June 7, 2018

The Future of Amazon Giveaways in Online Business

Amazon giveaway has become a household name in recent past. For those who have never heard about it, it is a marketing tool with the main aim of awarding winners with Amazon products.

What are Amazon Giveaways

Amazon giveaway has become a household name in recent past. For those who have never heard about it, it is a marketing tool with the main aim of awarding winners with Amazon products. These giveaways from Amazon allows customers to win tangible goods and products, which are shipped and sold out by Amazon.com.

The giveaways are helpful to sellers because: (1) they help them get more positive reviews; (2) they link them to potential customers; and (3) they promote the marketing of products. Customers are also beneficiaries of the Amazon because just by the virtue of signing up, they become eligible to receive several products from different sellers.

How Does Amazon Giveaway Work

Applying for an Amazon giveaway requires that you first open an Amazon.com account and a Twitter account so that you will be able to see what various sellers have to offer.

To get the free stuff from Amazon as Amazon Giveaway, you need to have Amazon giveaway app. This Amazon app giveaway can be easily downloaded from Amazon.com. It will help you get notifications before the giveaways start so that you get ready. Alternatively, if you have difficulties downloading the app, you can send an email to your smartphone and get the link that will direct you to download the application. The app shows a variety of giveaways that are available.

The app is crucial in order to win Amazon Prime giveaway. The Prime daily giveaways contain amazing deals, for instance, this year’s Prime Day giveaways have been hailed by customers for being super amazing. The Amazon daily giveaways keep on changing from time to time depending on day to day offers.

Some of the Amazon Prime Day deals expected in 2018 include:

  • Amazon cloud cam costs only $59.99 saving $40. This would be a better price than during Black Friday in the previous year when it was being sold at $99.99 when its market price is $119.99
  • Echo Dot for only $29.99. This saves $20 which is an amazing deal. This product was also popular last year.
  • 32” inch smart TV for only $129.99. Which is cheaper compared to its original marketing price.
  • High-quality brand new 65" 4K smart TV for $649. This brand might still be unknown to many. This price is similar to the best black Friday premium TVs which have the same specifications. This year will be exceptional.
  • Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones selling at $125 saving $174. The market price of this highly rated super headphones is $299. Wait for this Prime Day and walk away with this amazing deal.

Amazon Prime Day Deals vs Black Friday

Recent studies have indicated that Amazon Prime Day deals are better those on Black Friday in the following ways:

  • On expensive electronics, Amazon Prime Day is renowned to offer a decent discount for instance during last year prime day, 20 percent discount was waived on 75" Samsung Ultra HD LED TV set as compared to Black Friday where it was retailing at a higher price.
  • On mobile phones and their accessories, the deals are comparable. Phone accessories like headphones had similar discount during Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day. In 2017, Galaxy S8 –Gear VR bundle was retailing at a cheaper price during Amazon Prime than on Black Friday.
  • For home equipment, Amazon Prime Day deals take the day. For instance, in last year’s deals, there was a thirty percent off discount on a Philips Hue starter kit. The same was experienced on Bluetooth linked sous.

With the above-mentioned examples, you no longer need to wonder if anyone wins Amazon giveaways.

In the recent years, little was known about the total number of Prime members who participate in Prime Day deals. But recently, the founder and chief executive officer Jeff Bezos revealed that the total Prime accounts exceed one hundred million worldwide. The Prime users keep on increasing every year.

How to Enter Amazon Giveaways

Amazon giveaway list is endless. Its information pertaining the time when the giveaway will kick off, maximum winners expected, the original price and giveaway price, name of the item being given away and its sponsor. On the giveaway list, everyone who participates is guaranteed an equal opportunity of winning. Recently prizes over 7,000,000 in number costing over $9,000, 000 have already been won by customers. On the list, Amazon gives customers freedom of expression. They provide a link so that customers can give feedback on how they feel about the list of open Amazon giveaways.

To get into Amazon Prime giveaways competition, you only need to follow three simple steps:

  • On your smartphone; open the Amazon app and on the search bar, search for the keyword "win giveaway”. The official giveaway banner will emerge and then the list of giveaway deals will appear.
  • You are then to select on a giveaway that excites you most. Whichever you choose, there is a YouTube video about it. Watch and proceed to "continue to entry". Once you execute the command, you will be notified of the exact date and time winners will be selected via email. Simples as that! It has been further expounded on Amazon YouTube channel.

When you sign up as an Amazon Prime member, there is usually a $15 Amazon gift card that you are eligible to win. Sign up today and do more shopping with the free gift cards.

Does Anyone Win Amazon Giveaways

The fact that Amazon giveaways are sweepstakes guarantees that only a few winners are guaranteed of prizes. Have you ever thought about how to win Amazon giveaways? If your answer is yes, then I have a solution for you here. The following is what it takes to become a giveaway winner:

  • Select a giveaway that has a higher probability of being won. Usually, they bear various probability of winning. Choose the one with a higher chance of being won especially if you are new in the game. If you have participated in the game before, you will notice that giveaways with a higher chance of winning ends faster as compared to those with limited chances.
  • If you have won several times before, select those with a low probability of winning. Most won products are usually of low value. NewDealCoupons Giveaways tool developed by NewDealCoupon has a feature that will help you analyze the probability of winning. The analysis increases your chance to win by enabling you to select the best deal
  • Inform the Amazon giveaway host what you really need. This applies to those who host Amazon giveaways regularly. For instance, if you need a certain giveaway in the next Amazon Prime Day deals, pass the information to the host. They may consider it in the next list and you may end up winning.
  • Look for Amazon giveaway deals available on NewDealCoupon prior to purchasing anything. The arrival of NewDealCoupon provides the customer with several options. Before you purchase a product it is a wise idea to consider your budget. If you find Amazon giveaways which may be given on Amazon Prime Day, you may end up saving your bucks for other use. Giveaways are given free of charge. All you need to do is to submit your shipping address and it will be shipped to your doorstep.
  • Be an elegant player in the giveaway competitions. NewDealCoupon Amazon giveaways tool will help you out in this. It enables you to use the shortest time and energy to through the giveaway list and ascertain the item you are likely to walk away with.
  • Wire your feedback on how the NewDealCoupons Amazon giveaways tool can be improved so that you can win more. You can let those behind this tool know by contacting them via social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. With an improved NewDealCoupons Amazon giveaways tool you will worry less about how to find Amazon giveaways.

With the above tricks, you stand a chance to win a lot of Amazon giveaways including Amazon holiday giveaways such as Alexa voice shopping.

What Happens When You Win

There are Amazon giveaway review rules that you must adhere to in order to enter to win. They are as follows:

  • Eligibility. The giveaway competition is open to persons who legal residents of the 50 united states or those recognized as residents of the District of Columbia. The participants should be of 18 years and above. Alternatively, the participant should bear the legal age in their state of residence.

  • Selection criteria for winner and prizes. The kick off and stoppage of the competition is usually indicated on the giveaway page.

The winner is identified and prizes are given as per the following procedure:

  1. Every individual who submits an entry that is eligible is entitled to winning the giveaway as long as they last. Odds of winning the prize are usually indicated.
  2. The odds of winning a given giveaway depends on the date, duration and the number of eligible entries enrolled.
  3. There is a random selection of potential winners from eligible entries since the probability of winning is one in every potential entry received. Winners are selected from the eligible entries
  • Single account. It is prohibited to use more than one Amazon.com account to enter the giveaway competition. There is immediate disqualification for those who use multiple accounts to try to win the giveaways. To curb such behavior, the Amazon app usually prompts the users to give additional information.

  • Promotions. By virtue of registration to participate in the sweepstakes, you will no longer be eligible to receive additional prizes unless you register every sweepstake separately.

Both Amazon and the sponsor of the giveaway possess legal right to modify or do away with the giveaway if they find it fit to do so.

Use SageMailer To Get The Most Out of Your Giveaways

This is just the right time to start using SageMailer to automatically email your customers and ask them for feedback or a product review. This tool helps you to automate the whole process in a few minutes. Getting more product reviews, giving your listing more visibility among competitors and help customers to make purchasing decisions. The bigger the number of reviews in your listing, the more information your potential customers get. All new SageMailer subscribers get a free 21-day trial, just sign up and start getting reviews for your products immediately.

Amazon Giveaways for Business

Amazon giveaway is a potential tool for sellers. It helps them boost their sales and also promotes brand recognition. However, to be eligible as a seller and transact in Amazon giveaways, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must possess a professional selling account in Seller Central.
  • Your products should be available through fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). FBA is where as a seller you store your products in Amazon fulfillment centers. Then Amazon will pick them, pack, ship and offer customer service on your behalf. Amazon possesses the far most advanced FBA worldwide.

As a seller, it is simple to enroll your products in Amazon giveaway. It involves just a few steps and you are good to go. With this tool, you will have to worry less about how the Amazon tool work.

It is important to note that once you have made the changes, they take effect 24 hours after the time you saved them. As a seller, you should know that standard FBA and selling fees are applicable. There is automatic reporting once the giveaway is over.


A lot of positive Amazon reviews about Amazon free giveaway have been put forward by many customers. Most of the individuals who comment are the ones who have set up a giveaway Amazon and emerged as Amazon giveaway winners.
With the Amazon.com giveaway tool, individuals such as bloggers, customers, marketers and many more can create a buzz and reward their loyal clients. The reward acts as an incentive to bring in more customers. In addition, the tool offers self-service and no high level of expertise is required to use it.

There is no doubt Amazon free giveaway is the best way to get customers, boost your brand and get cashless promotions for your product. Let impress Amazon giveaways for better business transactions in the future.

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