To be successful on Amazon, you have to not only supply your customers with top-notch goods. You should also provide excellent service, so your buyers do not have the slightest reason to complain. 

Of course, product quality plays a key role. But in online retail, you as a business owner should keep in mind that the feedback of previous customers are one of the decision-making factors. In addition, the product ratings affect the sales volume you have. 

Still, according to the statistics, nearly 60% of Amazon reviews in some categories are fake. As a result, they misguide your customers and affect your online reputation. That’s why identifying and managing fake feedback is essential, and you can do it with a fake Amazon review checker.

How to Check Fake Amazon Reviews Effectively?

Negative and fake Amazon reviews are the things that badly affect people’s trust in Amazon sellers. They influence customers’ loyalty as well. When shopping online, most buyers read testimonials before purchasing. Sometimes even one negative review can become a stop signal for them. 

What’s more, even a couple of such negative reviews can cause distrust among those buyers who have been choosing this seller for years. So, how to identify fraudulent reviews? There are several so-called “symptoms”:

Little or no context with a negative or positive review

If an AMZ review has a glowing testimonial or a negative now with a basic explanation such as “bad product” or “love it,” it can be a sign of a fake. The user might not have even purchased the item.

The testimonial doesn’t have the “Verified Purchase” label

An AMZ review with the “Verified Purchase” tag on the right-hand side of the testimonial indicates that the platform has verified that the shopper writing the review has purchased the item. If a testimonial isn’t verified, then there is a chance that it might be a fake!

One-size-fits-all feedback

Another main indicator that testimonials might be fake is if their description might be applied to any item in the marketplace. For example, a one-size-fits-all customer review could evade naming the particular goods and use language along the lines of “it’s perfect, and it was delivered just in time.”

If the testimonials mention a competing item too many times

When the testimonials for a certain item repeatedly advise purchasing other competing goods, it is an apparent fake. Would hundreds of people really take their time to note a competing item in the review section of another? I don’t think so.

Multiple similar testimonials were published on the same day

If you are scrolling through the review section and see there are multiple obscure 5-star review placements on the same day and almost at the same time, then this situation is clearly fishy. That merchant could be fraudulently collecting reviews to get more traffic (and conversions) to their merchandise.

Pro tip: Online services like Review Meta allow you to paste a URL on any Amazon product to get analysis and an adjusted score that filters out untrustworthy reviews. They analyze Amazon product feedback and filter out potentially biased or fake reviews based on the reviewer’s activity. For example, how often they leave a review, what the average rating is, do they have remote reviews, and so on.

Then, the Review Meta report categorizes reviews as reliable, suspicious, or fake, with grades like “Pass,” “Warn,” or “Fail.” It also provides an adjusted rating, removing questionable reviews to give a more accurate average rating.

As a result, you get a quick estimate of the product rating without unreliable reviews and a list of the top 10 most trusted and least trusted reviews, saving the need for manual scanning.

For a deeper understanding, the report gives insights into review analysis, covering aspects like single-day reviewers, reviewers with removed reviews on other products by Amazon, those with no verified Amazon purchases, rating trends, brand repetition, excessive repeated words, and more.

Also, keep in mind that fraudulent feedback can be not only negative but also positive. Some Amazon sellers use black hat practices to drown their competitors. For example, your direct competitor is ordering a positive review set from a black hat provider, which will look like obvious spam and a violation of the rules. 

It, in turn, puts your merchant account at risk of being blocked for fraudulent activity.

How can you prevent account blocking? First, you should report suspicious reviews to the Amazon support team. It will remove your responsibility for fake reviews and reduce the risk of account blocking.

How to Improve Your Seller Rating with Amazon Fake Review Checker?

Improve Your Seller Rating

To be successful on Amazon and have a great star rating, you should sell quality products, provide a great customer experience and pay attention to the review index. As already mentioned, modern buyers are largely guided by reviews. The product-specific ones that come with customer experience details are the most valuable. They also influence the adjusted rating – the one that doesn’t count fake testimonials. 

In addition to positive and negative feedback on Amazon, there is one more classification:

  • One-tap reviews. In this case, a buyer can leave instant feedback by evaluating the product with the corresponding number of stars. On the one hand, such a one-tap feature is good since it automatically improves user ratings due to the star reviews. It also saves a lot of time for the customer. But the lack of specifics may misguide your potential users looking for the details. Now that you know how to improve your seller’s rating with dedicated software, you must spare a minute or two to learn about the options and pricing reviews. So, follow the link to delve deeper into the issue.
  • Written reviews. These are comprehensive reviews dwelling on the product features and customer experience. They are the most valuable for the store itself and its future shoppers. Surely, they shouldn’t be fake since honesty and transparency are among the customers’ loyalty foundations. 

Amazon also strictly regulates the process of negative feedback removal, preventing sellers from artificially improving their ratings. Still, there are some legitimate practices to do it. Read this article to find them out. 

Therefore, if your goal is to get a good rating and gain the trust of your potential customers, you need a holistic strategy. Perfectly, you need a specialized Amazon checker. It will cover how to check fake Amazon reviews, help you with your feedback management and motivate your customers to leave testimonials with more details. Here is an overview of FeedbackExpress that might come to the rescue in feedback automation management. 

What Are the Key Features of SageMailer Amazon Feedback Management Tool

Why is it worth paying attention to this Amazon fake review checker? With its help, you get a one-stop solution for your ranking. This software allows you to manage feedback, get immediate notifications when the reviews are left, and set up automated feedback and review-getting campaigns. Below are the main characteristics of SageMailer Amazon rating checker:

  • Instant notifications of negative reviews and the ability to monitor your Amazon rating without a review. It allows you to track fake reviews and keep your profile safe instantly.
  • Setting up automated mailing campaigns to entice your customers to write reviews with just a few clicks.

What’s more, you can customize the notifications. For example, you can set up notifications only when negative customer reviews appear. Such reviews require an immediate response to maintain your online reputation. 

By the way, you can also set up sending spot fake review notifications to multiple email addresses. It is a useful feature for those with a large customer support department and prioritizes instant communication with the customers. 

SageMailer fake review checker for Amazon has several rate plans. A free version will also allow you to test the product, find out how it will improve your rating, and cope with the Amazon fake review checker function.

Bottom Line

Real customer feedback is a strong marketing tool. It acts as social proof and makes your potential buyers move from the consideration stage of the sales funnel to purchase and post-purchase. Honest and transparent reviews also contribute to your positive online reputation development and maintenance. Working on the reviews, motivating customers to leave them, and identifying fake ones should be an ongoing task. It is especially relevant for Amazon – a top global marketplace with wide coverage and intense competition. 

SageMailer can help with it. It provides a holistic set of features necessary for effective review management, tracking, and instant communication with your customers. Consider giving it a try with a 30-day free trial!