate will be 95% which is quite a good figure. 

Customer Engagement

Some customers just make purchases, and other customers are engaged with the brand with strong interactions. This metric tracks how engaged customers are by measuring things like how often they communicate with the brand, how many clicks, social media comments and shares they make. 


In addition to 8 essential metrics to measure customer experience. You should always keep your eyes open, staying aware of the trends and best practices to skyrocket them. Especially if you are selling in a highly competitive environment like Amazon. While Amazon provides different programs and tools to make your marketing more effective. One of the most critical steps in improving the customer experience and related metrics is to work with customer feedback. You should gather and manage it accurately, so each of your prospective buyers can get a complete impression of what they are going to buy. 

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