What is FeedbackExpress?

FeedbackExpress is a SaaS service that helps Amazon sellers automate their service messages. The main purpose of this automation is to get more seller feedback and product reviews.

Introducing the new and 100%-safe way to convert up to 30% of your orders into reviews

Now you can automate official Amazon review and feedback requests, which is significantly more efficient than standard Buyer-Seller Messaging requests. Try it yourself with FREE 1-month full access! No card required.

This new method has many advantages:

  • No need to share Seller Central access information
  • 100% Amazon-approved messages
  • Amazon translates requests to the buyer’s native language
  • Exclude specific ASINs, refunded orders, buyers who left feedback or review, etc.
  • Automatically detects when order is physically delivered

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Product reviews are one of the most important factors for buyers when making a purchasing decision, with about 95% of all online shoppers reading reviews before hitting the “Buy”-button. Therefore, a good reviews portfolio is not just a beautiful picture, but also a tool that can raise your sales to the skies or lower them to the bottom of the deepest canyon.

If we talk about product reviews on Amazon, then this is one of the most difficult tasks that sellers face because only 1% of buyers leave reviews on their own, the rest you need to motivate (if you want more reviews, of course). And currently, there are not so many methods of such motivation that would comply with Amazon policy. Sending requests is one of them. So that you don’t have to do it manually, feedback automation services come to the rescue, and Feedback Express is one of them.

FeedbackExpress Features

Pre-Written Email Templates – You don’t have to write emails yourself (although you can, of course, create your own templates), FeedbackExpress offers you several templates that you can use right out of the box. We can highlight Customer Service, Feedback, and Product Review Request templates.

All templates use auto-fill tags that insert the necessary information from a particular order so that you do not have to write it manually every time.

Phone Alerts – A handy feature that lets you stay on top of things, even when you’re not at work. You can configure this feature so that every time a customer leaves you new seller feedback or product review (positive or negative), you will receive a notification on your phone. This way the seller can react quickly and help customers with urgent questions.

Seller Feedback & Product Review Monitoring – You can track and manage all of your feedback and reviews. They are shown on separate pages, where you can filter them by ASIN and track the entire message history.

Flexible Email Filters – This feature allows sellers to define who and when receives emails. For example, you can send requests only to customers of a specific product, or select a specific number of days after the order is delivered. You can even choose at what time of day to send your email and after which order status – confirmed, shipped, or delivered.

Multiple Marketplaces and Multilingual Templates – Currently FeedbackExpress supports 10 Amazon marketplaces. Email templates are available in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

What are the Pros of FeedbackExpress?

  • This tool can help you increase the percentage of buyers who leave reviews. In its turn, this will increase the sales as your customers will have more confidence in the brand and more information to make a decision.
  • Realtime alerts help sellers quickly respond to new reviews, thus enhancing the customer buying experience.
  • FeedbackExpress helps the seller evaluate which messages work well good and receive answers, have good open-rate, and which cause unsubscriptions and negative reactions.

What are the Cons of FeedbackExpress?

  • Inflexible tariff plans. The starter plan costs around $50 and allows 5,000 emails per month. This option makes FeedbackExpress tough for novice sellers.
  • FeedbackExpress doesn’t support all current Amazon marketplaces.
  • No A/B testing feature that would allow you to test different email settings and more efficiently determine the best options.
  • Live chat support is available only in the most expensive tariff plan (about $200/month).
  • An option that allows you to send review requests after a buyer has left positive feedback does not comply with Amazon’s policy and may put your account at risk of suspension.

What is an alternative to FeedbackExpress?

FeedbackExpress has a lot of good features and in no doubt can be successfully used to get more reviews. But given that its functions are present in almost all similar services, and the initial price is quite high, this service can hardly be called the best offer in terms of price/quality. SageMailer can offer the same functionality, plus a few features that are unique and very important in terms of performance. It also has more flexible pricing plans to suit sellers of any sales volume.

Monthly Plans Comparison – FeedbackExpress and SageMailer

SageMailer FeedbackExpress
Plan Premium £39
Price $50/month £39/month ($50/month)
Email Limit 7000 5000
Supported Marketplaces 17 10
“Request a Review” button YES NO
A/B Testing YES NO
VAT Invoicing YES NO
Inbox & manual messages YES NO
Chat support YES NO

Learn More About SageMailer Here

SageMailer Features that FeedbackExpress doesn’t have

Amazon’s “Request a Review” button automation

This is the NEW method of requesting product reviews and seller feedback using the official Amazon requests. With SageMailer you can simply set up the “Request a Review” button campaigns that can be empowered by additional filters and timing settings.

The “Request a Review” button method is up to 30%-50% more efficient than the Buyer-Seller Messaging method that is used by most feedback software on the market.

Analytics and A/B testing

To choose the time and weekdays for sending letters with the best conversion, SageMailer has the A/B testing feature that allows creating a few variants of one letter, eventually spread them between orders and measure the open rate of each letter. To find the best option, you will need just a few minutes, then the system will calculate everything automatically.

VAT Invoicing

Buyers from the EU often ask for a VAT invoice after purchase. Sending them manually is a very time-consuming task, especially when you have a lot of orders. Now you can just fill in a few fields and SageMailer will do all the job for you, its Amazon invoice generator automatically calculates your VAT rates in every EU marketplace and for every order. Just choose how you’d like to send invoices to customers: for all orders, orders with particular ASINs, or from certain marketplaces.

Inbox & manual emails

This feature allows you to get and reply to all your Amazon buyer messages from all marketplaces on a single page. No need to manually check each marketplace Seller Central for new messages. You can also speed up answering typical inquiries by using your custom pre-created templates.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to increasing the number of product reviews, we recommend giving preference to services with better functionality, flexible subscription plans and powerful requesting functionality. In this pair of services, SageMailer is a better option both for beginners and experienced sellers on Amazon.

More Reviews = More Sales!

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