Working on improving Amazon reviews and ratings is a never-ending job for the marketplace sellers. Some of them launch sophisticated campaigns to gather as many valuable testimonials as possible. Others may use dishonest methods. The right approach, as always, is somewhere in between. 

So, let’s find out how Amazon ratings are calculated and how you can boost them using transparent methods and ongoingly improve your online reputation. 

Amazon Sellers Rating vs. Amazon Review Rating – What’s the Difference

When it comes to Amazon ratings and reviews, some novice sellers feel frustrated. This is because Amazon uses a sophisticated algorithm to rank the products and the companies in the search results. That’s why it is essential to draw a clear line between Amazon sellers’ ratings and Amazon’s reviews ratings. 

Sellers’ ratings on Amazon are the indicators of their reputation on the platform. Amazon uses a 0-100 system to rank them. Therefore, the rating you have is calculated based on the:

  • Order cancellations percentage.
  • Chargebacks.
  • Shipping time (the timing you promise should match the actual shipment terms).
  • The written review rating and tap ratings

At this point, the feedback you get impacts your sellers’ rating as well. That’s why Amazon rating and review rating are directly interconnected. 

Amazon review rating, in turn, is the rating of your products influenced by the stars or Amazon one-tap review your users give you, and the overall usefulness, specifics, and trustworthiness of the written reviews they live.

How Amazon Review Rating Is Calculated? 

That is, Amazon calculates reviews rating proceeding from multiple factors. It takes one-tap stars into account. But still, it doesn’t use simple math rules. The one-tap rating you have isn’t just an average. A machine learning algorithm calculates it and analyses written reviews as well. It checks them for credibility, legitimacy, and trustworthiness. 

Verified purchase reviews have the most value in the opinion of Amazon. These are the reviews verified by Amazon. By assigning this status to the review, Amazon confirms that the purchase was actually made by the buyers, the review they share actually relates to the product and can be potentially useful for other customers. 

How to Improve Your Review Ratings on Amazon

Some of the Amazon sellers are looking for a magic wand and secret tips. The others don’t hesitate to use black-hat practice. However, getting positive and trustworthy Amazon reviews is much easier. Below are some simple, still effective tips. 

  • Supply the buyers with excellent goods. This is quite a hackneyed piece of advice you have heard a lot of time. Still, this is also its relevance proof. While you can’t satisfy everyone, you can satisfy most of your buyers with a high-quality product that comes with a detailed description and actually solves the problem of your customers. 
  • Deliver top-notch customer service. Customer service is an integral part of the overall shopping experience. It should go with top-notch products hand in hand. With such a match, your users will be more eager to leave a positive review, even without the need to remind them of it. 
  • Encourage them to share reviews. Kindly asking and encouraging your users to write a review or at least make a one tap is a legal and effective practice. But don’t put pressure on them. Just ask and take into account the details they share and the expectations they and before making a purchase. Learn how to use SellerLift for getting seller feedback and product reviews by sending automated requests to your Amazon customers.
  • Collect as many verified purchase reviews as possible. Never use black hat practices. Collect the reviews only from those users who actually bought something from you. In this case, their reviews are very likely to get verified by Amazon. It will automatically improve your rating as a seller and the rating of the reviews. 
  • Don’t remove negative feedback using the black-hat practices. Amazon strictly prohibits sellers from experimenting with their reviews and artificially enhancing their ratings. Check here to find out how to remove negative feedback legally. 

An Ultimate Solution for Amazon Reviews Management

Working with your reviews and motivating your buyers to create and share them should be an integral part of your Amazon promotion strategy, and your business as a whole. The opportunity to research real reviews is one of the reasons the users choose Amazon for online shopping. Make them choose you by providing social proof. What’s more, you can do it in a smart way, using a specialized application, like SageMailer, for example.

With it, you will get instantly notified of new reviews. It will also help you to deal with negative feedback more effectively since you will never miss such a review. In this case, responding instantly and showing your care is essential since you still have a chance of turning a dissatisfied customer into a loyal one. 

SageMailer will also help you communicate with your customers right from the tool, plus schedule and launch a campaign for gathering testimonials from your buyers. The latter feature is essential for those striving to get as many verified (and the most valuable) reviews as possible. 

What’s more, you are welcome to get started for free and unlock 200 messages to your customers per month. For a new Amazon store that aims at building trust and loyalty, this package is quite enough so don’t hesitate to get started with it! 


Running an online store on Amazon is as challenging as effective. This platform allows you to connect to millions of buyers worldwide and compete with the other sellers on equal terms. Use the power of social proof to do it honestly. SageMailer will help you communicate with your buyers effectively and carefully manage every review you get from them.Get ahead of your competitors