What is an Automated Pricing Tool for Amazon sellers? That is a way to automatically correct prices on Amazon Seller Central for individual Stock Keeping Units based on pre-defined settings and repricing rule parameters. In other words, you can make the cost of the product, for example, 5 cents lower than the Buy Box price. 

What is the advantage? When another merchant changes the price of a product to win the Buy Box, the repricing tool is there to automatically adjust the price of your item.

Now let’s figure out how it works and what the advantages and disadvantages of the mechanism are.

What is the Mechanism behind Amazon’s Automated Pricing?

Let’s start with finding the Amazon Automated Pricing tool. To do this, press “Pricing” and select this option from the menu.

The next step is to create a rule that will act on changing the product’s price. For this, click the “Get started” button.

Next, we provide you with a short description of the program’s automated pricing rules in the “Select a rule” section. We hope this information will facilitate your decision.

Competitive Buy Box

This repricing rule sets up an automatic change in the cost of a commodity item about the Buy Box price. So, you decide:

  • the price will be lower than the value of the Buy Box by a certain amount of money;
  • the price will be the same as the Buy Box;
  • the price will be higher than the Buy Box by a certain amount of money.

Competitive Lowest Price

The rule system is the same as for the buy box. However, the difference is that the price is reset to the lowest price on Amazon.

Competitive External Price

Here, Amazon takes into account the prices of your product from other online marketplaces. So, if you want the cost of your product not to exceed your competitors’, you choose “Cap price in an external competition.” Otherwise, if you like repricing according to competitors’ prices, you choose “Match an external competitor.”

Based on sales units

This pricing rule involves adjusting pricing according to how the SKU works. Therefore, as an option, you can reduce the price if sales are below a certain number of units.

Have you chosen a rule? Move on. Now you decide which products the parameter covers. Moreover, here you set the minimum and maximum price (optional), beyond which the price does not go.

Pros and Cons of Automated Pricing Tool for Amazon Sellers


You have more time and energy for important tasks!

We mean that you will no longer have to deal with the time-consuming process of changing prices. Indeed you have more important things to do to develop your business. In addition, do not doubt that the program is guaranteed to adhere to your requirements in the configured parameters.

Automate Repricing has no detrimental human factor.

No matter how hard a person tries to cope with tasks perfectly, the human factor makes itself felt. Amazon automatic price adjustment is never tiresome and can be done in no hurry. As a result, the process takes place smoothly and efficiently.

Efficiency beyond doubt.

Manually repricing, you set the price of a product and do not know how long it will take a competitor to lower their costs. You cannot monitor other sellers 24/7 and change your prices. But the Amazon automated pricing tool can.


You may experience difficulties with other pricing options.

Sales will go fast if you set the lowest price. However, this way, you will not see the opportunity to sell at higher prices.

The program has no bulk download.

Once you create an Amazon automatic price adjustment rule, you select each SKU separately and define the min and max prices. If you are dealing with a large number of goods, then you will have to find a lot of time for this procedure.

Amazon Automated Pricing Tool Tips: Final Thoughts

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