What is Feedbackz?

Feedbackz is one of the very first services for automating feedback and product review requests for Amazon sellers. But why do we need such services? Everything is very simple. To sort this out, let’s focus on product reviews. When it comes to the Amazon platform, a large number of product reviews mean that a buyer is more likely to click on your listing on the search results page. Thus, more clicks mean higher rankings and, in turn, more sales. And this is exactly what any seller on Amazon ultimately aspires to.

Introducing the new and 100%-safe way to convert up to 30% of your orders into reviews

Now you can automate official Amazon review and feedback requests, which is significantly more efficient than standard Buyer-Seller Messaging requests. Try it yourself with FREE 1-month full access! No card required.

This new method has many advantages:

  • No need to share Seller Central access information
  • 100% Amazon-approved messages
  • Amazon translates requests to the buyer’s native language
  • Exclude specific ASINs, refunded orders, buyers who left feedback or review, etc.
  • Automatically detects when order is physically delivered

Learn how you can implement this new Amazon’s “Request a Review” feature in your strategy in just 5 minutes. 1-month free trial, no card required.

Products with a large number of reviews always continue to grow and do so much faster than the same products without reviews. Therefore, sellers try to get reviews by all available means, and one of the most effective of them, oddly enough, is to ask for a review from those who have already bought your product. And if you really sell a quality product, then buyers will happily tell other customers about it.

In order not to write to each customer manually and not waste years of time on this, you can use a service to automate feedback requests. Moreover, with the help of services such as Feedbackz, you can customize your requests so that they are sent at a specific time, days, or create unique emails depending on a specific product.

Feedbackz Features

Live Demo – With this feature, you can test the functionality of the service and add up an idea of ​​how the system works. Most importantly, you don’t need to register an account or use a free trial for this.

HTML / CSS Template Editor – You can edit the built-in templates or create your own, the Feedbackz editor has enough features to make it quick and easy. Also, auto-fill tags, which dynamically insert information from the order, will help you a lot.

Monitoring and Review Alerts – This feature allows you to monitor new reviews for an unlimited number of ASINs on any available marketplace. Every time you receive a new review, the system sends you an alert so that you can respond to a negative review in time.

Tracking of scheduled and sent emails – A convenient feature, since you can check all scheduled and sent emails at any time, including the date of sending, time, order ID, etc. If necessary, you can manually cancel the sending of certain letters.

What are the Pros of Feedbackz?

  • A free 25-day trial is longer than most services offer and allows you to fully evaluate the entire functionality of the service.
  • Live Demo – perhaps this feature is not available on any other feedback service. So the user can have a general idea of ​​the system without creating an account.
  • Easily Editable Templates – All available templates are easy to edit and customize. This gives the user the ability to implement powerful branded emails and adjust their timings for greater efficiency. The interface for editing emails is quite minimalistic and does not raise any questions.

What are the Cons of Feedbackz?

  • Outdated design – Feedbackz was one of the first services on the market, but unfortunately, its design has not changed since then and now looks very outdated. This is not a problem itself, but when working with a large number of emails or campaigns, the outdated design creates a lot of difficulties. Also, many interface elements are not well thought out and are inconvenient to use (for example, the arrangement of elements on the letter’s editing page).
  • Service not updating – It seems like the developers stopped actively working on the service a long time ago. New functions do not appear, the service’s blog is not updated as well.
  • A small number of auto-fill tags – The service has a very limited set of auto-fill tags, which reduces the possibilities for personalizing emails. Of course, you can work with the current set but be prepared for the fact that there are no tags such as “contact-us” in the service.
  • The open-rate of emails is not shown – One of the most important functions that allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your emails. Without it, you only have to wonder what percentage of your customers actually opened an email.
  • There is no live chat support – you can ask support questions only via email or forum. These are not the most effective methods of communication in our time, especially when you need to get a quick response.

What is an alternative to Feedbackz?

Feedbackz was once a good service for automating feedback and review requests, but at the moment it has too limited functionality for effective work. Therefore, you can draw your attention to SageMailer, which has much wider functionality, supports all Amazon marketplaces, and is constantly updated.

Monthly Plans Comparison – Feedbackz and SageMailer

SageMailer Feedbackz
Plan PRO Gold
Price $25/month $29/month
Email Limit 2000 2000
“Request a Review” button YES NO
VAT Invoicing YES NO
Inbox & manual emails YES NO
Chat support YES NO

Learn More About SageMailer Here

SageMailer Features that Feedbackz doesn’t have

Amazon’s “Request a Review” button automation

This is the NEW method of requesting product reviews and seller feedback using the official Amazon requests. With SageMailer, you can simply set up the “Request a Review” button campaigns that can be empowered by additional filters and timing settings.

The “Request a Review” button method is up to 30%-50% more efficient than the Buyer-Seller Messaging method that is used by most feedback software on the market.

Analytics and A/B testing

To choose the time and weekdays for sending letters with the best conversion, SageMailer has the A/B testing feature that allows creating a few variants of one letter, eventually spread them between orders and measure the open rate of each letter. To find the best option, you will need just a few minutes, and then the system will calculate everything automatically.

VAT Invoicing

Buyers from the EU often ask for a VAT invoice after purchase. Sending them manually is a very time-consuming task, especially when you have a lot of orders. Now you can just fill in a few fields, and SageMailer will do all the job for you, its Amazon invoice generator automatically calculates your VAT rates in every EU marketplace and for every order. Just choose how you’d like to send invoices to customers: for all orders, orders with particular ASINs, or from specific marketplaces.

Inbox & manual emails

This feature allows you to get and reply to all your Amazon buyer messages from all marketplaces on a single page. No need to manually check each marketplace’s Seller Central for new messages. You can also speed up answering typical inquiries by using your custom pre-created templates.

Final Thoughts

Feedbackz has a simple interesting interface and good functionality. But service is outdated and isn’t upgraded for a long time. SageMailer offers the same features and even more for a more affordable price.

More Reviews = More Sales!

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