Modern buyers take product reviews seriously. Amazon sellers know this better than anyone else. According to the research, 66% of the focus group participants get started with researching the product on Amazon. And they take the reviews into account as well. 

For this reason, more and more sellers are looking for an alternative solution to protect their Amazon review rating from negative reviews and fake feedback. Find out about how to remove a negative review on Amazon. Fortunately, there are some methods and specialized tools that allow you to always be aware of what is happening with your Amazon ratings and reviews.

Why Fake Amazon Reviews Need Your Attention

Getting positive feedback from buyers is what every eCommerce seller is hunting for. Hence, fake reviews on Amazon are very common. Being a leading marketplace, Amazon also takes preventive measures regarding this problem. For example, in 2020, it deleted 20,000  product reviews that were fake and paid for.  

Talking about preventive measures, verified purchases are one of the best practices implemented by Amazon to spot fake reviews. This is a guarantee that the user leaving a review had actually made a purchase at a fair price. Still, there are some practices allowing for creating fake Amazon reviews. Let’s find them out. 

How a Fake Review Amazon Can Appear? 

Cheating Amazon and its users are quite difficult and time-consuming. Nevertheless, the sellers themselves and their competitors sometimes use dishonest practices to level up their product ratings and spoil the ones of the competing companies. Here is how. 

  • Reviews in exchange. This is the most obvious practice but it still can be both honest and dishonest. As for the honest reviews, each seller has the right to motivate their buyers to leave a review of the products and services they actually got in exchange for a free product or any other perk. The dishonest approach means asking social media users, for instance, to leave a review or at least, create some one-tap star reviews
  • A positive review generation. In this case, a seller just orders a bunch of misleading reviews. Usually, they hire several freelance writers to diversify the reviews’ style. Such a service is quite cheap in the freelance writing market. 
  • Black hat method. This is an ultimately unethical approach usually used by competitors. They ask or hire somebody to create a lot of negative and fake reviews for the goods offered by the companies from the same niche. 

How to Tell if Amazon Reviews Are Fake? 

Get started by figuring out why you are getting fake reviews as a seller. Are Amazon reviews fake in your case?  If your customers are dissatisfied with your product or service and indicate the objective reason, then you should think about the user experience you deliver. 

But if the number of satisfied clients is more than 80% and there is a sudden influx of negative reviews, then you should think about the safety of your business. Firstly, find out how to spot fake Amazon reviews. Be guided by the following criteria.  

  • There is a sudden influx in the volume of the reviews. There may be a mismatch in the number of sales and number of reviews during a certain period.
  • All reviews have the same vocabulary and no specifics about product and customer service.
  • The profiles of the users reviewing your products look fake and suspicious.

How to tell Amazon if reviews are fake? First of all, you should contact the platform support service and state that there is a suspicious Amazon review. Second, you need to remove fake Amazon reviews ASAP. For example, you can deal with it with specialized software.

What Software to Use to Spot Fake Reviews

Relying on the fake review Amazon team to deal with your testimonials is not a good idea. Your online reputation is your responsibility so, take care of it. Check the feedback from your customers and quickly respond to negative reviews. In this case, the SageMailer app can help. 

Why choose this tool? Here are the main features worth your attention.

  • Get instantly notified of new reviews. What’s more, you can configure this function so that you receive a notification only for negative reviews that require an immediate response. Such notifications can be sent to multiple email addresses if you have a large support service team.
  • Launch a feedback campaign with automated messaging. This will help to motivate your users to leave feedback about the product. This is a good way for those whose buyers aren’t too eager to leave their reviews or use a one-tap star rating function only. Such tools can help you enhance the percentage of buyers who share reviews. In turn, it will increase the sales as your clients will have more confidence in your brand and more details to make an informed decision. Check our FeedbackExpress review to learn about this app and its alternatives. Third-party software is a nice fit when it comes to feedback and product review requests automation. Check the features and pricing reviews to find the best option.
  • Chat with buyers. This tool offers a simple and user-friendly interface through which you can communicate with your customers right within the tool.

It’s worth nothing that this software is free to get started with. You are welcome to test the ways it spots fake reviews and unlocks the opportunity to manage your online reputation better. Check this article to find out more about different review monitoring software and SageMailer’s benefits compared to Feedbackz.

Wrapping Up

Being guided by reviews is one of the features of modern online shopping. That’s why such practices as creating fake reviews are very common on Amazon. Still, you have the opportunity to deal with them and secure your business from unfounded negativity and antics of competitors. Consider using SageMailer for this purpose and stay updated on your customer feedback and reputation on Amazon! Get ahead of your competitors