A chief concern for every Amazon seller is getting customers to want their product. A product on Amazon can get lost in a sea of listings. So how do you get your product seen (so you can make sales and eventually win the Buy Box!)?

Amazon offers two ways for sellers to make their products more appealing: feedback ratings and product reviews.

How Do New Amazon Sellers Get Product Reviews?

Over the past few years, the number of entrepreneurs and businesses dealing with their own product brands and labels has grown significantly. If you recently became a seller, getting reviews may seem difficult. In this article, we will show you how to get reviews on Amazon and why you need them.

Also, if you are an entrepreneur or business dealing with creating your own brand and labels or fighting to win the buy box, SageMailer has all the tools you need. They are geared towards ensuring that your private label product achieves greater visibility, as well as salability. Take a look at our helpful articles or contact us for more help.

Importance of Amazon Reviews

In today’s world of online marketing, social proof is very important. It is the only way a consumer can determine the legitimacy, quality, and condition of the product. This is because consumers don’t have the luxury of physically handling a product on Amazon. Reviews can also create a huge difference in your rankings. Positive product reviews will push your product higher on the Amazon store, which translates to a higher visibility, and even greater sales. In turn, negative reviews can scare off even the most loyal customers.

The importance of reviews is best illustrated by this beautiful infographic from LandingCube. I’m sure you didn’t even know that so many buyers pay attention to reviews before buying.

Importance of Amazon Reviews | infographics

Don’t underestimate the importance of reviews when a customer is considering making a purchase.

Many traders treat product reviews as an afterthought. If you aren’t getting a positive review, though, there are only two outcomes.

First, a customer comes to your store and buys the product for the bargain price you are offering. They enjoy the timely delivery, the packaging, and the high-quality product. Even better, the product is exactly what they expected based on the description. Unfortunately, that is where the relationship ends. They forget to leave a positive review that will attract future customers. Hopefully, that customer will come back later when they need the same product.

The second outcome is the rare situation when a customer feels disappointed. This could be because of the product, customer service, or the purchasing process. This customer goes straight to the Amazon marketplace and leaves a negative review about your product. This leaves you trying to fix the bad review instead of focusing on how to get positive product reviews.

Customers look at both the feedback rating and the Amazon product reviews when choosing between different sellers. Positive product reviews tell possible buyers about your product and customer service. They are a testament to your credibility (or lack thereof). The good thing is reviews are free. You just have to get happy customers to write reviews.

Increasing Visibility as a New Seller

It can be hard to make a sale as a new seller. You can offer discounted products, but without reviews, it’s hard to make a sale. You also can’t get a review without a sale. This creates a problem for many newbies.

Businesses that have been around for a long time have built up a loyal following. They have had time to accumulate a great number of reviews and make a name for themselves.

Unless you have loyal buyers, your product will continue registering low sales or even no sales, while the known brands continue raking in profits. If you are having this problem, here is how to push your product and increase its visibility.

Network with Amazon’s Top-Ranked Reviewers

Amazon reviewers provide extra content about your service or product. The extra content might be used to catch some long-tail keywords, ultimately leading visitors to your product page. However, the information provided is more valuable from some reviewers than others.

Such reviewers are known as “Top Reviewers”. If you want to give your private product label more visibility, these are the types of people to reach out to. They will provide you with the trusted Amazon reviews needed to expand your brand. All you have to do is contact them to establish if they would be willing to give an online review of your product. They’ll probably expect free products, too. They may be giving you a bit of incentivized reviews, but they should still be honest reviews.

Reach Out to Big-Name Bloggers

If you can’t wait for an Amazon top reviewer, then you can consider bloggers instead. There are thousands of bloggers out there who have specialized in Amazon niche reviews. With these bloggers, it is always a win-win situation. Your product or brand is reviewed, and the blogger is able to put their name on the review.

Both of you will get more ratings. The blogger becomes more popular and your product becomes more visible. This is one of the best methods, especially if you want to gain many reviews within a short time. However, this way of getting reviews can be very expensive. It is best for businesses and brands who want to increase their traffic within a short time window. After all, you didn’t become a seller to give away free stuff on Amazon.

Use Facebook’s Social Network

Social media is a great platform for getting more reviews for your products. People use hashtags on Twitter or Instagram to push a brand or label. This way, the product is able to reach out to a higher audience. The more conversations revolving around your product, the greater the chance of growing your sales.

You can also use Facebook. There are numerous Amazon product tester groups that can prove to be very useful. Lots of people love to review Amazon products for free. All you have to do is spend the effort and time needed to find them. You just join the group, provide free products for review, and then sit back and wait for someone to leave a review. Although you might find this method appealing, you also might find yourself on the wrong side of Amazon’s Terms of Service. Make sure you follow the Amazon rules and proceed with caution.

Start Your Own Club

If none of the above methods work for you, then you can start your own club. Since you already have the skills and expertise needed to start your own private label, you can use the same skills to start a club. You just need to set up your own review group and start from there. You can do this in many ways, including making a Facebook page or group. Although this method might take some time to take root, you will eventually have it your own way.

How to Get Positive Amazon Product Reviews

The challenge for many sellers is getting positive Amazon product reviews in an inexpensive, fast, and effective way. Manual methods are costly in time and resources. This holds back many sellers from reaping maximum benefits. The good news is that SageMailer has a new product review tracking tool that allows you to automate the whole process. With it, you automatically get alerts and know the kind of reviews your products are getting. It also gives you the chance to greatly increase your positive reviews.

Here are 5 tips to get more reviews.

1. Start with a great product.

This is the foundation for getting Amazon product reviews. Only people who are excited about a product will want to share their experience with positive online reviews. Your product should be unique and hard to duplicate. Try to create an emotional connection between the product and customers. The best way to do this is by creating a product the customers will be proud to own. The items with incite the most sentimental value and pride in ownership should be the ones you request product reviews for. These types of products will result in increased sales and product ratings.

2. Create a community feeling around your products

People always seek a sense of belonging. The driving factor behind giving product reviews is offering advice, recommendations, and warnings to other customers. If you build a special bond and feeling around your products, the customers feel the value and connection to one another. This creates a pleasant customer experience. You can start by providing information about your company to the customers. This helps to create a bond and community feel. Further, tailor your messages to the targeted group of customers. Appeal to their unique traits and related products.

Personalizing your messages to your customers and giving background information allows them to identify with your brand. Brand trust is a huge factor in purchase decisions.

3. Ensure you get the timing right

It is important to get the timing right with product review requests. Unlike a feedback rating, getting a product review takes time. It also requires one to have used the product for a while to attest to its quality. This allows the customer to provide an informed review they are sure of. Thus, it cannot be given just because you have delivered the product in time, with the right packaging, and in good condition. That just earns you a positive feedback rating.

The timing for sending follow up emails has to be right because too early of a request means the customer can’t give an accurate review. A late request will find the customer has lost the excitement about the product and is not motivated enough to provide feedback. You need to follow up just long enough post-purchase that the customer has a good feel for your product but hasn’t lost interest in it. Understand your products and how the customers use them. Products also come with different shelf lives, which should also be factored into your timing estimates.

4. Use Seller Feedback to Inspire Product Review

Seller feedback can go a long way to encourage reviews. A customer who has left behind a positive rating is easily motivated to offer a product review. You thus need to increase the customer’s experience using SageMailer’s Email Campaigns. This allows you to set a rule to send a product review request after a customer has left glowing feedback.

5. Send SKU specific emails

Each SKU you send has different attributes and appeals. Thus each one reaches different customers. You can’t use a generic email requesting product reviews from customers of different SKUs. While it may seem like an unfeasible project, with SageMailer tools and features, you just need to create the draft messages for your different SKUs, and the automation process does the hard work for you.

Bad Ways to Get More Reviews

Some Amazon review sites offer to leave reviews for products they’ve never tried just because you pay them too. Of course, you want reviews, but you need to get Amazon reviews legally and ethically. You should never buy Amazon reviews. Paying someone to write a dishonest review is wrong, and it won’t help your business in the long run. Product review websites that offer positive reviews in return for payment should be avoided. You want consumer reviews from people who actually love your product. Also, don’t try to remove negative feedback using black-hat methods. Instead, get more info on how to do it and follow the legal practices. 


SageMailer provides you with the best combination of results, speed, options, and ease of use. With its services, your private product label will attain the position it deserves in the market. Just concentrate on building your product, and let SageMailer concentrate on the marketing aspect. All you have to do is sign up for a 21-day trial and then judge the results.