How I stopped Using Feedback Genius and Love SageMailer

Experienced Amazon sellers know that more product reviews mean more sales. It's simple, people buy what other people like. If you have a base of loyal customers, then accept my congratulations. However, if you start from scratch, then you need reviews. Otherwise, no one will pay attention to your product.

In an expert analysis, only a few Amazon buyers actually leave product review after every transaction. If they do leave a feedback for Amazon products, it’s more likely negative reviews. When your goal is to get as much positive Amazon feedback as possible, this trend poses a problem. This is where email management tools like Feedback Genius comes in.

Feedback Genius allows you to create meaningful and friendly Amazon review reminders automatically. Its goal is to reduce the number of negative feedback and increase positive reviews. I’ve used it for a while as an Amazon FBA seller. While it comes with nice features, I wasn’t easily satisfied.

Let’s try to understand how Feedback Genius functions first. To do this, we must look at its features. What can it do?

What You Can Do with Feedback Genius

1. Sending Automatic Email with Seller Feedback Request

The main function of Feedback Genius is to send customers email updates about their orders. This way, they will know exactly when they can expect to get the product. While doing so, Feedback Genius review allows you to insert a customer feedback link, so they can leave you a positive review. The automatic email seller feedback template also includes a message that encourages the customer to reply to the e-mail if they have any issues with the product or your service.

2. Sending Reminder Emails

So, Feedback Genius sends emails feedback and reviews. However, there is no response. In this case, it sends a reminder email to give you another chance to connect with your customer and get that positive review. As I’ve used it, there has been an increase in my feedback score indeed. However, I’m convinced that it can increase further.

3. Sending Message Report

Feedback Genius’ ability to send messages to report if you get feedback scores 3 or below is not one of my favorite features. While the reports give valuable information, it’s lacking as they are not product-focused. You need to check the negative feedback. Then, evaluate your products and services. Of course, there’s no way for you to delete the negative feedback unless you have an FBA account and the feedback is about the customer service. In this case, Amazon marketplace will take full responsibility for it.

4. Requesting Product Feedback for ASIN or SKU

In addition to monitoring your seller reviews, you can also use Feedback Genius in order to send product feedback request for certain ASINs or SKUs. You can get alerts for any negative feedback as well. If you’ve created your own listing-- one-off products, private label product lines, or a bundle-- Feedback Genius’ monitoring system might be critical for your Amazon business.

5. Customizing Content and E-mail Numbers

E-mails need to be unique to each user. I appreciate Feedback Genius’ customizable content. You can easily tweak and personalize it before you send it to your customers. You can also decide how often and how many e-mails you want to send at a specific time during a specific day.

When you think about it, Feedback Genius is a pretty decent tool. However, you don’t get what you want with decent tools. You need the perfect partner if you want your business to grow.

What I Don’t Like About Feedback Genius

About 5 years ago, as an Amazon seller, I started to use Feedback Genius, a service for automatic feedback and product review solicitation. For a long time, I was very pleased. It has done everything it has promised to do.

But, unfortunately, FeedbackGenius developed more slowly than I'd like. In the beginning, it has managed to increase the number of customers that leave feedback. However, this has steadily declined as the time goes by.

I had a need to receive reviews in European Amazon marketplaces, and most importantly I needed to track them. If email sending request was all right with Feedback Genius, the product reviews monitoring worked only for the US Amazon. Another factor was the time difference between the US and Europe, I wanted European buyers to receive letters according to their local time, but it was unrealistic to calculate on my own.

Moreover, Feedback Genius sends message analytics and reports that are not particularly useful. It needs to provide more product review monitoring reports. It also has some issues in terms of its performance. Lastly, their customer support is only available on the weekdays and is very slow. This is a big deal for me because I put much value on customer service.

Let's Take a Look at Feedback Genius Alternative

After much deliberation, I made a difficult decision — to look for an alternative among Feedback Genius competitors.

I tried numerous services, but none of them completely satisfied my requirements. And then I accidentally stumbled upon SageMailer. I signed up for trial, chatted with a pleasant support girl, but did not count on something special. How happy I was when my skepticism did not justify itself.

SageMailer mainly has similar functionality as FeedbackGenius, but, at the same time, it has its unique advantages. One more factor that's very important for me is its minimalistic and intuitive design. When you have a lot of work to do, there is simply no time to figure out in settings of the new service. I set up my first campaign in just 7 minutes and pressed "Start". Things worked smoothly from there.

In a week, I made a list of the differences between Feedback Genius and SageMailer that turned out to be really helpful. For one, I’ve found that I’ve been settling down for less. Take a look at the comparisons I’ve made below:

Monthly Plans Comparison Between Feedback Genius and SageMailer

SageMailer FeedbackGenius
Price $25/month $40/month
Email Limit 2000 3000
Additional Marketplaces Free $10 / each additional
Product review monitoring Unlimited ASINs 2 ASINs
Review monitoring by marketplaces, .ca, .mx, .uk, .de, .fr, .it, and .es
Multilingual templates YES NO

Learn More About SageMailer Here

Features Comparison Between Feedback Genius and SageMailer

According to personal experience, I’ve noticed a few similarities and differences between Feedback Genius and SageMailer. These include:

  1. Timing. The user may send an email at customer's local time and on particular weekdays with SageMailer. This feature significantly increases your emails response-rate.

  2. Review Monitoring. Unlike Feedback Genius, SageMailer supports review monitoring not only for Amazon US but also for Amazon Canada, Japan, India and all EU Amazon marketplaces. Also, it monitors an unlimited quantity of products for review updates (without any additional fee).

  3. No extra fee. Unlike Feedback Genius, SageMailer doesn't have any fee for connecting additional Amazon marketplaces.

  4. Email Templates. Unlike Feedback Genius, SageMailer has multilingual email templates. This is important for me as I know the importance of local reviews. You can’t efficiently ask for local reviews when your e-mail does not use the local language of the customers.

  5. Email limit. You can set up email forwarding in SageMailer and don't count messages that weren't delivered due to Amazon’s opt-out policy.

  6. Easy to start. SageMailer is much easier to figure out and you can launch the campaign in a matter of minutes.

When you see the above comparison, there’s a lot of differences between the two. But there’s one more important thing why I love SageMailer more. Well, the service is dynamically developing and new opportunities are added almost every 2 weeks, so I'm sure that this list will keep expanding. What's also nice is that SageMailer developers constantly ask users what features they would like to have and actually implement them. This kind of concern towards the customers is really commendable.


I’ve been using SageMailer for months now, and so far, I’ve not regretted taking the chance to try their free trial. It’s like Feedback Genius and more. It’s easy to use as it has the most convenient interfaces I’ve seen. SageMailer also has a brilliant customer support team. It has improved the customer feedback of my Amazon account. Consequently, it has increased the number of sales as well. I have not hesitated in switching to the paid version to maintain the number of feedbacks coming.

You can try SageMailer for yourself as well. See whether it can be a huge plus for your business! If you’re skeptical, you need not worry as you can start by using the risk-free 21-day free trial.

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