What is FeedbackTuner?

When it comes to the most popular tools for Amazon sellers, feedback automation services undoubtedly hold the lead. And there are good reasons for this.

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This new method has many advantages:

  • No need to share Seller Central access information
  • 100% Amazon-approved messages
  • Amazon translates requests to the buyer’s native language
  • Exclude specific ASINs, refunded orders, buyers who left feedback or review, etc.
  • Automatically detects when order is physically delivered

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Sending automated feedback requests helps to increase the number of positive reviews, reduce the likelihood of leaving negative reviews, and generally helps to improve customer loyalty and the chance of re-buying in the future. Agree, it sounds very tempting as for an instrument that can be tuned in just a few minutes, and then it works on autopilot.

By the way, as for your negative reviews. See here the ways to remove your negative feedback legally and effectively. 

Feedback Tuner is just such a service; let’s take a look at its features, advantages, and disadvantages, as well as the price.

FeedbackTuner Features

Feedback alerts – Feedback Tuner monitors neutral and negative feedback about the seller and sends instant alerts in case of new feedback. For handling such cases, you can create an automated campaign that sends messages to customers indicating that you intend to resolve their issues.

Filters for sending messages – This allows you to flexibly customize your campaign settings and increase its effectiveness through personalization. For example, you can exclude the blacklisted buyers and set up a campaign for specific SKUs / ASINs, product conditions, order fulfilment channels, etc.

Automated blacklist – The system automatically adds users who left negative feedback to the blacklist. So you don’t have to worry about your emails being received by disgruntled customers, which greatly reduces the likelihood of receiving repeated negative feedback.

Pre-written Templates and A/B Testing – Feedback Tuner offers several different templates for feedback requests, so you can save time when creating your campaign. Next, you can measure the success of your campaign by monitoring the open rate of emails, and quickly experiment with new headers and timings using the A/B testing feature.

What are the Pros of FeedbackTuner?

  • Simple interface – The service will be convenient for novice sellers who want to launch feedback requests and see the results quickly.
  • Multilingual templates – The service supports North American and European marketplaces and, most importantly, has email templates in different languages, which will increase conversions on each marketplace.
  • The ability to set up automated campaigns for negative feedback is a very handy feature that saves time and is less common in other feedback automation services.

What are the Cons of FeedbackTuner?

  • There is no template editor – you can use standard templates, but it will be very problematic for you to create your own branded emails since the service does not have a normal editor and powerful autofill tags.
  • There is no review monitoring function – Monitoring feedback is, of course, also very important, but still, product reviews have a greater impact on sales, so it is critical to respond quickly to them. Unfortunately, Feedback Tuner does not provide such an opportunity.
  • There is no support for several popular marketplaces – the service supports several marketplaces, but, for example, there is no such popular marketplaces as India, Japan, Turkey, Australia, and several others.
  • Customer support by email only – Support is rather slow and only by email. For feedback automation, it is better to choose services with live chat since when connecting an Amazon account and creating email campaigns, questions often arise. Discussing these questions by email can take a long time.

What is an alternative to FeedbackTuner?

Feedback Tuner is a simple service that even a beginner can quickly figure out. Therefore, if you are only interested in sending requests, without additional features, then this service is perfect for you. If you need more powerful functionality that will increase the effectiveness of your requests, as well as track product reviews on all marketplaces, then SageMailer can be a better option.

Monthly Plans Comparison – FeedbackTuner and SageMailer

SageMailer FeedbackTuner
Plan PRO Professional
Price $25/month $29.99/month
Email Limit 2000 3000
Cost of extra emails NO $0.009
Supported marketplaces 17 (ALL) 8 (NA+EU)
Product review monitoring Unlimited ASINs N/A
“Request a Review” button YES NO
Multilingual templates YES NO
Chat support YES NO

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SageMailer Features that Feedback Tuner doesn’t have

Amazon’s “Request a Review” button automation

This is the NEW method of requesting product reviews and seller feedback using the official Amazon requests. With SageMailer, you can simply set up the “Request a Review” button campaigns that can be empowered by additional filters and timing settings.

An Amazon email automation tool helps to create, send, automate and analyze your email sequences within a single platform.

The “Request a Review” button method is up to 30%-50% more efficient than the Buyer-Seller Messaging method used by most market feedback software.

VAT Invoicing

Buyers from the EU often ask for a VAT invoice after purchase. Sending them manually is a very time-consuming task, especially when you have a lot of orders. Now you can just fill in a few fields, and SageMailer will do all the job for you; its Amazon invoice generator automatically calculates your VAT rates in every EU marketplace and for every order. Just choose how you’d like to send invoices to customers: for all orders, orders with particular ASINs, or from specific marketplaces.

Inbox & manual emails

This feature allows you to get and reply to all your Amazon buyer messages from all marketplaces on a single page. No need to manually check each marketplace’s Seller Central for new messages. You can also speed up answering typical inquiries by using your custom pre-created templates.

Final Thoughts

Feedback Tuner is a nice fit when it comes to feedback and product review request automation. It has all the necessary functions and analytics but if you also want to be aware of reviews that your buyers leave and react to them in timely, you’ll need a service that provides such an opportunity, for example, SageMailer.

More Reviews = More Sales!

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