Instagram is an excellent place for selling Amazon goods. Being an entirely user-friendly, business-focused, and visual social media, it unlocks many winning opportunities for AMZ sellers. Let’s find out how to sell your items on Instagram, increasing your loyalty and building brand awareness.

Reasons to Use Instagram for Amazon Sellers

Higher engagement rate

Instagram is the #1 social media platform for people to connect with brands, allowing companies to grow followers by 1% per month. Moreover, if you advertise your goods through posts on Instagram, more shoppers tend to engage with them. Driving higher awareness around your items provides more sales opportunities.

Brand-oriented and product content

When you advertise your business on Instagram, you choose different types of content to share. Nevertheless, you can also receive content from others using social media. For instance, you can search for a user who has your product or discuss your brand or service with hashtags. Spreading the word about your company gives you a social proof to support what you have to deliver.

Grow trust-building

You may also use Instagram to build trust with your target audience. The more individuals see your company online, the more likely they’re to create a connection with you and your brand. Thus, trust will lead to a more powerful sense of loyalty and shift online followers to repeat clients.

How to Sell Amazon Products on Instagram?

So, leveraging IG shopping might be a great solution if you are ready to take your next step and enlarge your brand offerings to other advertising channels and marketplaces.

One simple way to get started is to create a Shopify shop, upload your stock and connect your store to AMZ FBA (so all transactions that come from Shopify are fulfilled by the platform).

Next, you may connect your product catalog to Instagram. You can do it via FB business manager under the “Assets” tab. You will get a Catalog section to add your catalog.

Once you designate the business entity that is the catalog owner, you will be able to add items to it.

If you have a product catalog within your FB business manager’s assets, feel free to sign up on Instagram. First, ensure you have an IF business profile. Then sign in to your profile, go to the account settings, and under “Business,” choose “Sign Up for Shopping.”

As soon as you’re approved, you will be able to create posts and tag items from your catalog in them. It can be done in stories or posts, and such tags trigger the customer experience.

Pro tip: To get the most out of your product listings, they should be well-optimized before you upload them. Moreover, as Instagram brings you better exposure, listing monitoring becomes even more important. Use SellerSonar to stay aware of all changes in product pages with smart Amazon notifications and handle all the issues promptly. 

How to Sell Merch on Instagram: Best Practices

Instagram provides several options to sellers when it comes to offering and advertising goods on the platform.

It includes advertising campaigns, branded content, and shopping integration. With IG Shopping and any e-commerce avenue like BigCommerce or Shopify, Amazon merchants can offer clients a seamless purchasing experience all within the website or application. Once you have decided to use IG as a part of your overall FBA strategy, your task is to engage users. 

As you begin launching your brand on AMZ and promoting your AMZ products, keep the following best practices in mind.

Optimize your IG profile 

As an AMZ seller on Instagram, your task is to grow awareness for your brand and direct IG users toward your product listings. If you do not explain who you are and where they may find your goods, you will not be doing your business much good. Ensure that you provide at least a reference link to your brand’s Amazon page, along with a brief description of your company.

Run Amazon Instagram ads

IG is now a place where people go shopping, and most visitors want to find new items on the platform. With mobile sales expected to exceed $530 billion by the end of 2024 in America, Instagram presented shoppable advertisements to capitalize on the mobile eCommerce trend.

Those are your standard Amazon Instagram ads, but with product tags. When people are interested in your promoted goods, they can go directly to a product listing detail page to find out more. If you are a US business, you may run ads with IG checkout, too, so users can buy directly in-app. 

Such ads run in a feed with a single image, video, or carousel format from your product catalog. They function just like regular Amazon Instagram ads: you add them in Ads Manager and can display them to a custom or lookalike target audience to find new potential clients.

Offer bloggers free items 

By providing influencers with free products in exchange for showing your products or telling followers about your brand, you may tap into an enormous audience and possible returns at little cost.

Although this process will take time and involve building partnerships, such skills are necessary for selling, sourcing, and running a business on Amazon. Unfortunately, there is no easy fix. However, it is worth the effort. 

Tell stories

Becoming a successful storyteller is another part of mastering the platform. Media like IG are steered by narrative rather than the usual catalogic format of marketplaces like AMZ.

Engaging visitors with great campaigns displaying uses for your item and how it matches their lifestyle might be your key to getting more sales and loyalty.

Leverage IG Reels and Stories 

Frequently publishing stories on IG can help get the awareness of your business and products. Most experts say that they typically get more views and attention than regular posts.

Reels and stories are a great method to host giveaways and contests. You can publish pictures or videos of your goods and ask questions that can be answered only if clients check your product listing. You may announce that you’ll pick winners from amongst those who reply to the questions correctly and reward them with freebies or discounts. Thus, you will increase your traffic from IG to Amazon automatically.

Engage visitors when posting

It’s essential to engage with your target audience when making IG posts or stories. Attempt to get to know your followers by making polls or asking questions. Similarly, if any user asks something about your goods or brand, it is important to answer!

How to Use Amazon Affiliate Links on Instagram? 

Affiliate marketing involves reaching out to companies and registering with such brands. You become eligible for a commission when someone buys them through your link. It’s ideal for influencers with a large social audience.

The best place to start is an AMZ Associate. After signing up, you join the extensive Instagram Amazon affiliate marketing program and create links. Once the affiliate link is created, you can share it on IGTV, in your bio, or even in your story. Instagram Amazon affiliates use these links to make money from all the traffic they drive to any product listing.

Leverage Instagram Accounts for Sale on Amazon

For Amazon merchants, Instagram is an opportunity they cannot let pass them by. Therefore, it is best to establish a trustworthy presence on the platform now while it’s still facing rapid growth. You will grow awareness within your market through high-quality and consistent updates, sell more goods on Amazon, and design close-knit relationships with your clients and prospects.

In an age of content marketing, influencers, and selfies, using client reviews to grow brand awareness and sales is crucial. It means that more than ever, consumers seek reviews on an item before purchasing.

So, you must ensure you have enough testimonials on your Amazon product listings. SageMailer, as an ultimate feedback management tool, can do all the job for you. It helps to establish trust with clients, generate reviews, and efficiently manage client feedback, thus, enhancing conversions and generating revenue.

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