Get ahead of your competitorsSelling on Amazon is essential for your online business. However, it also indicates that you are going to face harsh competition. With more than 2 million active sellers, you need a competitive edge that differentiates your digital business and goods from the millions of others.

For any Amazon merchant, their product page is their storefront. Like a window display attracts buyers, your listing image and title on AMZ search results get customers to click by providing the proper information at a glance. Then these clients get a full impression of your item on the product page with a detailed description, additional information, and images.

In this blog, you will learn how to create your product page to help you draw online shoppers and drive orders, i.e., boost your Amazon sales.

What Is a Product Detail Page on Amazon?

Product Detail Page on Amazon?

Product detail pages are the listings customers see when looking for items on the Amazon platform. Each item has its page with detailed information (exact ASIN model number, product name, offer price, product photographs, additional details, and more) and client reviews. Barcode information isn’t included on this page.

To create a new listing, the merchant must have a professional seller account. After that, detail pages become a constant part of the AMZ catalog, and merchants can create pages for these items on Amazon.

Customers depend on merchants to help them make their shopping decisions. Therefore, the info on a detail page comes from both AMZ and merchants. Furthermore, this information always changes since there is normally more than one contributor to the listing.

Amazon Product Detail Page Rules and Policies

AMZ listing policies center around one thing: giving clients a consistent and clear shopping experience. In order to do this, AMZ says you should do certain things and refrain from others. Below are some of the most significant do’s and don’ts to consider regarding the platform’s rules:


  • Meet all applicable style guides.
  • Accurately describe and categorize your goods.
  • Create new listings for new items or versions of an item.
  • Compose valid variations relevant to a primary parent product.
  • Use capital letters only for the start of each word (don’t write in ALL CAPS) in the bullet points, description, and title.
  • Follow all existing image guidelines.

Do not:

  • Use JavaScript, HTML, or other code.
  • Write product titles with more than 200 characters with spaces.
  • Place watermarks on photos, images, and videos.
  • Include any time-sensitive info.
  • Create more than one listing for the same item.
  • Add offensive or obscene materials, links to other websites, contact info, pricing details, condition, availability, plot spoilers, existing reviews, or requests for new testimonials.

How to Optimize Your Amazon Product Page? 

Amazon is one of the largest online platforms for offering your goods. Enhance your product pages in the marketplace if you wish to get as many orders as possible. This section will provide you with essential Amazon page optimization tricks to help you improve your listings.

Target search terms 

Amazon utilizes keywords to rank your goods in the proper search results. You should pick appropriate keywords for the pages, as you need your goods to appear in relevant search results.

To spot the right keywords, leverage an AMZ-specific keyword research tool. Besides, you can list some basic keywords for your pages and type them into the platform’s search bar to obtain suggestions for leveraging those search terms.

Once you compile your keywords, add them to your page. You only need to incorporate each word once to rank for it. Thus, include your most important search terms in the title.

Next, include your second and third most significant keywords in the product descriptions. Other search terms can go into the backend of your product page. Backend keywords may still allow your pages to rank in the search results but will not bog them down with excessive keywords.

Selecting the right keywords will help optimize your pages to reach valuable leads. Besides, it is a great solution to get your items to appear in numerous relevant search results.

Optimize your page titles

Your listing title is one of the first aspects your target audience will notice when they discover your listing. Optimizing your page titles is crucial to give your audience valuable info. You need to provide your clients with details that get them to click on your page.

There’s a limit of 200 characters for most Amazon categories, including spaces. Nevertheless, some niches of items allow for fewer characters.

If you optimize the titles, consider features that highlight the essence of your items. For instance, material, color, or eco-friendly features can make your visitors check out the listings. Optimizing the product page titles will allow you to drive better results for your pages.

Check your product description

If your target audience is interested in your items, they will head to the product descriptions to find out more about them. So take some time to enter the product description and provide your shoppers with extra details about your merchandise.

It’s where you can show your customers why they should purchase your items. Emphasize the importance and tell them why your goods solve their issues. You need to make your buyers feel they want to purchase your stock.

When composing your product descriptions, keep them relatable for your target audience and casual. Integrate top keywords to help your pages rank for other relevant search terms. A proper description will help you give that final nudge to get shoppers to convert.

Use quality pictures

Next to your title and description, your pictures are one of the critical elements your visitors use to judge your goods. Thus, you should put the right photographs in your listings to give your shoppers a visual perception of the items.

All photos uploaded to your AMZ listings must be at least 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels. Because you wish to upload high-resolution pictures, your target audience may zoom in and gain a better understanding of your merchandise.

Below are specific rules for your main pictures:

  • Professional picture: Your main photo must be a professional image that displays the item.
  • Concentrate on the item: Your item should fill most of the image’s frame. Besides, the background must be white.
  • No extra markings: There should be no additional text, watermarks, labels, or anything that draws attention away from the goods. The main picture should solely display the item to your audience.

Apart from the main photo, you can add up to eight other pictures. It’s a chance to showcase to your visitors all angles of your item. It is a great method to give your clients different points of view.

Sellers can also add images that demonstrate their items in use or the scale of their items. As a result, the audience can better understand the products.

Selecting the right pictures will help you improve your Amazon listings. In addition, you will get the audience interested in your items and help them determine whether to convert.

Enhance your product features tab 

If you see an AMZ listing, a bulleted list appears at the top of your product pages. It’s your product features tab that helps your brand showcase the essential aspects of your merchandise.

In this part, sellers should include the most critical features of their products. What info matters to your customers? For instance, you can list details like what your item can do, how it functions, additional features it presents, guarantees, and warranties.

You can incorporate the main keywords here as well. Again, it will help your items appear in relevant AMZ search results.

Get reviews

Customer feedback is a crucial part of your product page’s rankings. AMZ focuses on ratings and reviews because it knows that good feedback encourages shoppers to convert. The marketplace ranks items with four or more stars at the top of its search results, so it is perfect to have a fairly high rating. Furthermore, these items boost conversions because other users have had a fine experience with the goods.

To ensure you get reviews, encourage your clients to review your items when they buy them. You can do it with an automated review request campaign by emailing your clients and inviting them to share their experiences.

This task is time-consuming; however, fortunately, any Amazon review generator can do the job for you.

For example, SageMailer, one of the most efficient Amazon review services, helps automate product review and seller feedback requests with the official Amazon “Request a Review” button and via Buyer-Seller messaging templates. 

What Are the Advantages of Optimizing Your Amazon Detail Page?

An AMZ product page or listing tells clients all they should know about a given item. It features pictures and videos of the items, descriptions, and other info and shows customer reviews from users who have already bought the merchandise.

Amazon listing optimization is editing your pages to increase conversion and traffic. It is one of the essential tactics to keep your merchandise on top. For you to stay successful, you should succeed in this area and ensure all issues are accounted for, from product title, bullet points, description, customer reviews, SEO, and advertising strategy.

It’s key to creating a memorable and personalized experience for online customers. Not to mention that more than 353 million goods are sold in the Amazon marketplace, which can create near-endless competition on the platform. Thus, even when you have a top-notch product to sell, you will not be able to generate sales if clients cannot find your item among a sea of rivals. Optimizing such listings ensures that customers will be able to easily search for or locate those goods!

Optimizing your AMZ listings also provides consistency across messaging, branding, ratings, and reviews while improving visibility on AMZ’s search engine results pages.

Detail Page on Amazon: Bottom Line

Selling your items on a platform like AMZ provides access to millions of potential clients. The first step to tap into this customer base is by composing a compelling product page that boosts your Amazon sales. When you observe the fundamentals of how clients perceive your listings, you can come up with a product page that is attractive, highly visible and motivates shoppers to make a purchase.

As mentioned above, one of the most significant factors to help you grow conversions on the product detail page is having product reviews. But rather than manually collect them, get SageMailer to automate the process for you. It works at lightning speed, round the clock, so all you need to do is set your preferences and let the tool take over the rest. Plus, when you register now, you will start off with a free 30-day trial. Happy selling!