Top 3 Reasons Why Do You Need Amazon Feedback

“Why do I need Amazon feedback?”

Would you believe that sellers still stump us by asking this question? Though the advantages of Amazon feedback is evident to the majority of merchants, there are still a few sellers (both small and large) who are not convinced.

We’ll take this opportunity to share with you three of the most compelling reasons that Amazon customer feedback is important for your online business:

1) Amazon Feedback is invaluable in monitoring your customer satisfaction levels

Up till a while ago, the majority of transactions took place in person. Shopkeepers used to keep their doors open for customers to walk in, browse their wares and make their purchases. This system offered instantaneous feedback to both buyers as well as the vendors. The customer could minutely assess and compare various options before he decided to complete the purchase. At the same time, the seller could see his customer’s body language and also collect Amazon feedback (both positive and negative) in real time.

As a merchant on Amazon, you, unfortunately, do not have the benefit of interacting with your potential customers in advance. Online customers do their research beforehand by browsing product reviews and by posting search queries too. They then have the option to click the Buy Box or alternately compare similar offers from rival sellers.

In this type of a virtual ecosystem, Amazon feedback happens to be a merchant’s optimal way of measuring satisfaction. Apart from the star rating system of one to five stars, customers leave open-ended comments about the entire buying experience. In contrast to product reviews, which focus on the customer’s opinion about the item, feedback allows sellers to measure the level of service they are providing. Merchants can specifically expect sellers to grade them on:

  • Shipping
  • Packaging
  • Issue resolution (in case anything went wrong)
  • Overall Quality of Service

Amazon customers are usually highly engaged. As a result of this, customer feedback in all probability will be extremely detailed and helpful as well. Using this information will help you to identify any bottlenecks and find ways you can improve your offering.

2) Amazon Feedback is helpful for you to win the Buy Box

Each seller would like to win the Buy Box repeatedly. To ensure you meet this goal, you have to meet quite a few performance-based requirements set by

Even though the Buy Box algorithm is known only to Amazon, it is evident that Amazon seller feedback rating is one of the most important factors. It is extremely likely that Amazon takes into account both positive as well as negative feedback before promoting a seller’s listing to the valuable BuyBox status. Some of Amazon’s criteria to do this might include:

  • Order defect rate, which in turn is influenced as a result of negative feedback.
  • The customer’s overall shopping experience (which includes shipping as well as delivery speed, both of which are determinants of feedback)
  • Other seller performance metrics, which in all probability includes feedback by sellers

Keeping the above in mind, it is evident why the most successful sellers also usually have the best feedback histories. Exceptional service (along with proactive solicitation) results in awesome feedback. Great feedback, in turn, leads to a greater share of the Buy Box. In theory, a greater share of the Buy Box results in more feedback, eventually multiplying the success of an Amazon merchant.

3) Amazon Feedback Builds Your Reputation on the World’s Greatest Online Marketplace

The growth of Amazon is accelerating at an incredible pace. Amazon currently has more than fifty million Prime members and millions of other non-Prime users, and is showing no signs of slowing down.
Your Amazon feedback rating has a one-to-many relationship as compared to the one-to-one relationship offered by word-of-mouth referrals. Once published, each and every feedback is permanently etched on the greatest eCommerce marketplace on earth. Built over a period of time, your Amazon feedback score serves as a small, yet very important snapshot of what you can offer as an online retailer.

By building a best-in-class Amazon feedback reputation, you'll be ideally positioned to be ahead of the rest of your competitors.

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