If you are always looking for opportunities to expand your business knowledge, you are on the right track. What’s more, there are many ways to grab fresh insights from industry experts, and listening to podcasts is an option.

In this article, we have reviewed ten of the most valuable podcasts for eCommerce sellers. Make sure to check them all! 

What Are eCommerce Podcasts?

Podcasts are audio episodes usually available from audio players installed by default on your device. It is a perfect solution for those who can neither read nor watch the video since podcasts combine the best of both worlds – accessing relevant information quickly and right on the go.

Listening to podcasts is popular, trendy, and effective in one bottle. It allows you to save time and get the information you need. For eCommerce sellers, listing to an eCommerce podcast is an opportunity to broaden their knowledge, stay updated on the industry trends and reuse the experience of the opinion leaders in the industry. 

What Are the Benefits of Listening to the Best eCommerce Podcasts? 

What’s more, listening to podcasts can promise some additional benefits.

  • Listening to real-life stories. Real-life insights and stories power most podcasts. Listening to them is the opportunity to learn something new, get inspired, be motivated, and follow the example of the entrepreneurs who managed to grow their businesses from scratch. 
  • Connecting to experts. The main thing that makes podcasts so valuable and popular is that they often host industry-leading experts and influencers. It is the perfect opportunity to get helpful, fresh, and practice-proven knowledge firsthand. 
  • Choosing from a wide range of topics. When it comes to the eCommerce business, there are a lot of topics to cover – from selecting the right product and finding a free niche to more sophisticated marketing tricks and best practices. So, depending on your question, you are welcome to listen to an eCommerce marketing podcast, dropshipping podcast, or get some inspiration from the success stories. 
  • Getting actionable tips and pieces of advice. Most eCommerce podcasts are engaging, practical, and actionable since the experts explain how you can do certain things to help your business grow. 
  • Sharing with ease. Lastly, eCommerce podcasts are easily sharable. So, you are welcome to share an insightful episode with your colleagues or partners to discuss the ideas together and reuse them for your business. 

Top eCommerce Podcasts for Sellers to Listen in 2022

Below are the ten most interesting, insightful, and engaging podcasts to boost your knowledge in eCommerce in 2022. 

Shopify Masters

It is an ultimate podcast primarily targeted at Shopify store owners. Still, the topics it covers will be pretty interesting for business owners using other platforms as well. This podcast shares insight into brand building, marketing, promotion, YouTube tips, and even the science behind sales and decision-making in eCommerce.

eCommerce Minute

This channel shares quick podcast episodes dwelling on the recent news in retail, eCommerce, marketing, and tech. Consider this podcast an always-at-your-fingertip source of current information to consume right on the go. There are a lot of episodes dedicated to Amazon so that you can always stay aware of what’s going on in the marketplace. 

eCommerce Paradise

It is a real treasure for those ready to automate their eCommerce routine tasks, outsource some of the challenges and get a smart passive income source. In this podcast episode, a couple of entrepreneurs share their stories, tips, tricks, and best practices on creating automated marketing strategies and running your online businesses remotely. 

eCommerce Momentum

This podcast was created for Amazon and eBay store owners. The channel features the success stories of eCommerce entrepreneurs and startup founders for your inspiration and business strategy rebooting. The listeners say that listening to several episodes will be enough to eliminate the feeling of stuckness and proceed with active actions towards your business growth. 

eCommerce Marketing

As the name suggests, this podcast dwells on digital marketing, modern trends, best practices, and secrets shared by leading experts. The channel includes but isn’t limited to such topics as email marketing, content marketing, lead generation, podcast creation, sales growth, improving brand awareness, and much more. Despite the podcast dwelling on general topics, it will be pretty useful for Amazon sellers as well, especially those thinking about launching their website, in addition to the marketplace presence. 

The Business of eCommerce

This weekly podcast invites experts from the field of retail and eCommerce to share the best practices on online business launch, promotion, and growth. So, listening to them will be a good idea if you are thinking about creating your online venture but don’t know how to start. Amazon business owners will also be able to find valuable tips and listen to success stories. 

Bright Ideas

It is a practical eCommerce podcast that not only shares winning ideas, as the name suggests, but explains to you how to implement them step by step. The podcast is pretty actionable, so prepare your pen and pencil to write down the tactics for your business growth. 

eCommerce Fuel podcast

Perhaps, this is the best eCommerce podcast you can ever find. Quick insights and short stories with ultimate meaning (the average length of the episodes is 20 minutes) from the host Andrew Youderian are what make this channel outstanding. What’s more, it covers general topics from the eCommerce industry and supplies you with lifestyle tips and success stories to inspire you to drive your business growth. 

Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn from The Smart Passive Income podcast reveals many eCommerce store and blogging strategies, killer marketing tips, and income sources so you can be ahead of the competition. Discover how you may create multiple passive income streams that work for you so that you can have the time and freedom to do what you love, whether it’s living comfortably at home or travelling across the globe.

My Wife Quit Her Job podcast

This channel deserves to be among the top eCommerce podcasts. Its founder interviews experts well-known in the digital marketing, SEO and eCommerce industry, inviting each of them to tell their stories and reveal their secret tips and tactics. What’s more, something unites all the influencers interviewed by Steve Chou (the podcast creator) – they all quieted their 9-5 jobs to build their businesses and personal brands. 

eCommerce Marketing Podcasts: Final Thoughts

The list of exciting and valuable podcasts can go on and on. But after you have listened to them, proceed with real action for growing your Amazon store. SageMailer is right here to support you along this path. With the help of our service, you are welcome to leverage the power of social proof for your Amazon products and boost your sales at once!

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